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The Secret About Dolphins - Intelligence Beyond Our Comprehension



Latest researches in oceanology made a stunning discovery about our aquatic-mammal friends, the dolphins. These fascinating creatures use sound waves to locate and communicate with each other, but a closer look at their acoustic capabilities revealed a surprising secret.

Stephanie King, leading author from the University of St. Andrews Sea Mammals Research Unit was the first to make this amazing discovery. She was working on a projects and collected acoustic information with her colleagues. The acoustic collection included data from wild bottlenose dolphins around Sarasota bay. She also studies intensively four captive dolphins at the Seas Aquarium in Florida. The data, collected from 1984 to 2009 helped King's team in their research and made a shocking discovery.

This intriguing and extremely intelligent creatures were actually communicating with each other by name. Each dolphin has his own signature which according to Discovery news may sound to us humans like something like this: " Hey everybody, I'm an adult male named John and I mean you no harm!".

Studies showed that the wild bottlenose dolphins as well as the captive ones were able to develop their own signature with time. They identified each others by a specific whistle which could be sometimes detected up to 20km from the original source. King explained that the bottlenose dolphins emit their signature whistle to announce their presence. These signatures were used for large groups of animals to recognize each other over a huge distance and form a group.

Now that you learned these amazing news, don't you want to have a baby dolphin at home? I'm sure I do! These graceful animals are one of the few species which show such intelligence in communicating and understanding their surrounding environment. Unfortunately, not all of us have the resources to build a huge aquarium in their own backyard and take care for a group of dolphins.

For those of you who are fascinated by the underwater world and its amazing creatures, I suggest that you start small and buy a couple of neon fishes, they are extremely interactive and fun to watch. And don't forget to take care of their little home. Specialist maids from Melbourne suggest that you change the aquarium's water and clean it up each week to guarantee your tiny, joyful friends' safety.

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