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Nature-friendly house-moving tips



Moving house means taking into consideration dozens of details both in terms of your personal items and the details you have to deal with when you enter your new home. However, there is one more detail in addition to all these personal ones – the Earth. When you are moving house, you can do it in a completely environment-unfriendly way or you can try and meet some of the green moving conditions. An interesting fact is that moving in accordance with the rules of ecology turns out to be more affordable and less pricy than ordinary techniques for moving. If you make the moving procedure meet the following conditions and avoid some old school ones, you will indeed be a nature-friendly mover.

Usefulness of cardboard boxes

No matter if you have old boxes from different household appliances or you have found disposed ones, these items are highly useful when it comes to house-moving process. First of all, they are often much more useful than wrapping materials and plastic containers. Cardboard boxes can be used for storing good during the moving period, but they can also have an insulation role. If you have any larger household appliances, such as a fridge, or a washing machine, cardboard can serve as a great protective layer between these devices and the van or truck that is carrying them to another place. Beside that feature, cardboard can also be used as a ground for dragging heavy appliances once you bring them into your new home. If the parquet or laminate tiles are new, they can be easily scratched. By putting cardboard under the appliances, you can preserve the flooring. The most important thing is that cardboard can be used for many purposes, while at the same time being highly recyclable.

Pre-moving sale

One of the most useful packing tips is that you do not have to carry all your old things with you. In order to prevent yourself from hiring several cargo vans or moving trucks, you can sell old items and save nature from exhaust gases by hiring only one van instead of five. As well as the pre-moving sale, you can place ads online that you are selling things. Although the people from the neighborhood gladly attend likes of a garage sale, the Internet market is more propulsive and everything is more fluent there, meaning that more items could be sold that way.

Also, by reducing the amount of good you are going to lower the number of people necessary for the moving process.

Plastic containers

If you want your moving to stay within the boundaries of what is acceptable in terms of ecology, you should avoid any sort of plastic wrapping or containers. While the truth is that containers made of plastic can be used many times, the question is what you to do with them if you do not plan to move anymore. That is why plastic as a part of an earth-friendly packing process is not acceptable.

However, if you do not have any other options and have to use plastic, make sure that after the moving is done, the plastic is disposed in a safe way or given for recycling.

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