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Introducing Community Blogs

Green Blog



You can now create your own blog here on Green Blog! It’s totally free and the setup only takes a minute or so. The only requirement is that you are a registered member of our community. You can easily create a free member account here, or sign in to our community using your Facebook, Twitter or Google account. Once you’re logged in to the community just go to the Manage Blogs section and create your new blog.

All community blogs comes with standard blog features such as RSS-feeds, comments, trackbacks as well as ping blog tracking, multiple authors, customizable theme and more. Our community blogs even support XML-RPC, which allows you to post blog entries using external blogging tools. If you want, you also have the option of importing posts to your new blog from RSS-feeds or just link to your externally hosted blog.

Our also applies to community blogs. This Community has a strict no-spam policy. So if you are only here to advertise your business, or whatnot, then maybe this Community isn't for you.

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