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A Renewable Day

Mark Piazzalunga


In our daily life we don’t pay much attention to the essential role that energy sources have. Every time we stop to a gas station we don’t think how oil is important (or someone does). In the lives of some of us energy is more important or have more consideration but we don’t spend an entire day thinking to energy or how our lives could change without it. It could be a positive thing to think to these questions just for a moment.

It’s necessary to ask ourselves what will be the energy of the future. Will it have complications? Will our lives change? Will we notice that? Proceeding in order: a world running on renewables is definitely the way we’ll path since all the facts (economic and environmental advantages) lead to this answer.

To the second question here’s my answer with some objectivity: when a problem gets fixed another one appears. It’s the nature of the human: always seeking perfection knowing that we’ll never reach it. Renewable energy will have complications but they won’t ever be connected to the energy itself.

Third question. Our lives will definitely change. Just think to a normal day: every light we turn on will be powered by the Sun or by the wind. Today a few people have solar panels but in the future I think that a lot of roof will have solar panels. We’ll have to go to biofuel stations but the main change will be in the cities. The persistent smog in the air, the fumes of the exhaust pipes of cars, the gases coming out the smoke stacks of factories, all this will be a memory. It sounds impossible or imaginary but it’s possible.

A renewable day is a bright future so why shouldn’t we imagine it and build it? Last question. At first all this will be new, maybe a little uncomfortable but after some time a day like this will be like a normal renewable day.

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