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Green Politics: A Way To Path

Mark Piazzalunga


Green politics isn’t a priority in these tough times of economic crisis and it seems too useless to the most important purpose: defeating the same crisis. On the contrary, it’s an objective fact that green politics is a way to path to reach this purpose. In 2013 jobs related to renewable plants sector are 700,000 and if the number of plants increases so also jobs will.

Green politics mustn’t be a green parties’ battle ‘cause with the right financial support it could be an apolitical system to reduce the level of economic difficulties. Green politics can’t be an ideology belonging exclusively to green parties but it must a common target, some of the main benefits that green politics can bring in local governments are:

• Decrease of fossil fuels and energy import expenses (every country can produce renewable energy so energy imports will decrease).

• Increase of jobs relating to renewables sector. Jobs increase from 230,000 in 2005 to 700,000 in 2013.

• Reduction of geopolitical conflicts related to fossil fuels reserves, availability and prices (every country will increase its electricity production).

I exposed before different emerging renewable technologies that are currently under development. In the best green politics these technologies should support traditional renewable energies to guarantee a safe energy system.

The best politics to undertake should be the all-renewables politics: allocating funds in the same proportions to all the kinds of renewable energies to prevent complications related to a certain type of renewable (shortage or cost problems). This will lead our society to an auto-sufficient world where renewable energy isn’t just part of the economy but it’s the engine.

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