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Building A Green Home? Tips To Keep It More Energy-Efficient




Giving back to the planet and your wallet by building a green home? Check out this series of tips custom designed to help green home builders become as energy-efficient as possible. With smart planning and a commitment to a green way of life, you can build a dream house made to be resilient and sustainable far into the future.

Your Green Exterior

A properly engineered exterior shell for your home is the first line of defense against energy waste. Consider using aluminum siding for your home’s exterior, suggest the professionals at Marsh Building Products. It is recyclable, resists wear and tear from weather, and it is built to last. This is one resilient and sustainable material. In addition, and perhaps most important of all, aluminum siding provides an excellent sealant to prevent heat loss in the winter, and air loss in the summer.

Your Green Interior

Inside, you will want to stock your kitchen with energy-efficient appliances. The market is full of an array of these appliances so your search should be easy and fun. To ensure your water usage is efficient, therefore green, a professional should certify your plumbing. Pay special attention to your your hot water system. Hot water systems can make or break your home’s energy usage. Of course, eradicating any leaks keeps your home’s energy consumption green too.

In-Between Your Home And Nature

Even if your aluminum siding is perfectly installed, all of the effort is wasted without adequate windows and insulation. Think about installing wood frames for your windows. They are not only long lasting, their quality is superior and they work well at stopping air flow between the outside and inside. In addition to proper framing, the seal around your frames is important too. Eliminate leaks, and you will stop a huge chunk of energy loss. Glass can be chosen according to nature’s demands. Some window glass is better at preventing harsh sunlight, while other glass is better suited for extreme cold. Carefully thought out ratings for windows are available to guide builders towards the right material.

Building a green home is one of the most rewarding, but challenging, undertakings for a new homeowner today. It is a choice which signals a commitment to the planet, and society. This choice is not totally selfless, of course, because it also comes with a great prize: tremendous savings on energy costs over the years.

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