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The Wonders of The Self-Watering Indoor Mini-Garden




The easiest form of gardening is the compact and practical indoor herb garden. Normally herbs don't require much attention, apart from some watering every once in a while. And the benefits are amazingly delicious culinary sensations (if you CAN cook that is), and also a fresh green accent in your kitchen design.


But growing your very own mini-home garden just became even easier, thanks to the self-watering hydroponics system. This is a great solution for all the ever-busy, and hurried people of modern society, but who care for the environment, and are trying to keep to an organic lifestyle. If you consider yourself to be the ultimate plant terminator, then using a self-watering potting system will save your poor greenery, and save you the efforts, and self-accusations after each crumpled and brownish-leaved plant you have to throw away.


The mini-garden by ZeroSoil Gardens, comes in two compartments, so you can grow different kinds of plants, flowers, and herbs. Its structure is designed in a way which prevents any spilling of soil when you move the fancy pots. This is why local movers in Melbourne claim the system is also quite popular and ideal for office spaces, and right on top of kitchen countertops, where a muddy mess is undesirable. What's more the design of the pots is white and sleek, which makes them a subtle addition to any interior (both at home and at the office).


The self-watering hydroponics system has its very own low-water and low-battery indicators. Which means that every once in a while, when the indicator light is on, you have to fill up its water container. And then you can forget about the whole thing again. The pots come with an integrated organic and nutrient-rich formula, which automatically feeds the plants.

The fancy pots are also perfect for a gift to any flower-, herb-, or simple green plant-lover, or a wanna-be green-thumb beginner.

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