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Why Should You Choose Protein Labeling Service by Creative BioMart?

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As a supplier in producing leading protein products and providing efficient protein services, Creative BioMart has been always striving great efforts to satisfy its clients’ needs and fulfil its goal to set up a standard for protein production as well as to accelerate the development of biochemical science and technologies. Creative BioMart combines innovative technologies, cost-effective products and services with simple procurement and fast-speed delivery, achieving a comprehensive laboratory solution with great values to scientists and researchers.


Why are you suggested to choose Protein Labeling service provided by Creative BioMart? To be subjective and specific, here are the advantages of the company’s protein labeling service that you could not ignore and could benefit your research development:


Custom Service Upon Your Needs

Creative BioMart provides custom protein labeling and conjugation service in accordance with personalized needs and requirements. The company claims to supply a variety of labels, protocols and conjugates on the basis of high quality, simple, time-saving yet efficient approaches, including but not limited:

· Enzyme/Antibody conjugation

· Fluorescent Labeling in Vitro

· Fluorescent Tagged Protein in Vivo

· Protein Biotinylation

· Stable Isotope Labeling


To take Stable Isotope Labeling as an example, Creative BioMart has contracted over 500 protein production projects with an overall success rate of 90 %. The purity of those isotopic labeled proteins is beyond 95% and the isotope enrichment c.a. is 98%.


Professional Analysis and Full Report of Variables Affecting Labeling and Conjugation Behaviors


Creative BioMart pays great importance to generate a full report along with the product delivery. It provides a thorough analysis to some critical variables affecting the labeling and conjugation behaviors.

· In vivo labeling behavior

· Immunogenicity and In vitro stability of the linker group

· Types of labeling or conjugation reaction: specific site vs. random coupling

· Labeling/Conjugate stoichiometry

· Sites of labeling/conjugation: to reduce steric hindrance and minimize negative impact on folding and activity


Creative BioMart also provides structural analysis of the labeled proteins. The company’s NMR laboratory provides an accurate structural analysis on the labeled proteins. Normally the analysis will be done after the appropriate labeled proteins have been produced and purified on scale.


Since 2005, Creative BioMart has provided thousands of high quality proteins featured in recombinant proteins, native proteins and GMP proteins to support researchers and scientists in biochemical and pharmaceutical industry. With years’ development, the company has updated a wide range of protein techniques to guarantee the product and service quality, including protein expression, protein purification, protein labeling, etc. To learn more about the company and its protein labeling service, visit or send your inquiry to

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