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Should you get solar roofing?




Solar panels seem like they are the new thing. Everyone is getting them and claiming they save so much money, but are they really worth it? There are many factors to consider when deciding whether or not to get solar roofing, but Google is testing an online tool that will help you decide.

Google’s new tool ­ Project Sunroof

The cost of putting solar roofing on your home can be quite expensive. Most people believe that the costs outweigh the benefits, but Google wants to show you that isn’t true in many cases. It is testing a tool online called Project Sunroof that will show you exactly how much money you can save by putting solar panels on your roof. All you need to do is look up your address, and Google will bring up a picture of your roof showing different thermal colors on it. These colors will indicate how well and how often the sun hits your roof. If your roof is all purple for some reason, you probably aren’t going to save much money, but a completely yellow or white roof is getting a lot of sun and could save a lot. Then,Google shares just how much money you could save on a standard 20 year lease, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

How Google benefits

Many people often wonder how Google makes money off its mass sources of free online tools available to anyone with the internet. In this case, Google will have a list of referals for solar panels onyour home after showing you how much money you can save by getting them installed. It will take a commission from each of those referral sources, just like the company might get from you clicking an ad while browsing.

So, the big question

So, the question is, should you get solar panels? People who use the tool are being shown a lot of savings over 20 years, but the upfront cost of getting solar panels can be pretty steep. The cost alone is expensive, and you may need to get new roofing beforehand if your roof is starting to look a little beat up. Many people get them because of cost savings in the long run, for a chance to be self sufficient from electric companies, or because they truly care about protecting the environment and feel they should do their part. Whatever your reason, it will only be worth it if you have the funds for the large upfront cost.

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