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Stop Changing Cat Litter With an Automatic Litter Box

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Changing the cat litter has got to be one of the most despised chores, at least at my house. It's like drawing the short straw and ending up with the chore no body wants. If you hate changing cat litter, you may be interested in how we solved this dilemma and stopped changing cat litter. No, we didn't get rid of our beloved cats or just let it go (that would be stinky!). We invested in an automatic litter box.

An automatic litter box is self cleaning unit that makes quick work of cat box cleanup. Typically, they work around the clock on a timer and scoop and store waste for later disposal. Some models even go further and wash and disinfect themselves. This is great because waste doesn't have time to sit and develop the bacterial growth that gives it that funky smell.

There are quite a few different brands and types of automatic litter boxes. Some even bear quite the resemblance to a human potty, believe it or not. When choosing a self cleaning cat litter box, you should consider the type of litter the box uses. Many units require that you purchase special litter while others use ordinary clumping litter. Still others operate with preferment granules that never need changing. Be careful when you select a box because the type of litter can have a major impact on the overall lifetime cost of running the unit.

Another thing to keep in mind about these self cleaning boxes is that it may take kitty some time to adapt to the unit. Some make a certain degree of noise while they are in their cleaning mode which can be a put off to more skittish kitties. Our cats took their time adjusting but after a few days they had no problem using their new box.

If you would like to stop changing cat litter, an automatic cat litter box is a great investment. This once avoided chore now seems not so bad and even the kids don't mind being tasked with it. Now there's a bonus! Another big benefit is that it always stays fresh, even after a long day when nobody is home to monitor the litter box.

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