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A brief talk on the superoxide dismutase

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Superoxide dismutase, alias liver protein, abbreviation: SOD. SOD is an active substance derived from living organisms, which can eliminate harmful substances produced in the process of metabolism. Continuously replenish SOD on human body has special effects on anti-aging. Superoxide dismutase (SOD) was first isolated from bovine red blood cells in 1938. People have studied SOD for more than 70 years. McCord and others rediscovered the protein in 1969, and found its biological activity, and clarified its catalytic properties of peroxide anion disproportionation reaction, so it was formally named superoxide dismutase.

Superoxide dismutase is a new enzyme preparation. It is widely distributed in the biological world, almost from animals to plants, even from people to single-celled organisms, have its existence. SOD is regarded as the most magical enzyme in life science and technology, and garbage scavenger in human body. SOD is the natural enemy of oxygen free radicals, is the number one killer of oxygen free radicals in the body, is the basis of life and health.

The oxygen free radicals is an atomic group containing an unpaired electron, it spread in a lots of biocatalyst, such as lignin peroxidase, lactoperoxidase and so on. As atoms form molecules, electrons in chemical bonds must appear in pairs, so free radicals grab one of the electrons of other substances everywhere and form stable substances themselves. In chemistry, this phenomenon is called "oxidation". Our biological system mainly encounters oxygen free radicals, such as superoxide anion free radicals, hydroxyl free radicals, lipoxy free radicals, nitrogen dioxide and nitric oxide free radicals. Hydrogen peroxide, singlet oxygen and ozone are commonly referred to as reactive oxygen species. Reactive oxygen species in the body have certain functions, such as immunity and signal transduction. However, excessive reactive oxygen species (ROS) can cause damage to normal cells and tissues, leading to a variety of diseases. Such as heart disease, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and cancer. In addition, sunlight radiation, air pollution, smoking, pesticides and so on in the external environment will cause the human body to produce more reactive oxygen species free radicals, so that nucleic acid mutation, which is the root cause of human aging and disease.

Superoxide dismutase (SOD) is naturally formed in the human body. It can antagonize and block the damage caused by oxygen free radicals and repair damaged cells in time. With age, the body's ability to form superoxide dismutase is getting worse and worse, and disease and aging are catching up. This shows how superoxide dismutase acts very miraculous and important.

SOD is a natural scavenger of oxygen free radicals in living organisms. It has a wide range of medical value and can be used as additives in medicine, food and daily chemical products. SOD is approved for clinical use and shows a powerful regenerative repair capability for some tissue sclerosis and fibrosis caused by age, disease or injury. SOD has been successfully applied to adjuvant therapy after radiotherapy, to control the progression of heart disease, and to treat severe rheumatoid arthritis. In Denmark, SOD is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

Superoxide dismutase (SOD) is widely used in cosmetic additives, such as SOD mask, SOD honey, SOD snake powder and other cosmetics manufactured by superoxide dismutase.

SOD is used as a supplementary food, and people try every possible way to maintain a high level of SOD in the body, that is, to provide appropriate nutrients for the liver to synthesize SOD while consuming food, or directly wrap the exogenous SOD in food protein, through the digestive system without being digested, into other parts of the body.

The development of SOD in medical application depends on the further study of its mechanism of action and production, and we expect to find the factors promoting SOD production. Because of the different sources of SOD and different detection methods, SOD activity is not comparable. It is expected that international standards should be standardized with scientific, simple and practical principles. Due to the blockage of animal blood SOD in the European Union, the development of plant and microbial SOD has become a promising industry direction.

As for the industrial enzyme production of the superoxide dismutase, it is a complex access, so for more information, you can click here to visit our website.

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