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The Self Cleaning Litter Box Will Improve Your Cat's Life

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If you're a cat owner, you'll know that above all they are clean animals. And if your cat is healthy, the cat's natural independence means that they require far less tending to than most pets. Undoubtedly the major chore for cat owners is keeping their cat tray clean. There will be the inevitable cat odors lingering in the atmosphere as you near changing time.

So what's the solution? An increasingly popular remedy is the self cleaning litter box. You'll notice immediately that it is larger than average, but it's the hidden functions that make the difference. A motion detector sensor is instantly set off when the cat enters inside. A few minutes later, the cat waste is pulled into a clump by an electronic rake and moved to a secure closed box or bag. This tray will still need changing, but the odor will be low to non existent and the changing time is a lot quicker and less messy. Some automatic cat litter boxes even have hourly cleaning rotations to ensure maximum hygiene.

Let your cat get used to the new tray gradually. Your cat may be initially worried about the cleaning sound that the machine makes. However, it isn't loud, it's more of a humming sound so your cat should soon get used to it. Try to reward your cat for successful use.

Most automatic litter boxes have easy to follow set up instructions. Remember to set it up in a quiet place that your cat is comfortable in. The clay litter that they use is reasonably priced. Or, if you want to be green as well as clean, use eco friendly crystals instead. Either way you'll find that the self cleaning litter box will make your cat's life a lot easier, and yours too.

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