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How people’s opinion can change global energy

Mark Piazzalunga


Can we be afraid by energy? Just think to some of the tremendous consequences that energy can bring to. The fear caused by these consequences leads to a fear for energy itself. It’s impressive how energy can fascinates some people and completely disinterests others while it can divide people creating debates. Interest, fear, fascination, even skepticism and indifference are feelings caused by energy.

It isn’t a soap opera, it’s a remarkable fact and is determinant for the global energy system. It seems strange but it was fear and distrust that convinced many people of different countries to prohibit nuclear power stations such as Australia, Italy or Austria where it’s illegal by law. People that decide what kind of energy to develop more or less is the apogee of democracy.

Although sometimes disinformation and disinterest can play a bad game. Think to renewable energy: skepticism and indifference remains feelings that people have for renewables. The reasons? Perhaps the cost that seems too high or the technology that sounds too fictional or the time it takes to these technologies to be developed and improved. I think that it would take much less time to this shift if skepticism and indifference wouldn’t be so determinant.

But is there an objective opinion regarding the best energy source? There are a lot of data, pollution data, economic data, social data and I think that most of these data says green energy is and will be the best solution, not just for the environment but for people. People’s opinion is important and sometime decisive. So it’s a duty to fight against disinformation and to tell true facts to the people.

Our opinion matters and it’s our responsibility to change our opinion basing on objective informations and to keep us informed about evidences that are important even if we don’t notice them. It’s a favor we have to do to ourselves not just to improve the entire world but improve our own lives.

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