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The application of ultrasonic cleaning machine in bearing industry



Because of the bad quality of return and claim. There is a close relationship between the reason and parts cleaning. Traditional cleaning process cannot meet the requirements of product quality. Ultrasonic cleaning is a kind of new technology, it can greatly improve the grade of the product, improve production efficiency. The cleaning principle is as follows:

Principle of ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning by ultrasonic wave in today's focus: energy conversion to high frequency concussion and transmitted to the cleaning fluid, in ultrasonic cleaning fluid density and radiation forward, make the liquid produces tens of thousands of tiny bubbles. These small bubbles formed in the spread of ultrasonic longitudinal negative pressure zone of the formation, growth, and in positive pressure area quickly closed, this phenomenon is called "cavitation effect", can produce 1000 atmospheres of bubbles in the closed flash, like a string of small "bang" the impact of the workpiece surface continuously, make a crack in the surface and dirt quickly peeling off, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning the workpiece.

Advantages: ultrasonic cleaning ultrasonic cleaning effect is good, high cleanness, clean speed, need not hand touching cleaner, safe and reliable, to crack, concave and convex surface, deep hole can be cleaned, the surface without damage, save heat energy, cleaner, sites and artificial, etc.

The workpiece surface is superior to the conventional cleaning: special complex, uneven, blind holes of mechanical parts, high precision products such as: watches and clocks, electronic components, circuit boards, etc., the use of ultrasonic cleaning can get ideal effect. At the moment we come into contact with the application of ultrasonic cleaning industry has glasses, watches and clocks, plastic, glass, machinery, electronics, jewelry, medical, hardware, bearings, hydraulic pressure, aviation, ceramics, chemical fiber, electroplating before treatment, etc., involved in all aspects of the modern industrial products, so to speak. Ultrasonic cleaning has shown great superiority. Will gradually replace the traditional cleaning method.

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