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Environmental Education and Google Trend



A systematized efforts to teach about the functioning of environment and specifically about environmental issues and its associated challenges.

Goal of such Education is “Awareness and understanding environmental affairs”

Want to know how such education is enhanced across the globe? Google trend is one of the best source I have visited. Check my entire analysis on environmental education around the world. Google trend depicts how often a particular search-term is entered relative to the total search-volume across various regions of the world, and in various languages. It shows how popular the search term has been over a time. Such trends are more preferred when compared to just descriptions.

Check how concern about environmental education is declining. !! (Yes. Topic to be ponder !! )

1) Down-going in Interest over time



You can observe from the above graph that there is a massive decline since 2005 till now.

Check what kind of international steps are being in flow to cease such issue.

1) European Union, a recognized leader in most areas of environmental activities is constantly trying to uplift such degradation.

2) United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), an agency of United Nations (UN) co-ordinates many environmental management training programmes .

It assist many developing nations in implementing environmental policy.

3) Many such other institution even promotes environmental science and environmental health that provides an integrated approach to environmental systems.

2) Country Specific interest at particular period


From the above trend, you can see the list of countries who are interested in making their people aware about such education.

Kenya is among the most concern country on such issues. At Kenya, many programmes are conducted to make people aware like Edmund Rice East African Network programmes, Environmental Education Action Plan and similar other. This may be the reason that more and more people are aware in Kenya.

Even countries having less awareness programmes are focusing on such action plans to educated their people.

3) Most related searches


This is one of the important feature of Google trend which depicts relevant query search around the world. Not only this, it even shows the most searched keyword by their search volume.

Above analysis just depicts how less concern we are for nature and environmental related issues.

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Google has launched many great technologies for the users and the Google trend is one of them I didn't know about this before reading your post it enhanced my knowledge and as a writing services provider, I always need some new and informative information to use in writing my article.

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Google has propelled numerous awesome advances for the clients and the Google slant is one of them I didn't think about this before perusing your post it upgraded my insight and as a Essay Writer UK supplier, I generally require some new and enlightening data to use in writing my article.

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I would love to use the information for my blog.  I'll definitely post a link back to this site, and I won't rip the entire post.  I just want to take this content and use what you have here to comment on.  Please send me a message and tell me if it's ok.   uk essay writing

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