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Whey Protein Shakes

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Often times in the summer you might lose your appetite or feel too full because of the heat. Or maybe you're running late in the morning and still need to eat breakfast. A quick and easy protein shake is a great way to get all the nutrients your body needs without feeling like you're stuffing yourself.

MYTH: Protein shakes are for bodybuilders and will make me bulky.

REALITY: If you read my last article about Toning Your Muscles, you now know that nobody becomes a bodybuilder by accident. Everybody's body needs protein and adding a supplement to ensure you get enough is only going to help in the effort to reshape your body.

MYTH: Protein shakes will make me fat.

REALITY: If you are eating too much and then you add in a protein shake on a regular basis, you may see some weight gain. In that case, use the shake to replace a meal or snack. If you're one of my clients, however, that is used to hearing from me "you're not eating enough!" this may be a good way to get some extra calories in.

MYTH: It's not healthy to eat too much protein.

REALITY: It's actually very difficult to eat so much protein that it has an adverse effect on your system if you're a healthy individual. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends every person eat 0.8x their body weight in kilograms of protein every day. For a 150lb person, this is about 68g protein every day. If you're concerned about your protein intake, consult your physician. If your physician expresses no concern then you're likely in the clear.

Making sure you get enough protein in your diet is essential if you want to change the shape of your body. One of my favorite analogies is protein as the bricks to build the house that is your body. This analogy is detailed in my article Dieting Fads and Why They Don't Work.

There are different kinds of whey protein powder that you can buy but be aware: a lot of them taste nasty! I've tried a lot of them and my some of favorites are Designer Whey, Pure Protein and Syntrax Nectar. Pure Protein you can actually find at Stop & Shop for $21 for a 2lb container. This should last you at least a month. You can click STORE on my website and then click Protein Powders to see what they look like or to order from Amazon. Whatever you decide to buy, make sure there is less than 5g of fat, carbs, and sugar, and more than 15g of protein per 1 scoop.

And finally, adding a protein shake is merely an idea if you're looking for something quick and easy to get your protein in. By no means do you HAVE to include it. You can get all the nutrients your body needs from "real" food.

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