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Creative Biolabs Had Updated Product of Therapeutic Antibodies

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August 16, 2019, as a leading supplier and manufacturer in antibody field, Creative Biolabs recently has updated its new product types for therapeutic antibody, which has at least three types of mechanisms. For instance, the neutralizing effect of the therapeutic antibody on its ligand directly binds its ligand, so that its ligand does not act on the target tissue and cells to trigger an undesired reaction; antibody-mediated cytotoxicity of the antibody binds to the target cell, Cytotoxicity that triggers immune cells; complement-mediated cytotoxicity antibodies have a complement-binding site that, upon binding of the antibody to the target cell, triggers the complement effect and kills the target cell.


These new items of Creative Biolabs are including but not limited to:

Anti-CD34 Therapeutic Antibody

Anti-CD55 Therapeutic Antibody

Anti-CD81 Therapeutic Antibody



those newly-updated products in therapeutic antibodies will bring a lot to our customers in their research programs. Our experienced scientists can guarantee the high quality of them and they can perform well during all kind of research items to assist researchers to achieve success. The anti-34 therapeutic antibody is a kind of recombinant humanized monoclonal antibody expressed in CHO binding to human CD34. It can recognize the human cd34 antibody membrane-protein in the cell membrane and perform well in the clinical treatment of hematologic malignancies and solid tumors, etc. The anti-CD55 therapeutic antibody is binding to human CD55. cd55 antibody is built with strong potential to be applied as an additive agent to treat gastric cancers. Studies show that a single 20mg dose can induce the cell killing in human primary gastric tumors, which results to tumour cell regression in over half of PAT-SC1-treated patients. And we do believe patients with gastric cancers can be totally free in the nearly future. The target of anti cd81 antibody is human CD81, which is generated by genetic immunization. It is very promising in the virus-host interactions. All in all, newly-updated products will bring Creative Biolabs another shine. Dr. Carlose Smith explained, a senior scientist in R&D of Creative Biolabs.


with the faith of providing high-quality products and professional services, Creative Biolabs is always trying its best to develop products and services needed by our customers. And we do offer the custom services and products for some specified items. Of course, Creative Biolabs has gained a good fame among our customers and other biological companies.Dr. Carlose added.


We do believe that Creative Biolabs will be much more better in the near future due to its dutiful spirit of enterprise. Now, it has been well received among customers.


About Creative Biolabs

With more than ten-year corporate history, Creative Biolabs has accommodated many excellent researchers at home and abroad to develop high-quality and professional products and services belonging to the antibody field, which is now getting more and more popular and needed by clinical researches. The future for Creative Biolabs is getting more and more promising due to its professional scientists and research staff.

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