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Eco Home Improvements to Add Value to Your Home



The times they are a changing. It wasn’t so long ago that been eco conscious and environmentally friendly was seen as a minor issue and one that was buried in the backs of everyone’s minds. Recently however, this has been challenged as climate change and other environmental hazards have become a much larger and pressing issue. So what can you do to your own home to make it more eco friendly whilst still adding sale vale to your property? We decided to look into some home improvements that you could implement around your house to give your property the eco push it needs.

Keep the Heat In


This is an improvement that is often overlooked, especially in houses over a certain age, but it can make a huge difference to the property. Changing windows to double glazing and putting in wall and loft cavity insulation will keep the heat in the house much better. This in turn means it takes less energy and time to heat the house in winter, thus saving energy in the long run. These small additions will also add to the overall value of the house if potential buyers know it’s fully insulated and kitted out at purchase.

Solar Energy and its Power


This method requires you to spend a little bit more money than simply buying double glazing windows, however, the end result will be much more effective. Installing solar panels on the roof of your property will use sunlight to create energy that will then be fed back into your house, creating your own individual energy supply. Once again this will save you vast sums of money on electricity and energy bills that will boost the value of the property on purchase. This initial home improvement tool, might require a little setup funding however, so do some research online to get the best possible finance deal before you take the leap into solar power.

Water Water Everywhere


It rains a lot in Europe. It rains a lot in America, unless you live in California or the Arizona desert. Either way if you’re in a climate where H2O tends to hit the ground frequently, why not use this to your advantage? At a small cost you can install water catchers that collect most of the rainwater that falls onto your house. You can then store this water to use at a later date to water flowerbeds and plants during the hot summer months. It’s a great way of recycling water instead of using a hose and wasting it.

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