The state of the Great Barrier reef.

So, How hard has the climate change hit the great barrier reef?

I have been hearing this on the news for quite a long time. The oceans are going to be greatly affected by the slightest of warming. If the ocean biodiversity is affected it will affect the entire world. I read a blog some days back. It says that 2016, was the hottest year recorded. The great barrier reef is already doomed. And we have to do something to save it. 

What do you fellow green activists have to say about it? It has been one of my best places to visit for diving. I don't know whether my children or grandchildren would be able to see them.

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It's probably too late to save the great barrier reef, it's most likely already doomed. It's sad to see such a great natural wonder like the great barrier reef destroyed. But that doesn't mean we should stop trying to save it. We must continue to pressure our governments to actually act on climate change. And in this case the Australian government must stop its addiction to coal that is killing the great barrier reef.

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