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Embrace The Freedom Of A Green Wardrobe

Sally Smith



Towers of landfill waste and the impacts of pollution are very real issues. As more and more people make the shift to intentionally make green lifestyle choices, there is also a move to embrace eco-friendly wardrobe choices. This may mean using built in wardrobes and wardrobe solutions to best utilize and view what you already own, or periodically donating clothing that you no longer wear and buying new to you choices from thrift or consignment stores. While these practices help to keep textiles out of ever accumulating landfill spaces, the shift to eco-friendly wardrobe choices may also involve buying clothing made from natural and non toxic materials. Read on for some further information about some of the top green material choices.


This textile option involves the use and manufacturing of renewable grass. It is a wonderful and sustainable choice, but be careful about companies that use chemicals for the manufacturing process.

Industrial Hemp

Hemp is easily harvested and can be grown with minimal pesticides, fertilizers, and water. Sometimes it even grows in the absence of pesticides and fertilizers. Perhaps best of all, it requires very little maintenance and attention, but is a textile that is lightweight and absorbent.

Organic Cotton

While cotton remains a very popular textile choice, conventional cotton growing involves widespread use of pesticides and insecticides. Some consumers have shifted to purchasing organic cotton out of respect for the well being of cotton farmers, and also out of concern for their own skin and health. Parents of new babies are increasingly making the transition to organic cotton, which is known for being soft, just as conventional cotton is.

Recycled Polyester

This fabric is amazingly made from recycled soda bottles and previously worn polyester fabrics.


This material is also a popular choice made from a renewable source. Wool is known for being warm and fire resistant. When you are buying wool, look for companies that treat animals humanely. Green living includes caring for all of the ecosystem and living creatures in it.

A big step in creating or enhancing a green wardrobe involves knowing what you have. If you do not have an adequate closet system, your clothing will be disorganized and not well utilized. Regardless of your living space, there are a wide variety of built in wardrobes and wardrobe solutions that will help you to best organize the clothing that you have. Check out this gallery to get some ideas. If you are unsure of where to shop for eco-friendly clothing, check online reviews or make inquires of friends and family members. There are many companies who practice sustainable practices. Also consider making green living a fun part of every day life. Organize annual or seasonal clothing and accessory swaps for friends. Embrace the green way of living!

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