Ruthanne Hort

How to Reduce Global Warming

Global Warming: Global warming is the increase in the temperature of atmosphere of earth gradually due to increase in carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons and other elements that pollute the atmosphere.  

Global warming increases the temperature of the earth that’s why it raises the sea level, melts the glaciers and also causes acidic rain due to carbon dioxide and other pollutants in the atmosphere. It causes many other effects on the earth.


How to Reduce Global Warming

Global warming can be reduced by decreasing the amount of pollutants i.e. carbon dioxide, etc in the atmosphere for safe future of earth. We can do many things to reduce the global warming on earth. We should reduce the burning of fossil fuel because it exerts carbon dioxide up to huge extent.

We should plant trees that produce oxygen in the atmosphere and decrease the temperature of earth. It will be very helpful for the atmosphere and to decrease global warming. My friend who works at a mortgage broker company, told that the air conditions that we use emits chlorofluorocarbons that are very harmful for the environment and increases the global warming. The reduction in use of air conditioners will also helpful to reduce global warming.


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