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Camping Grounds Ecology+Etiquette



Recently, I went camping with friends in beautiful Acadia Park and was horrified by how some people are careless and how they ruin camping place behind without even noticing so I decided to write a bit on this issue.


Going on a camping/hike once, twice and even for a few long periods doesn’t make you an expert. This hobby requires practice, dedication, discipline and commitment for you to become the best you can be.

You need to know about the basic and fundamental strategies when hiking, which practically include surviving in the woods or wherever your campsite may be along with the etiquette of being responsible camper, leaving place clean and/or intact.

Resources on camping etiquette:

Maximizing The Beauty Of Nature Without Posing Damage

The beauty of camping as compared to other outdoor hobbies is that one could simply experience it without having to pay for any fee such entrance fee and whatnot. However, this has become a vulnerability for campsites as human tend to exhaust the resources and still disregard the welfare of nature.

So, campers should be reminded about the most basic thing about this activity and that is to always assume that these natural resources are theirs. And just as how they value their things, they should also give importance to the environment.

The basic ruling when camping is to always ensure that they leave the place free from any damage and loiters. This is in relation to taking good care of the surroundings and also to maintain respect to those who'd be camping in the place as well.

Always keep in mind to use non-harmful materials like when cooking and doing other activities in the campgrounds. Don’t ever leave trash and don’t try to disrupt the living creatures living in the environment.

In basic terms, leave the place untouched just like how it was when you arrived. It is also a great habit to make the campsite even better by initiating to throw trashes that are left behind properly.

Recommendation At The End: Stealth Camping

Some hiker enthusiasts prefer camping in a non-established compounds for the reason that most established ones have, most likely, become bear-magnets due to a number of people cooking, eating and some even loiter in the area.

Aside from this, this kind of compound has hard-packed soil, rodents and inhabitants that could get a little noisy making it impossible to experience serenity even after midnight.


With the use of tents made of tarps and other materials you prefer using, you may opt to get to those that are far from such elements enabling you to have better connection with nature. This would be fairly more suitable for camping given that you've built your campsite and shelter well enough.

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