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Why Should You Choose Paper Bags for Your Business?

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With awareness about being eco-friendly and saving Earth on the rise, more and more people are saying no to plastic. Most of the retail outlets both small and big are switching to paper bags from plastic bags. If you are a small business owner and are thinking about introducing eco-friendly paper carry bags in your business, you need to make sure you find the right paper bags wholesale supplier who is well reputed and experienced in delivering the products on time.

Look for a supplier who manufactures high-quality bags. The bags should be able to withhold the weight up to 3 pounds. If you get hooked to a supplier who makes cheap bags for low cost, then your customer will find their carry bags tearing off before they reach their car.

Why paper bags?

Paper bags are eco-friendly and biodegradable. They are made from trees which are a renewable natural resource. Paper bags can also be reused at home for art and crafts projects. The manufacturing process of paper bags does not emit any toxic gases thus it does not leave any damaging effects on the environment. Paper bags are always a better choice because plastic waste causes more harm to the environment by blocking the drains, causing floods and killing sea and wild animals by choking them. When the plastic waste is disintegrated it releases harmful toxins into the soil and water which causes many diseases to both humans and animals equally. When you go for paper bags, you are contributing your bit to conserving the nature on our planet.

What to look for in the supplier?

When looking for paper bag suppliers for your business, make sure you pick a supplier who gives you wide range of options to choose from. The supplier should be able to process your orders and customization requests in a fair amount of time. They should also ship your order as per the scheduled time irrespective of the inconsistencies and challenges they face while processing the order. The supplier should be able to deliver anything and everything that you wish for in the order without any hesitation or obstacles. And they should offer you the products at a competitive price which means the price offered should be the best price prevailing in the industry and not the highest price.

What to consider while ordering bags?

Some of the factors that you need to consider while determining what kind of bags fits your requirements are as follows.

If you are running a business where you sell heavy products like cement, animal feed or flour, then you need bags that are well built and sturdy to hold such heavy products. Bags with multi-wall thickness are manufactured to carry heavy products. These bags are made with brown kraft paper bags. To make these bags insects and rodent resistant, some of the middle layers are coated with a plastic film. These bags are also torn resistant because of the high elasticity and strength which is provided by the multiple layers of papers.

If your retail business does not involve selling heavy goods, then go for single wall bags. Single wall bags are good for carrying clothes, cosmetics, groceries and other light stuff.  Different types of paper bags include flat tape, laminated and twisted bags. The laminated paper bags make the bags waterproof to some extent.

Unlike most of the retailers who go with one size fits all policy. Assort the sizes of bags as per the sizes of the products you sell in your store. Your customers will appreciate if they get to carry small bags for the little stuff that they purchased. You can always use the paper bag to print your promotional message and your brand logos.

As a responsible global citizen when you choose to have eco-friendly bags in your business, you are making a difference in helping our planet become a better place to live.

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