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4 reasons why we SHOULDN'T take measures to preserve the environment.

Ever got told that you should off the lights when it is not in use; or to always recycle your used paper? Going out of your way to practice this may seem to intuitive and logical for the preservattion of ourenvironment


Well, today you are going to find out why you SHOULDN'T be doing all these.. Lest you start causing environmental degredation instead.

Through in depth reasearches at the National Technological University of Singapore, we have concluded that many of such practices are perpetuating the destruction of our mother earth.


Watch this video, and you will find out why..



nough said. We dont need to convince you why this has all been a conspiracy.

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That's a beautiful video, but it felt like a viral ad for Timberland.  :ph34r:


Some office examples in the video also felt silly compared to the environmental damage the corporation is most likely responsible for during the production of the products or services it sells.


Regarding the question: "are trees always good for the environment?" I would say yes, trees are always good for the environment. But if you want to nit-pick, high-latitude forestation, in places such as Siberia, may increase local temperatures, and thus contribute - rather than mitigating - to climate change. But this effect is mostly "neutral or perhaps warming" [Wikipedia]. So I am not sure how big of a threat this really is.


I would also like to stress that, yes, recycling is awesome and green. Everyone should do it. But, like the video says, it's better to reuse or reduce.


Again, it was a pretty video and I look forward to your next one!  :P

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