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Reduced Footprint: Make Your Home More Green With These Updates

Meghan Belnap



According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), many private homes have reduced their carbon emissions, thereby eliminating the equivalent of emissions from more than 30 million cars each year. With a few home renovations, your home can be more comfortable as well as environmentally friendly and have lower utility bills.

Find a Green Architect

It is recommended to ask an architect who has green building credentials to help you renovate your home. They will have ideas and knowledge to take your plan forward in the most environmentally responsible way possible. You can find green architects in your location by searching for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified architects.

Use Reclaimed Wood

For your next new floor installation, try reclaimed wood. No trees are cut, and you can request an adhesive backing that is free of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC) such as formaldehyde. You can even find other items that use reclaimed wood like tables and ottomans. This method is not only green but can bring a certain rustic look to your home that non-reclaimed wood cannot.

Let the Sun Shine In

Low-E glass or window film keeps heat out and lets sunlight in. Low-E glass has a special coating that is 50 percent more energy efficient than regular glass. It suppresses heat flow, so your air conditioner needs to work less. If changing glass is not an option, consider putting window film. This is less expensive, but serves the same purpose. It also comes in tinted shades to give more privacy.

Consider Square Footage

Regina major renovations often include adding a new room. However, being eco-friendly means using few new materials and reducing waste. Rather than adding a new bedroom or making your living room big enough for a Super Bowl party, consider using attic or basement space for extra rooms. When you avoid unnecessary square footage, your footprint can remain the same because you don’t up your heating and air conditioning costs.

Keep Down the Maintenance

You can ask your Regina custom home builder about eco-friendly materials that require no maintenance. This means the stone or wood does not need to be repainted, refinished or constantly cleaned. The same goes for landscaping. Permeable pavers keep water runoff in the ground and not down the sewer. Landscaping and driveways can be made from permeable pavers that hold grass or gravel and along with that, water.

Reducing the carbon footprint of your home doesn’t necessarily mean you need to add expensive features that you can’t really afford such as solar panels or rainwater collection systems. There are many options such as on-demand water heaters and efficient appliances that will have a big impact on making your home greener.

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