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petition Help save Norway's wolves!

We need your help to save Norway's wolves! Already two wolves have been killed and Norway still plans to kill 41 more of the 68 remaining wolves in the country. Learn more here and be sure to sign the petition demanding an end to the hunt.


Norway has a population of wolves counting 65 to 68. The coming winter, 70 per cent of them can be hunted and killed. The Norwegian Regional Management Authorities for areas 4 and 5 decided that 24 wolves can be shot inside the "wolf zone" – the designated areas where the Norwegian wolves are allowed to live. Earlier this year, the same authorities decided that an additional 13 wolves can be hunted outside the "wolf zone”. Another ten wolves can be hunted in other regions.  In the end of November the Norwegian Environment Agency has given its recommendation that 41 wolves can be shot this winter – a reduction of only 6 individuals from the originally suggested 47 wolves. At the same time the agency is not sure that this is a lawful decision in relation to the Norwegian legislation and Bern Convention and ask the Ministry of Climate and Environment to make the final decision. Thus, it is now up to the minister Vidar Helgesen to decide the fate of Norwegian wolves this winter. 

Sign the petition here!

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