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3 Outside the Box Ways to Add Value to Your New Jersey Home

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The state of New Jersey has had one of the more interesting real estate markets in our nation. With up and coming neighborhoods, shifting weather patterns, and fluctuating demand, it can be a buyer’s market one year, and a seller’s market the next. 



In many cases it’s the little things that really add value to your home making it appraise for higher prices while adding value to buyers. Sure, a new kitchen remodel and master bathroom upgrade can increase your home’s value by more than 20%, but the little things can be that deciding factor that makes your home more valuable than the neighbor’s. Here are three outside the box things you can do to add value to your NJ home. 

1-   New Jersey Oil Tank Removal 

Back at the turn of the century, underground oil tanks were commonly used to fuel homes.  Today, thousands remain undetected and when they are discovered it is usually because a leak has contaminated the soil or well water. Soil remediation can be expensive and leave your land barren. If you are thinking of putting your home on the market, call a specialized New Jersey oil tank removal company to bring their state-of-the-art equipment to perform oil tank detection across your entire front and back yard. If the company gives you the green light indicating your property is safe from leaking oil tank threats, you can get a certificate to let buyers know this risk is not a concern. If oil tank removal services are required, you will save money on the service because the detection team already started, and when buyers learn the tank was removed they will value your home over those that pose the unknown. 

2-   Build a Deck 

You may not be adding square footage to your property, but adding outdoor living spaces will increase your home’s value and delight buyers. Outdoor entertaining was huge in the 60s, and has had a huge comeback in New Jersey—even in winter months. Make sure the space is large enough to host sizeable groups; use cedar wood because it has an amazing scent, and weather treat it for snow, rain, wind and other elements.  Some heat lamps will allow people to use the space all year long. Add a fire it, cozy seating, and an outdoor kitchen with a wine and beer fridge. 

3-   Add a Walk-In Closet 

Do you have a large master bedroom? If so, you can actually get a higher sale price on your home by reducing the size of this room and add space to the closet. Today’s buyers look for storage space, and walk-in closets are all the hype thanks to popular TV shows on HGTV that highlight this feature as the golden ticket to new homes. Be sure to add lots of shoe storage, a vanity, and plenty of space for hanging garments. If you have the space, a His and hers walk-in closet will really get the buyer’s attention.



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