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5 Resourceful, Last-Minute Summer Decorating Projects

Angie Cole



Summer is one of the most exciting seasons to decorate. It brings a lively energy and opportunity to play with colors and styles. So before it finally comes to an end, here are 5 last-minute opportunities to give your home a fresh makeover with less waste.

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1. Organize

Everyone has that space in the house that could use a little organizing. Decorating doesn’t only mean adding accessories or furniture into a room, it also means rearranging and organizing.

Create an easy flow within a room by prioritizing its practical use without sacrificing beauty. For example, ensure the placement of furniture allows for ease of movement in high-traffic areas such as living a living. Maintain the overall ambience so it remains inviting for rest and relaxation during the summer months.

2. Upcycle

Upcycling is an idea that has been around for quite a while but is an emerging trend in design. If you have furniture or home accessories that have been broken or unused, repurpose it by upcycling.

Take an old drawer and upcycle it into a plant box or turn unused bottles in to vases. Upcycling is good for the environment and it can enable you to add refreshing additions into your own homes without running to the store.

3. Restore

Summer is the perfect time to restore any antique or vintage furniture. These valuable pieces are a perfect contrast to lively colors that are typical in the summer months. Restoring an antique dresser or writing table can bring back the original beauty and vibrancy of the piece, making it a favorite once again.

When restoring furniture, make sure to clean thoroughly in order to inspect any damage or loose parts that need to be repaired.

4. Repaint

Do you need an extreme home decorating makeover? Repaint. Choose your favorite space in the house and repaint it with a fresh new color. Your furniture and accessories can look surprisingly new with a new background. Choose a lively yet relaxing color. Pastels, pale shades of green and white are summer favorites because they are an effective contrast to bold, solid colored furniture as well as bright accessories.

However, be careful when choosing paint. Ordinary paint is harmful to the environment because of volatile organic compounds or VOCs. Look for zero-VOC and low-VOC paints instead. Check the label carefully before purchasing.

5. Color

If you are not ready for a project as big as repainting a room, you can still add color to your favorite spaces by accessorizing. Placing bright colored or summer-themed items across a room is a great way to bring summer indoors. Bright colored lamps, fresh flowers or printed throw pillows are easy to find and easy to match with existing furniture or wall color.

When adding accessories to your home, you can add them little by little. Purchase pieces that are unique and interesting but make sure to keep cohesiveness in style all throughout the room.

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