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Recycling Basics for New Homeowners - What You Need to Know

Meghan Belnap



Preservation of resources does more than simply ensure they are around for future generations. Recycling accomplishes more than simply finding a way to reuse an item. For instance, preserving resources can mean saving a household money, others money, develop responsibility in the younger generation and help to build ties in the community by supporting a common cause. It’s important to teach the younger generation how to recycle and there are a few methods for doing so.


There is an activity center located off of the 5 freeway in California that has a portion of the center dedicated to recycling. For instance, there is a machine that has several items that pass by on a conveyor belt that need to be recycled. Children are encouraged to place each item in the correct recycle bin. Other places, such as state parks, have similar activities or teach about recycling and conservation through other methods. Hands-on experiences help to teach the importance of recycling, which allow children to see how recycling directly affects the environment.

Labeling Canisters

Keeping several canisters in the kitchen where most refuse is discarded is a convenient way to discard recyclables. Corresponding larger containers kept in the garage provide an excellent storage place to collect like items that can be later discarded as selected. These bins may be placed outside for the local trash company to collect, whereby they will recycle the items, or to be taken in to exchange for money. For instance, there are several redemption locations that take cans, plastic bottles and glass bottles.

Turning in Cans

While recycling benefits the Earth in many ways, it may be just as practical to demonstrate the other rewards recycling can offer. For instance, take children to a recycling redemption place to teach them a method for earning money. Some states pay five cents per can or bottle and others pay ten cents. Children can use the money they have earned to buy a special treat.

People may not consider recycling one soda can to be a big deal, but just one can makes a small impact and makes a much larger one when everyone gets involved. Recycling one can of soda helps to free up space where it would have otherwise occupied in a landfill. Money can be preserved by avoiding the cost of mining the materials needed for making an additional can. This, in turn, helps to preserve the environment that is being rapidly dug up. Each person can make a difference and should.

Information Credit: King Recycling & Waste Disposal Inc.

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