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Eco-friendly Wedding Planning

Sally Smith



Planning a wedding is always a challenge. Planning a wedding that includes everything you desire and is respectful to the environment is even more of a challenge. You really can have the eco-friendly wedding of your dreams and you can do it without adding extra stress to your current planning.


A wedding band is a visual symbol of your devotion to each other. Most couples go with gold and diamonds but there are other options available. Vintage jewelry is always special and you can be assured it will often be one of a kind rather than one of many in a mass-produced batch. If your heart is set on gold and diamonds, make sure the gold itself is recycled and that the diamond has been mined without violence to others, or consider a diamond substitute such as moissanite for your wedding band.

Wedding Dress

Let's be honest, it is likely that you will only wear your wedding dress one time. Wedding dresses are not eco-friendly for this very reason. If you have a dress previously worn by your mother or any other loved one, have it tailored and redesigned to make it your own. The same can be done with vintage dresses found in secondhand stores. If you wish to wear a new dress, look for natural fabrics such as organic cotton or silk.


Flowers already seem very eco-friendly as a decoration but pesticides are often used during their growth to control insects. Look for seasonal blooms grown locally or use potted plants so they can be replanted after the festivities have ended. Consider using soy candles as a substitute for or in addition to flowers as they can be reused at a later time as well.


Plan your meal to include as much locally grown and organic food as possible. Buying organic can sometimes cost a bit more, but this is one area where it is very worth the price you pay. The pesticides used on non-organic food are an unwelcome wedding guest that you do not need on your special day.


Holding the reception outdoors is the kindest for the environment but an indoor reception can be eco-friendly too if held in the daytime to reduce electricity usage. Wedding music can be played by a live band without the use of electric microphones and amplifiers. Think of how much more intimate your wedding music will sound with only real voices and instruments. This blog post will give you some ideas about planning your wedding music.

Plan your special occasion thoughtfully and include the surrounding environment in those plans. You really can have your wedding cake and eat it too by having the eco-friendly wedding of your dreams!

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