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The physics of climate change is deceptively simple.

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There are multiple varieties of vacuum trucks that have been designed for specific industries and purposes. All of these vehicles do share some similarities and are equipped with hydro-excavation systems and high-powered vacuum. These systems are designed for cleaning various types of lagoons, industrial tanks and other municipal water infrastructure. These trucks are also equipped with their private debris tanks.

Benefits of Vacuum trucks

·         Convenience- One of the most convenient ways how you can clean up the tanks by hiring some experienced and skilled professionals who are lashed of the right pieces of equipment. The vacuum trucks that are built by an experienced company such as VacuumXpress require a minimum amount of water and there are professionals who can clean them up in the quickest time possible. The moving tanks and the other pieces of equipment can be inconvenient at the best of times.

·         Safety- Hiring vacuum trucks and experienced crews for cleaning up the tanks is one of the safest and fastest ways to get the work done. The crew members in professional companies are certified and fully trained and the equipment they use are well-maintained for the job. The operators go through some extensive training in First Aid, traffic protection and Electric Awareness.

·         Versatility- Nowadays, there are multiple varieties of models and makers of vacuum trucks in the market. These trucks are well-equipped to for managing varieties of cleaning jobs for both dry and wet debris. These vehicles can drag away a large number of hazardous materials. This is because they are even equipped with water tanks that can easily hold up to 1500 gallons and the debris tanks can hold up 2000 gallons.

Where to buy these trucks?

If you are willing to have one of the vacuum trucks, you can feel free to get in touch with VacuumXpress. They are the best in terms of building trucks and have been in the business for the last 50 years.



As the time passes by, global warming is increasing and so are its effects. The need for green energy is more evident than ever before. More and more people are switching to green and renewable energy sources to power their houses, office and other property. Not only green energy is more affordable and long-lasting but it is also less toxic. In fact, green energy hardly has any hazardous effects on the environment. Seeing the future of green energy, many companies came into the market to become the primary supplier of renewable energy.

However, few have gained as much success as Bulb Energy, founded in 2015, a UK based single tariff energy and gas company that provides 100% renewable energy. The company's motto is to provide simpler, cheaper and greener energy to its customers. The popularity of Bulb Energy is due to its excellent marketing strategies because unlike most companies, Bulb Energy marketed itself through social media, testimonials, word of mouth reference, friends and family referrals as well as various online platforms that provide Bulb Energy review. If you are not convinced, then here are the top 3 reasons to switch to Bulb energy if you live in UK.

Green Energy

The most obvious reasons for switching to Bulb is the green energy. Most of the electricity providers uses non-renewable energy sources like coal, natural gas and petroleum, which are bound to run out if we continue using them as this rate. Moreover, they produce harmful by-products in the chemical reactions which is destroying the Earth’s atmosphere. It is imperative that people switch to green energy for the sake of our planet and its environment. Bulb uses solar, wind and hydro powers as its primary energy source. Also, 10% of its gas comes from biomethane reactions by decomposing manure and sewage.

Cheapest in the Market

This is probably the primary reason for most customers for switching to Bulb Energy. According to statics, Bulb is the cheapest energy option as compared to other electricity providing companies in UK. The approximate cost of electricity consumption for a typical home is around £1250, while Bulb reduces this cost to about £900. This way many people can save a lot of money. Bulb Energy employs the latest technology and cutting-edge solutions, which enables it to provide high-quality energy at a low price. Additionally, there are no unsubscribing and exit fees for switching out of the company.

Ease of Access

Above everything else, the ease of access and convenience makes Bulb one of the best energy company. You can sign up online and also keep track of your energy usage through their official app. Learning about the exact usage of energy in your house can help you lower its cost. Moreover, you can pay bills and check your account balance through this app as well. Bulb Energy offers one tariff for all customers which makes it easier for people to understand the supply of energy and get the best possible deal available in the market.



Whether you have a large or small web shop: many web shops are faced with orders from abroad. Are you going to send cheap parcel to Germany? Then there are a number of things that you have to take into account. Because your packages often travel long distances, you want to avoid delays and missing people. No problem sending is so nice. That is why it is useful to be prepared as well as possible. Read this checklist quickly and you can immediately start working with worldwide packages.

1.      Check in advance what you can and cannot send

You may not ship some products, or only under certain conditions. Think for example of alcoholic drinks or flammable liquids. Therefore, check in advance what is and is not allowed. The shipping conditions differ per country. Do you want to know which these are? Check the list of prohibited products online.

2.      Keep in mind import duties and regulations

Within country, the same legislation generally applies, but it may differ outside country. That is why it is good to have your conditions available in multiple languages.

Are you going to ship internationally, outside the country? Then your customer will have to pay import duties in some cases. The amount depends on the type of product. Always send a clear and honest invoice. Paste the shipping label on your foreign package shipment.

3.      Use the right packaging

A package that is sent abroad will cover quite a few kilometers. That is why it is important that your package can take a beating. Always use sturdy packaging that fits well and protects the product. Sell your smaller products? Then it is useful to pack it in a larger box. This will prevent your package from being miss-sorted or damaged. Because you want to prevent damage at all times.

4.      Check the address on the shipping label

Addresses can be built up slightly differently from other countries than domestic addresses. This differs per country. To check this, there is a handy tool available that can save you a lot of time.

Also check well in advance whether a PO Box address has been specified. Include a telephone number and e-mail address of your customer on the package. In many cases contact is also made with the recipient by the foreign transported about the status of the shipment.

5.      Offer a clear and easy return solution

When sending packages worldwide, it is smart to offer a good return solution. This way you can remove any doubts from your customer and offer extra service. The country return service is a service that is possible in a large number of countries. But to avail these don’t forget to do product comparison before shipping.


These days, businesses need to find ways to make themselves as green as possible. It's necessary to keep the air clean and ensure your company is not adding to air pollutants. When you work for an industrial company or within an industrial industry, this can be a challenge and it can be expensive. 

One of the methods used within the industrial world to ensure that the air stays clean is through 
regenerative thermal oxidizers. These are pieces of industrial equipment that absorb exhaust gases and uses ceramic materials to then absorb the heat and break down the pollutants in the exhaust gas. This type of equipment is key for industries that have to deal with any kind of exhaust system that releases gases into the air. That gas has to go somewhere, but it is filled with pollutants. Oxidizers help.

Some of the industries that can benefit from using this type of equipment include: painting booths, paper mills and printing companies. In some countries, certain types of business are required to use this equipment to ensure any kind of gas that is vented into the air are cleaned and not a risk to the surrounding community.

The other term for trying to reduce the carbon footprint of your company on the world is 
environmental remediation. This involves cleaning air, soil and water around companies that produce toxins. If it's found that chemicals have been introduced into the environment around those businesses, there are tools and methods that can eliminate the toxins within soil and materials around the company.

These days, the environment is more important than ever. It is better understood in this day and age how just one company producing air pollutants can contaminate not just the air, but the surrounding soil and water, too. All of this can end up inside homes or other buildings, potentially miles away from where the business is actually set up and running. There are now regulations which monitor the amount of pollutants allowed into the air and certain industries are even more regulated than others, with legal fines and other legal actions taken against businesses that are found in violation of these rules.

Of course, equipment that is effective and can clean the air properly and meet the government environmental standards can also be expensive. There is a world out there that sell used oxidizing equipment, including thermal oxidizers. This can help reduce the cost of cleaning the air and reducing the air pollutants released by the company. 

If you run an industrial business and have to deal with exhaust systems that put gases into the air, you need to make sure your company is not violating these rules. Remediation is the way to go and offers solutions that protect the environment and community so that your business can focus on what you do rather than having to worry about what's happening to the environment. Being a responsible business owner means using the latest technology to protect the environment around your property.


Water is one of the basic necessities of life, we may live without everything else. But without water, no life would be possible on this earth. But now due to so much pollution in our environment, even the water which is pumped from deep under the earth is also not pure. Now there are many metals added to the drinking water, and by metals, it is really meant real metal pores in our drinking water. Well obviously these metals are not added by us, but somehow they get mixed with our water system. So if we need to know that which metals are being present then we need to perform testing water for metals.

Metals in Water

The water which is being used from the old pipelines, then they are really rusty, and when water is passed through them, then many Lead pores are also added to them. And if we constantly drink lead mixed water then it could result in many health issues like kidney failure. And if any woman is pregnant then she could result in premature birth or even miscarriage. In the same way, Arsenic could be also added to the water by the same way, and this could result in more dangerous health risks like Lungs Cancer, or even heart failure or major heart attack. Plus you might have heard about hard water, well basically hard water is calcium mixed water.

Purification Process

And drinking this water may not cause some serious health problems but still, it is quite dangerous to use heavy water for a longer time period. And all these metals are surely due to the bad water supply system of UK. And that is why still there are several water companies in the UK that supply water to several homes and buildings. So there is constantly testing water for metals, in order to ensure the safety of citizens of UK. Now it is not just about some germs or microorganisms inside water that could be removed by boiling water at high temperature and low pressure. But now there are metal components inside it, which can be only removed by using filters of various types.


Hospitals produce a lot of rubbish clearance, especially given all the disposable waste removal they have! Therefore, is it a really good sign that hospitals are beginning to take their social obligations of keeping their rubbish clearance out of landfills seriously. Many hospitals around the world are actively developing plans to divert their rubbish clearance from landfills and use more sustainable practices of rubbish clearance.

One of the most important steps for hospitals is to consciously make an effort to purchase products that are 100% biodegradable. Luckily, many supplies used at hospitals such as scrubs and various bedside supplies are made from cellulose fibres that are already biodegradable. Of course, if these biodegradable products are still sent to the landfill, it defeats the purpose of them being biodegradable. Thus, many hospital administrators are finding ways to get these biodegradable waste streams to an appropriate rubbish clearance processor that can handle biodegradable waste removal outside a landfill.

Hospitals can also take a look at packaging and food containers. For example, otherwise recyclable coffee cups can't be recycled if they have a non-biodegradable plastic liner. However, if the hospitals switch to using cardboard cups lined with corn starch or sugar cane materials, they become fully biodegradable. Since hospitals do such a high volume of buying, purchasing decisions like this could make a significant difference in the amount of rubbish clearance that could be biodegraded and kept out of landfills.

The biggest solid waste stream for most hospitals is PAPER! If you've even been hospitalized, or been to the hospital with a family member, you'll have some idea of why! There always seems to be stacks of information on paper and forms to sign for every thing you do in a hospital. You may even be tempted to bring your portable file with you you get handed so much paper. In one survey of California hospitals, it was found that 53.8 percent of all solid waste was paper.

Paper that goes to landfills rots because it gets compacted down into dense areas with no oxygen. This rotting paper produces methane gas that escapes into the atmosphere and contributes heavily to the greenhouse effect. However, if that same paper can be taken to a recycling center, it can be repurposed into other paper products without it producing all that methane. Therefore, hospitals should strive to do two things:

1. Try to go paperless whenever possible.
2. Send their paper rubbish clearance to paper recycling centres rather than landfills.

It would be a more than fifty percent improvement in the social responsibility to our society to become more sustainable and keep their rubbish removal out of the landfills if hospitals would do these two things with regards to their paper waste.

Here's another exiting waste management change happening at some hospitals that hopefull will catch on.

Currently, five hospitals in the Netherlands have installed their own anaerobic digesters, called the Pharmafilter system. It anaerobically digests, in an oxygen free environment, all their biodegradable rubbish clearance, including their hazardous biowaste, like bloody bandages and used syringes.

The waste removal is transferred away from individual hospital wards through sewer pipes. It is then shredded and treated. The liquid waste is then separated from the solid waste. The liquid waste is where the infections bacteria and discarded medicines reside. This liquid is then filtered and treated chemically on the hospital grounds so it is no longer contains any hazardous materials.

As the solid rubbish clearance is anaerobically digested, it produces a methane gas that can be captured and converted to energy. This powers the hospitals and all the leftover energy from this ingenious process is fed into the power grid for the nation.

It seems too that hospitals might benefit from partnering with private rubbish clearance companies that already purposefully divert as much of the waste they pick up away from the landfills. Local councils simply haven't caught up with the latest technologies for recycling waste and end up taking biodegradable rubbish clearance to the landfills.

Clearabee is a
rubbish clearance company in the UK that seems particularly poised to partner with hospitals that want to divert their rubbish away from landfills. Clearabee already does this with other industries. For example, they partner with landlords to take the rubbish clearance removed from flats and other rentals after a tenant leaves to places that can recycle or reuse most of it. Clearabee also partners with restaurants to keep their food waste out of landfills. It seems only the natural next step, if they haven't done so already, to partner with hospitals.



Are you planning to setup a new aquarium for your home? Have you confused between online and local store purchasing? To buy online, here is a complete guide to consider while purchasing saltwater fishes. However, buying from local stores, you can get the valuable advice and support from them, but the major drawback is varieties of fishes, as it depends on availability in a shop. Thus, You will get lesser options than an online store.

If you are interested in buying saltwater fishes online, this article is intended to give a few prime ideas to get started. While buying online, you may get an extra benefit of offers such as saltwater fish for sale online, buy best corals online, or get 15% discount on live rock, etc.

Benefits Of Buying Online


Today, buying saltwater fishes online is a common practice and many aquarium hobbyists prefer to buy fishes or setups online.

l  Availability Of Species


Compare to local stores, you will get a wide range of saltwater fishes online as local stores have limited species. Thus, if you want popular fishes, you may not be able to find in the local store. In addition to offering a wider variety of species, you may also have some options in age and size. Whereas, in pet's store, you are limited to store the stock.

l  Online Deals


This is one of the major benefits of buying fish online. You can grab great deals on festivals or minimum discounts on a first time purchase. One of the best elements is you will get your desired fishes and equipment directly your door-steps. Some online stores offer great deals such as "what you see is what you get" or a money return policy.

How To Find Online Fish Stores


while buying online, you will find many suppliers or companies which sell different suppliers fishes.. By online shopping, you do not only purchase saltwater fishes, but also you can purchase live corals, live rocks, lagoons and other aquarium equipment. To find a saltwater aquarium fish for sale online, all you have to do is to perform a simple search with keywords such as buy saltwater fish online, or buy LPS or SPS corals online, etc.


A major consideration when buying online


The major drawback of online purchase is you are unaware about condition of fishes. However, many online stores have policies of "arrive alive" guarantee. In case, if you receive dead fish on the arrival day, you may return back that fish and get your money back or else you can exchange with alive fish without paying a single penny.

While purchasing saltwater fishes online, a major thing you need to take care is the reputation of the company. There are few signs on which you can look such as reviews of previous buyers, explanation of company's policy and shipping policies. If you want to be sure before purchasing online, you can follow famous blogs on buying saltwater fishes or you can look for recommendations online.

Tips To Buy Online


An added shipping cost is one of the major drawbacks while purchasing online. To save money on shipping, you can combine your orders with your friends or with fellow aquarium hobbyists. By ordering bulk, you will save extra on shipping costs.

Wrapping up


If you have never purchased aquarium online, this article is worth to consider. You will not only get a wide range of products, but also it will give you pleasant experience. If you are planning to buy some fishes online in the near future, consider buying them from saltyunderground.com.


Composing research papers for English Composition, Literature or some other class isn't hard, however it can be an overwhelming procedure.

Once in a while if feels as though you have a perpetual measure of assignments you need to finish before you and your paper in. The greatest of these undertakings is composing; the way toward taking a seat and presenting your thoughts in the most ideal way paper writer .

It extremely just includes utilizing a straightforward, 3-step process which I will impart to you.

Compose an Outline

I presume a vast part of my perusers are burnt out on me howling on about layouts.

I'm a major adherent to diagrams. On the off chance that you can build up 90% of your thoughts in a framework before composing your paper, composing ends up paltry.

Why? Since composing basically includes two distinctive points of view:

1. Laying out the rationale and thinking of your contentions.

2. Articulating your sentences to the peruser.

Would you be able to see where these two may be counterproductive to each other? In the event that you've at any point been composing an examination paper and stalled out on the grounds that you understood one of your focuses was frail or didn't bode well, you've been a casualty to this trap.

Isolate your thinking from its introduction. Work through your thoughts already, lead compelling exploration, and the vast majority of the fight is finished.

Put the greater part of that diligent work into your blueprint and you've basically composed your paper, despite the fact that you haven't composed it yet.

Plan Your Writing Time

You know your timetable generally. Rather than sitting tight for the on edge wave to come over you to start composing, dispense short measures of time every day prior to the due date.

I've discovered only 20-30 minutes works best for generally understudies.

That doesn't mean you ought to take a seat and compose for 30 minutes in a row. Rather, take breaks between your written work pieces, say each 5-10 minutes or thereabouts, and investigate what you've achieved.

With the end goal for this to work, it's urgent you have your layout helpful. Work out the center contentions from your framework and form them into shape

Bear in mind to take breaks. Between your short written work sections you ought to unwind, prop your feet up, have some tea and even take part in things that are entertaining.

Altering Your Paper for the Highest Grade

Altering isn't hard yet most understudy authors overlook it, to their drawback. I think the reason is that the rigging changing from keeping in touch with altering can be troublesome. While composing can be a kind of gauntlet, altering is more similar to refining a move.

It comes in two stages:

In the first place, check all accentuation and linguistic blunders. This is the sort of specialized altering most understudies remember. This is a paltry issue

Second, and this is the most vital part, is altering your introduction. You have the majority of your thoughts down on paper, would they be able to be progressed? Would they be able to be streamlined or refined in any capacity?

More imperative is the manner by which your contentions stream with each other. Does the change of your theory spill out of one section to the following? Do you complete your investigation with a conclusion that leaves the peruser thinking about your perspective of the point?

Altering has numerous aspects, however in the event that you can reply "yes" to these inquiries, you know you're at any rate in good shape.


Five billion rand is an enormous amount of money, right? That is the current estimate as to just how much the Western Cape drought is going to cost the agricultural sector, and this amount could go up. This is a major knock for farming in South Africa, as well as the country’s economy as a whole. That is why we need innovative and responsible solutions like the following, for the good of the entire country.


Mulching is a natural process that has been adopted by farmers for centuries, and it is still relevant in situations such as the Western Cape drought. Mulch is a layer of natural materials like bark, mowed grass, dung and many other natural leavings found all over farms.

Many farmers turn this ‘waste’ into a handy source of compost. Mulch can helping farming in South Africa through dry spells because it locks in the soil’s moisture by acting as a barrier against evaporation. So while your seedlings are growing, the moisture being given to them is locked down, and at the same time the mulch will decompose and add nutrients to the soil.

This addition of nutrients is also beneficial because it helps to improve the health of the soil, and healthy soil holds moisture much better than soil with poor nutritional value.

Fog netting

As the Western Cape is a coastal part of farming sector in South Africa it is presented with a unique opportunity. Even if the water from the ocean cannot be used directly at present, the proximity to the ocean results in regular fog conditions.

By setting up giant polypropylene nets facing the coast, when the fog blows in across these nets it will begin to condensate. Once the fog has condensed it can run down the netting into large pipes that line the bottom side. From there, these ‘tank’ pipes connect to irrigation pipes which act as hoses to carry the water either straight to thirsty crops or into storage tanks.

This amazing system is actually fairly simple to make, and most of the materials can be picked up from your local farming irrigation suppliers. This method has proven to be highly effective around the Atacama Desert, the driest location on Earth, so it should definitely be able to make a difference for farming in South Africa.

Aside from the mulch, everything you need to be more-water efficient is readily available from farming irrigation suppliers. These suppliers will also have advice on all sorts of handy tricks and methods, and whatever else you need you can get by contacting agricultural services and product providers in the AgriFoodSA Directory.

Check it, and get started on making the difference that only you can make!


With more and more people making sustainable practices a priority, green living is trending in a big way. From plant-based diets to cruelty-free cosmetics, consumers are looking to spend their hard-earned dollars with companies whose practices reflect their values, and that goes for home goods as well. If you’re looking to makeover your space but don’t know where to start, look no further than where you wake up every morning!

If you’re looking to make a positive change to the space around you, take a look at these five easy and inspired ideas for upgrading your bedroom for a green lifestyle!

Rest Easy on a Green Mattress

It’s estimated that most people will spend around ⅓ of their life in bed, which makes a great case for investing in a solid mattress! Rather than sleeping on the chemically-treated materials most traditional mattresses are made of, you can do yourself, your bedroom, and the environment a favor by opting for a green variety for a great night’s sleep. Keep an eye out for companies that rely on functional fibers like avocado, hemp, organic cotton, and natural latex, to name a few.

Stay Soft and Sustainable with Bamboo Sheets

If you can’t drop hundreds on a brand new mattress, or if you’re looking to cover that new purchase with something equally eco-friendly, look no further than a set of bamboo sheets. Bamboo bedding is known for being so luxuriously soft and sustainably sourced. Not only will you feel great about using your spending power to support green manufacturing, your skin will feel just as nice sleeping on the temperature-regulating properties of bamboo viscose. Bonus points: Because sheets made from bamboo fibers naturally block bacteria and odor, they’ll require less spins in that washing machine, which saves on water usage and electricity over time.

Keep Surfaces Fresh with DIY Cleaners

Part of going green is keeping clean, so you’ll want to be sure to keep surfaced sprayed and wiped down with something as gentle and friendly as the rest of your room. This one can obviously reach throughout the home, and costing only pennies to create, will allow for a little extra spending room to allow for upgrades in your nightly sanctuary. To create a totally natural and safe cleansing spray, simply mix one part vinegar with two parts water, and add several drops of your favorite essential oil for a sweet scent — our favorites include orange, lemongrass, and peppermint!

Regulate Temps with Wooden Blinds

Heating and cooling the interior of homes is a major use of resources, so the best way to keep energy use and utility costs low is to insulate those windows. One easy and basic way to do this is with a set of wooden blinds, which work to keep hot or cold air (depending on what you need) in or out of the room with the pull of a string. Search for eco-friendly materials such as bamboo, woven grass, or certain types of sustainably sourced hardwood for a look that’s both functional and chic.

Use Energy Efficient Lights to Keep Things Easy on the Eyes

If going green feels like an overwhelming undertaking, don’t worry! Easing into new things generally helps build stronger habits, and, honestly, there’s nothing green about throwing perfectly good items into the dump. A good place to start is with lighting. The next time your basic bulb burns out, replace it with an energy efficient variety, like halogen incandescents, LEDs, and compact fluorescents. Can’t keep track? No problem! Just look for the ENERGY STAR seal of approval the next time you shop. See? So simple!


Electricity is an important resource to have in these times because it powers up all of the appliances in our homes. Unfortunately, this resource is expensive as time passes by. People are now looking for ways to save on electricity, but there is one way that would minimize its usage: Solar panels. Here are the benefits of installing solar panels in your home.

Using Clean Energy

Energy acquired through solar power systems is clean and pure, which is from the Sun. This allows you to have no greenhouse gas emissions in your homes and reduces fossil fuel dependence. This will make your family members healthier and stronger compared to other households in your neighborhood.

Another problem with using fossil fuel is its limits. It will be consumed completely in the future and that will leave us with a few methods of generating energy. With the Sun as our resource, it will be a long time before we run out of its energy, if it ever will.

Saves Us Money

Since fossil fuel will be limited in the near future, its prices will go higher. This will become a problem for everyone who is not that financially stable. Global warming will also cost the human society trillions of dollars if it is not solved.

Solar panels will save us a lot of money if we use them in our homes. Some popular sunny states like California have projected savings of over $30,000. You will only get to use electricity from power plants for appliances that need steady electricity like refrigerators. Solar panels can be used to power up lights and other small appliances.

Performance Is Guaranteed

Solar panel manufacturers guarantee that their products will have a 20 to 25 year warranty. Also known as the performance guarantee, this is the industry standard for all solar panels and it guarantees their customers an 80 percent performance success after 25 years. The lifespan of the products is actually longer, which is 30 to 40 years with good production of electricity for your homes.

Great Bonuses

The Federal Solar Tax Credit that implemented the $2,000 cap was lifted since 2009, which will now give you some financial incentives. Just like the Houston solar panels, homeowners can now get 30 percent of system costs back, which are for the equipment and the installation. Companies like O & M Construction can give you a lot of savings for their services. The total costs can be cut in half if the rebates from local and state are added.

Maintenance Is Easy

The best part of having solar panels installed in your homes is its easy maintenance. You only need a yearly checkup and cleaning of the solar panels to keep them working properly. The panels do not have any moving parts, which makes them easier to clean. They are also made from durable materials, which can make them last longer

Solar energy panels provide you with a lot of benefits, which are all good for everyone and the environment. Hopefully in the long run, most countries will use this type of energy system to save the planet.


I-The economic bureaucratic process

Years ago, bureaucracy was killing people more than wars. Up to now, many countries are suffering from the same dilemma. Max Weber the Godfather of bureaucracy says in his essays that “the mere fact of bureaucratic organization does not unambiguously tell us about the concrete direction of its economic effects, which are always in some manner present, but that bureaucracy can be structured to encourage economic growth”. He unfortunately did not live to witness the disastrous effect of bureaucracy on investments in our modern world. At that time, 1968, the world believed in vertical relationships based on the principle of rule-order. Afterward, socio-economists proved clearly enough that this theory is causing a paralyzed commerce and hindering the economic growth.

 The ineffectiveness of bureaucratic process lies in its long and infinite journey of paperwork, hierarchal structures, and indirectness of the chain suppliers.

Paperwork process is, now, old fashioned and useless. Countries, firms and entrepreneurs were always wasting their money, time and energy just to find a good business opportunity. Even more, to apply for a tender or a procurement was sheer distress.

In fact, in the energy sector, how to find electrical tenders and business opportunities were the question of the century. Tendering via paperwork process holds implicitly, sometimes, nepotism, discrimination and preferential behaviors in terms of bidding procedure and results. This is, somehow, due to the presence of third party who are responsible for decision-making.  Eventually, this backward procedure could generates conflicts and less economic prosperity.

II-The digital process of tendering: thinking out of the box

The bureaucratic system has been left behind with the invention of digital processes. The ever-changing façade of digital world is the result of the rapid pace of innovation. Digitizing commerce has been always a cornerstone step that the wealthiest electrical energy companies have ever taken. The beginning was with a group of people who thought out of the box and out of the rule-order regime. Information technology (IT) solutions have been the result of a new generation‘s creativity.

Now forget about hundreds of requested papers, documents and the need of physical presence in order to bid for a tender or to seize an opportunity you were dreaming about. The routine tasks are over. All what you have to do is to scan, save and send; I would call the “3s” process, then your company will be ready to bid for any procurement or tender. (See the image below to better grasp the meaning).

a)      Digital provides a flow of data:

Oppositely to the past, data in the digital world is unlimited. Contrary to the previous decade, where information was rare and the holder of any piece of information was ruling the world (who owns the information owns power theory). They had the tendency of monopolizing business opportunities and tenders in particular.  Technically speaking, monopolizing economy was possible before the appearance of technology, but now, it is impossible to do so.

Contemporarily, data is flowing in an infinite way through internet. Like it or not economy is more and more relying on technology and depending on data provided there. The quantity of data displayed in the internet about commercial transactions is huge. Businessmen who are looking for business opportunities on the web should search in that unlimited set of websites and certainly they would find good affairs. Specifically, electricity procurements published from a governmental or private body would be surely getting interesting bids.

      Digital provides support and easiness

Web based tendering facilitates the whole process. Tendering through platforms is the easiest way to publish your procurement and have the best bids. Maybe one would ask; what is exactly a platform?

Many platforms are working now to provide that easiness of transaction. Even though these platforms are sometimes heavily paid, one have to admit that they are providing a wide range of services and benefits.  Not forget to mention that there are other platforms, in the energy sector, which are operational, trustworthy, and available for free such as e-electricity.com platform. It is a business-to-business (B2B) platform that provides a ground for affairs to grow larger. This kind of networks are considered very affordable (in the example mentioned below it is even free) and open for business opportunity seekers to find their objectives (for the supplier) and their needs (for the tenderer) .

c)       Digital provides a direct contact

To empower and enlarge your list of suppliers in the field of renewable and nonrenewable energy is an essential step towards prosperous business. E commerce has a huge impact and influence on the suppliers and on the supply chain itself. Technology has initiated what is called the decentralization of power of the information.

Nowadays, the channels of communication in commerce have shifted from the physical contact to digital contact. Being able to travel and search for the best business opportunity is costly and futile.

Now, e-commerce and platforms in particular has changed the vision of future of marketing once and forever. Renewable Energy tenders would benefit from a full list of electrical energy companies and manufacturers, which are instantly contacting them and making bids for the tenders ‘published. 

d)      Digital accuracy and speed:

Stakeholders, such as member States, industries companies of electrical equipment are looking for the best way to interact and share information. The accessibility of data, supplier and customer makes the whole process faster and more useful.

A comprehensive inclusive dialogue between the trios mentioned above -within a digitized process -is necessary in order to reach the ultimate goal, which is finding business opportunity. Not only finding the electrical tender of your dream but also finding it in an accurate and speedy way. Global electrical tenders are available to top electric supply and equipment companies to bid and catch the deal.

Platforms advisers and support teams are willing to help industrial electrical companies to make the best bid decisions, and to deliver the requested added value to both the tenderer and the bidder.

e)      Fairness and transparency

Tenders found in digital platforms are always based on two main principles: fairness and transparency. The procedure is always clear and concise. After that a governmental electricity procurement or tender is published, the portal of participation would be widely open for every company in a fair way. Unless that you submit the bid for any tender after its deadline or that you do not meet the criteria needed; you would be probably gaining the business opportunity of your life. You only have to send an online quote to the tenderer and wait for the result. The bids will be studied and the results are to be displayed online with total transparency. Any nepotism, discrimination or preferential behaviors are refused and the perpetrator will be sanctioned.


When it comes to getting rid of your waste in Yorkshire, there are a number of different options. The local district or borough councils are responsible for collecting various types of waste. There are also recycling centres you can visit yourself, and a number of different waste collection companies who can also come and collect your waste. The fact that there are so many different options can make the whole waste disposal problem a trifle confusing. Let's help by looking at some of the different options, and how to dispose of different types of waste in a responsible way.

Waste Disposal Options in Yorkshire

Household waste collections – these are provided by the district and borough councils. Collections are for household rubbish which cannot be recycled. Wheelie bins or bags are provided, depending on where you live and the type of property.

Household recycling collections – these are also provided by district and borough councils. The collection is regular and is for various items that can be recycled. What those items are depends on the service but can include paper, cardboard, aluminium, glass and certain types of plastic.

Recycling banks – these are provided across the country and are usually situated in car parks or near supermarkets. Items that can be recycled in this way include glass and paper, plastics, cans and textiles.

Bulky waste collections – this collection is for items such as washing machines, televisions, carpets, furniture, mattresses and other white goods, Organised by district and borough councils, there is usually a fee. Asbestos, building rubble and black bags of waste can also be disposed of via this collection service.

Garden waste – this service is provided by some district or borough councils and produces compost from the garden waste. The service that has to be paid for.

Household waste recycling centres – there are household recycling centres in many of the towns and cities throughout the UK, not just in Yorkshire. These sites will accept electrical items, home, garden and building waste, paper and cardboard, household and hazardous items.

Private waste disposal services – there are a variety of different companies offering waste disposal services throughout Yorkshire. They are able to handle all types of waste and will also offer useful advice and waste disposal information. Oates Environmental is one such service provider. Based in various locations throughout Yorkshire, you can call on them for a variety of waste disposal services.


Saving water and using it efficiently has been a concern for centuries. Even the Roman Empire made use of aqueducts to channel and manage their urban water usage. Now we have places like Cape Town facing severe water shortages which severely affect both the home user and the agricultural sector. Without water, we cannot produce crops, and the economy suffers. That is why we need to start implementing smart, responsible irrigation systems.

Stop watering in the rain!

Why would you want to use irrigated water, which you need to pay for, when the heavens are about to open up onto your land for free? It may seem like a small amount of water in the grand scheme of things, but all that water you wasted could have gone to a household or farm in greater need.

That is why farming irrigation suppliers now have rain sensors that can be installed in automated irrigation systems to ensure that your systems stay shut off while it is raining. Irrigation suppliers can also help you get a hold of electronic systems capable of testing the moisture levels in your soil. In this way, if your moisture levels are high enough but it’s not raining, your irrigation systems will remain responsibly quiet, only watering exactly when needed.

Invest in leak detection systems

Leaks are an obvious waste of water, and they often crop up through no fault on anybody’s part. However, even if you are not causing these leaks you need to make sure you are aware of them when they do occur, as a responsible citizen. Another great device that farming irrigation suppliers have available for both home and agricultural users is a leak detection system. There are numerous variations of these devices, and so a little research is in order to make sure you get the right one, but the basic function is obvious: find any and all leaks to be patched.

By identifying leaks with these systems and regular manual checks you can make sure that you curb any surprise water wastage in a timely fashion. If you are doing manual checks, look for either dry spots or overly wet spots. If there is too much water somewhere, or too little, it is a clear indication that your irrigation system isn’t flowing like it should.

Consider upgrading your irrigation system

Another great way to assist in saving water is by making sure you have an up-to-date irrigation system. This may sound a little strange, but as any farming irrigation supplier will tell you the latest systems are always designed to improve efficiency and ecological impact. Otherwise there wouldn’t be much point in coming up with advancements that aren’t really any better than the old systems.

Speak to a reliable irrigation supplier about systems such as drip irrigation, green wall irrigation and mist pipes. These systems have all proven to be effective in using water more efficiently, especially in smaller-scale fruit farming – a sector which is taking a major knock around the Cape Town area. Doing your part can be as simple as just having the right equipment. So let’s all do our part!


The living is our environment we must learn to keep it clean and since we take a lot from this environment we owe that much to it to keep it clean as much as it is possible for us. We have damaged our environment in a lot of ways but we still can save it by recycling our natural resources like water air etc. the wastewater treatment is the most common and the easiest one way to restore our environmental resources like water. This wastewater treatment also helps us to avoid all the water-borne diseases because the wastewater containing all the harmful materials and the microorganisms gets mixed in the drinking water and thus causing the diseases.

Water treatment services

WTS (water treatment services) is one of the most popular names when it comes to the wastewater treatment. They are definitely the expert in the industrial wastewater treatment and they also offer the expertise in the evaluation of the industrial wastewater and also help in the management of the industrial wastewater. They without any doubt are the best ones. They offer the cost-effective industrial wastewater treatment. The other services offered by them are the process design, plant, equipment, chemical treatments and the management of the sludge and in the end the recycling of the water and reuse of the reuse of the solutions etc. so all these matters in the wastewater treatment are handled by the WTS.

Wastewater treatment

Following are some more aspects of the wastewater treatment handles by the WTS that you may need to know.

·         Industrial wastewater and the effluent solution is dealt by the WTS and they provide the wastewater treatment for the industrial and the commercial purposes.

·         The expert's advice on the compliance and the discharge consents for the wastewater treatment. The consent of the wastewater treatment is necessary and without it, no one can perform the wastewater treatment process and if they do it would be illegal.

·         Process optimization and the evaluation of the whole process of the wastewater treatment and also the design solutions if required after evaluation.

·         The effluent treatment plant and the equipment required for that treatment.

·         Chemical treatment chemical wastewater treatment for the removal of the impurities chemically and the biological treatment for the same purpose as well. The chemicals may also be used to kill the microorganisms that can cause disease from the water and make the water as safe as possible for the use of the people.

·         The sludge management to make the process cost-effective and less time-consuming. I can also help remove the complications in between the process. The sludge management should be the part of every wastewater treatment plan.

·         Environment-friendly processes are always appreciated when it comes to the wastewater treatment to make sure we are not polluting the environment again for the sake of cleaning it. And eco-friendly wastewater treatment is what WTS is best for.

·         Even though it seems like the wastewater treatment requires a lot of energy but still, it is made sure to spend as less energy as we can for the wastewater treatment so we know we are not using the extra resources in the process of cleaning one.

O this is exactly how the WTS does the wastewater treatment and thus plays the major role in the production of the clean water for use.


The Permaculture and natural building courses are enabling the people to get out of the trap of collecting a huge amount of money. This makes the food security system better because this enables everyone to grow the food on their own. The youngsters are motivated to grow plants and crops for enabling a better farming business with new farming techniques. This is better for the economic growth of a family and this enables the people to enjoy the farming methods.

·         The students are made to learn to observe the soil and climate in order to grow the better quality of plants and crops.

·         After the observation process, the students are told to decide the best crop which can create more food and money.

·         The students learn about the different crops and the soil needed for them to grow.

·         The interaction takes place between the teachers and the students so that the students will be able to enjoy the farming techniques.

·         Every student is noticed while doing the educational courses at Raktmachat.

·         The students are told not to create any kind of waste in the production of the various crops.

·         The students learn the importance of fencing because it makes the animal stay away from the farm.

Why is the permaculture useful?

We currently have that has the potential to be beyond sustainable. Permaculture is sustainable because the energy required in establishing the system is less than the energy extracted from the system over its lifetime. This will save the energy for the future generation and it allows creating more employment in the farming sector. The people get aware of the fact that farming can’t be considered as a way to waste time but it is the best way to earn money along with enjoying life.


Self-storage is undoubtedly a unique kind of asset. It’s popular for giving high yields and is potentially resistant to recession. Although the industry is still young, self-storage is continually expanding. From 2014 to 2016, there are more than 54,000 storage facilities throughout the United States. This is according to a study conducted by IBISWorld.

If you are planning to invest in self-storage, fret not because these tips will help out:

Analyze the cash flow.

According to Chris Sonne, the executive managing editor of the famous Self Storage Industry Group, Cushman and Wakefield, self-storage depends heavily on cash flow. Thus, it’s crucial that your investment decision is based on how much you’re earning.

Examine the sprawling years of cash flow. After that, compare it with your current rent roll. It is significant to find a pattern. Can you see a declining or a rising cash flow? If your income is declining, what do you think is the main reason? Your answer could be a sign that you need to be more careful. When your income has been increasing quickly, it could be a sign that you have to be more aggressive in terms of pricing.

Evaluate the economic occupancy.

Compared to other property types, self-storage facilities set a gap a between economic occupancy and physical occupancy. Usually, the physical occupancy of a specific facility is roughly 85%. However, if the owner is offering deep deductions on rents, that economic occupancy might be around 60% of the entire gross income. It’s a distinction which can greatly impact loan underwriting.

Consider the trade area.

Even in an oversupplied market, you can still earn more money when you purchase it at the right cost. Make a smart decision by calculating the value of self-storage in the current market and how much it will cost in the next years.

Seek a professional help.

If you want to ditch going through the hassles, then find a seasoned self-storage consultant or broker who can assist in exploring the market. Nothing beats a solid experience when it comes to brokerage industry. Let him guide you throughout your purchasing journey.  To start with, get in touch with pros who know everything about building self-storage facilities. Know more about them through visiting http://www.hollywoodstoragecenter.com/.

Create a network.

Prior to purchasing your first facility, it would help you a lot if you try to attend gatherings or trade shows. From these events, you can collect lots of resources. Apart from that, they will reveal the latest status of the industry.

Determine your financing options.

Always understand all your financing options. Ensure that your chosen package aligns with the strategy you’ve created in managing your asset. 

The Bottom Line

Making money from self-storage is possible especially if you’ve found a great deal. However, purchasing a space is not enough. You must learn about the trade and make smart financing decisions. You have to prepare yourself for the changes that may affect the entire real estate investment industry.


Buying a new air conditioning system can be a major investment, but sometimes a necessary one. The average lifespan of an air conditioning system is around ten years, more if you’ve had a licensed company perform regular maintenance on your AC. The air conditioning system should provide optimal comfort within the required energy-efficiency levels. The air conditioner should maintain desired humidity levels during the hot summer days, but still, lower the temperature to provide comfort.

Even if you had your furnace maintained and repaired by expert technicians, after a certain time it stops functioning efficiently and repairs are more costly than replacement. In this article, we list a couple of signs that might indicate your air conditioning system is ready to be replaced.

How Long Have You Had It?

On average, an AC system can last anywhere between ten to fifteen years. If your AC is soon to turn ten and starts showing signs of malfunctioning, you should probably replace it instead of investing in extensive repairs over and over. If your average monthly air conditioning costs are more than average in your neighborhood, it might not operate as efficiently.

Older models are also less eco-friendly as they use an outdated R22 refrigerant. Adapting the old system to meet the new industry standards can be difficult and expensive, and getting a replacement AC system makes more sense.

It Produces a Lot of Dust and Noise

If you notice more dust around the home and replacing the filter in the AC system does not do the trick, you might be dealing with a leaky ductwork. These leaks reduce your AC system’s efficiency and increase the costs of running it. If the system also produces a lot of noise, your AC system might not be large enough to effectively cool your home.

The Costs are Getting Ridiculously High

If the costs of running the Air Conditioner are getting too high and you’re using it as you always have, this indicates the system has lost its efficiency. Another thing you should look at is how expensive repairing the constant issues with your AC system is getting and how often you have to call an air conditioning repairmen to solve those issues.

Humidity and Cooling

The air conditioning unit should manage the desired humidity levels to ensure your comfort. When the AC system is at its optimal efficiency the temperature is even throughout your home. But if the AC system cannot keep the desired humidity and cooling levels your equipment might be faulty or there might be something wrong with the ductwork. The amount of money needed to repair those issues can be high, and sometimes replacing your air conditioner makes much more sense, especially if it’s nearing its lifespan.



Kids should learn about the benefits of recycling as soon as possible. Teaching children the importance of reusing old materials will not only reduce the waste in your household, it can have a positive impact on the environment if more kids learn the value of this habit early in their lives. But recycling is not always fun. If kids see recycling as a chore, they will probably not feel too keen on it. In this article, we’ll give you a couple of ideas you can use to make recycling more fun for your kids.

Performing a Waste Audit Can Be Fun

The key to teaching kids how to recycle is trying to make it into a game. Even something as inherently gross as waste audit can be fun with a little creativity. A waste audit involves collecting all the waste you’ve made in your home during the last week. That includes different types of boxes, papers, candy wrappers and even food waste, although you might want to consider storing food waste in a closed container as it will start to decompose and smell.

Now, try to make a game out of the audit. Make sure there’s an award waiting for the family member who made the least trash (and make sure it’s your kid). Or make a contest that involves sorting out the trash in the appropriate recycling containers. Help your kids learn how they can minimize their impact on the environment and the total amount of waste by not using plastic bags or throwing away paper they only started drawing on. Then host another contest to see how much they’ve learned.

Reuse the Waste Creatively

Probably the most fun kids can have with recycling comes from reusing material like used cardboard boxes to craft new toys, costumes and more. Creativity is the only limit here. You can use old boxes to make a robot costume, a playhouse, a dollhouse and so much more. You can use old t-shirts to make costumes, newspaper to make balls and more. These projects will be fun for kids of all ages.

Plan a Fieldtrip

Most local communities have a recycling center that organizes tours. You can take your children to see what happens to all the recycled waste and learn more about how their contribution matters. They will gain new insight on how much waste your local community produces, which will hopefully serve as additional motivation for their recycling efforts. If not, you can always promise to take them to their favorite pizza place after the tour.

Place Visible Recycling Areas

Kids are very visual by nature. If you want to ensure they recycle their waste, make sure to put visible recycling areas. Use bright-colored bins for every type of waste you’re recycling. You can even go one step further and decorate the recycling bins, with the help of your children of course. This will help your youngest children differentiate between plastic, paper, cans and other materials.



In life, many a times, unanticipated things might happen which can leave you in dire need of cash. The harsh reality of the financial state of the Americans is more than 65% of them don’t even have one thousand dollar saved in their savings account with which they can suddenly deal with an unpredicted expense. This is when such people can turn to vehicle title loans due to the fact that you can get immediate access to cash in lieu of your car title with a promise to repay the loan in a systematic and timely manner.

There are few essential points you should know before you obtain a clean vehicle title loan. So, if you’re looking for a vehicle title loan, here are few things that you need to keep in mind. Check them out.

#1: You can get a car title loan even with poor credit

The amount of money that can be offered by a vehicle title loan provider will be solely based on the current condition and appraised value of your car. Even when you don’t have a good credit score, it will still be easy for you to obtain the loan amount. All you require doing is handing over the title of the car and you will get your money within few minutes. If you can repay the loan on time, you would have nothing to worry about.

#2: Car title loans are same day loans

You may not be aware of this but the best part about getting vehicle title loans is that the moment you walk in to the lender’s room to ask for the loan, you will be walking out with the loan proceeds on the same day. Therefore, the cash gives you instant ability to deal with any unforeseen emergency in your life.

#3: Ensure you have an option of paying back the money

This is applicable with any kind of loan. Whenever you take out a loan, you should have a clear idea of how you’re going to repay the amount. Never should you take out a loan which you’re unsure about repaying as this can tarnish your credit score and leave a poor impact on your future borrowings. Speak with the representatives of the lending institution to clear all doubts.

#4: You can get a big amount of money through a title loan

By now, you must be sure about the fact that you can get between $2510 and $50,000 through your car title loan and hence they’re great for the expenses that are totally unplanned. The amount of loan you get will be directly proportional to the value of the vehicle. Hence the more is the worth of your car, the bigger will be the amount of loan.

So, if you seem to be stuck in a bind and you are not sure about who can help you with some funds, opt for a car title loan to help you through your way. Just be sure about your repayment ability before taking out the loan.


Carbon fiber is one of the hottest products in manufacturing and fabrication. To hear some tell it, carbon fiber is an all-in-one miracle material that can replace everything from steel to aluminum to concrete. The composites industry talks up carbon fiber to such a degree that it's easy to believe there's nothing negative about the space-age composite. Yet carbon fiber does pose a significant problem we are now just beginning to talk about: a lack of recycling.

Carbon fiber recycling has eluded the composites industry for decades. The problem is rooted in the fact that carbon fiber materials cannot simply be melted down and repurposed like aluminum and steel. They cannot be put in a chemical bath like paper. They cannot be ground down and reconstituted into a new product in the same way scrap timber can be used to make low-density fiberboard (LDF).

Rock West Composites, a Utah company that specializes in composite materials, explains that the thing that holds carbon fibers together is an epoxy resin that binds to the fibers to create an extra strong polymer. Once that resin cures, it is nearly impossible to break the bonds through any simple means. Thus, recycling carbon fiber in a way that results in a usable material is not easy.

Current Recycling Processes

For the record, recycling carbon fiber is by no means impossible. There are a limited number of companies already doing it. But the only viable processing method developed thus far is one that burns away the resin to free up the carbon fibers embedded within. This is a workable solution, albeit not an ideal one.

New carbon fiber consists of long, perfectly aligned strands of carbon that can be spun into threads to create all sorts of materials ranging from tubes to sheets. In fact, the strength of carbon fiber as a composite material rests in these long, perfectly aligned strands. Burning off resin results in shorter strands that are not as precisely aligned. Thus, recycled carbon fiber is significantly weaker.

This isn't necessarily a problem inasmuch as recycled carbon fiber can be used to make things like tennis rackets, where maximum strength isn't required. But recycled carbon fiber cannot be used for things like car bodies, airplane fuselage panels, and boat hulls.

The other problem with recycled carbon fiber is that it is not necessarily any better than other cheap materials with similar tensile strengths. That means there is no incentive for companies to choose recycled carbon fiber over other options.

A Solution in the Works

It has been suggested that the recycling problem inherent to carbon fiber is one of the things preventing greater penetration of the automotive market. We do know that carbon fiber is too costly for auto makers to use on a grand scale, and it is believed that a lack of cost-effective recycling is one factor keeping prices high. Improving our recycling efforts in order to produce a material that is as strong as new carbon fiber would bring prices down dramatically.

Fortunately, the solution appears to be in the works. According to a March 2017 article published by The Guardian, researchers in England may have come up with a process for realigning recycled fibers to create longer, tighter fibers that are strong enough for automotive manufacturing. Let's hope they can make it work.

Carbon fiber is definitely a worthwhile material for manufacturing and fabricating. The recycling problem seems to be its only weakness at this point. Solve that problem and we pave the way to using carbon fiber and other composites in new and innovative ways.

Carbon Fiber's Difficult Recycling Problem.jpg


Green energy products come cheaper. If you want to install environment friendly equipments, you may go for Payday loans. You might need to install solar panels on your roofs to reduce your electricity bills or you can use solar energy powered vehicles. You can help in saving environment in a lot of ways. You can also get small power system involved in your houses if you have enough windblown in your area, you don’t need to pay monthly electric bills. Or you can get it installed in your farms for water pumping. There are many ways in which you can reduce your monthly expenditure and save environment.

Benefits to environment: You can also purchase electric powered vehicle from the money you get from payday loans, you can help in reduction of pollution. Or you can take loan to turn your garden green again. You can get irrigation system installed in your garden, you can also get green landscaping done in the outside of your garden. You can get to live in fresh air that way. If you are a farmer or your house is situated near a river you can use hydroelectric system for getting power in your house.

Payday loan: A pay day loan is short term loan. You can get it very easily and in quick time. You don’t get involved in lengthy procedures as in banks. You can get short amount of money for a shorter time period generally for one month duration. You have to provide a check in advance to the borrowers that they could cash at your next payday. You can get loan within 2 or 3 hours of applying loan. You don’t have to submit any collateral for this type of loan. The lenders also don’t check your past credit statements.

Get it quick: The lenders will provide you with all the rates upfront. After considering you have to pay some fees to get the instant cash. You can easily fulfill your needs and repay the loan in time. You can purchase electric vehicles or get an alternate electric system installed at your house.

Find the best lender: You can also get this loan online easily with simple procedures to follow. You can also get to repay the loan in installments also if you are not able to pay entirely at a time. You must choose an FCA approved authorized lender to borrow the payday money.  


With the ever increasing effects of climate change, extreme draughts and economic struggles globally, farmers are in need of ways to turn a profit in cases where their produce fails. At the same time, the environment needs help to regain stability. With AgriFood and its range of advanced farming suppliers there are great modern energy solutions that can help both farms and benefit the environment!

Solar Farms

In many areas, especially those listed in SA farming directories, farms are being reduced to wide stretches of dry, sun-baked fields. Notably in areas experiencing severe draught these farmers are finding themselves less and less able to use their land for planting, and so more of it lies dry and unused, which is a financial drain that has no benefits.

These large, empty fields are the perfect locations for photovoltaic power stations (also known as solar parks/farms). These are large scale photovoltaic (solar power) systems where an array of solar modules are installed to catch and convert large amounts of sunlight directly into electrical energy. There are many different requirements and designs available, but with reliable farming suppliers and specialists a farmer with large stretches of land needing to be repurposed can make very good use of this source of clean energy.

As a practical example from South Africa, there is a solar farm producing energy to assist the country’s power grid. Amongst the various statistics that can be found on their website, they state that they have managed to supply Eskom with 85 458 MWh per year. If more farms were to utilise their extra field space in this way, it could go a long way to providing clean energy for many people.

Wind Farms

Wind farms, like solar farms, are a means for turning large areas of unused land into sites that produce clean, green energy. These wind farms make use of large wind turbines that look like propellers mounted on tall poles. These propellers are driven by the wind to turn, and this turning in turn drives the turbine, which converts the kinetic energy into electrical energy.

There are many different designs for these wind turbines, with the propeller-like ones being the most common. Aside from these different designs being better for different settings, it is also important to make sure that your farm’s location is actually suitable for generating power from wind.

Farmers have been inventing ways to help themselves and those they supply their produce to for centuries, and with these green energy initiatives they can keep on doing just that. Find a list of farming suppliers and other relevant and knowledgeable specialists on a reliable SA farming directory and see how you can use your land to make a difference.


The world’s need for energy supply is increasing, and fortunately there is a lot of dedication towards the development of renewable energy.  In this context, Norway is often referred to as being Europe’s battery.  But what exactly does this mean?

Agva Kraft is buying guarantees of origin for all energy the company sells.  This allows for more money to flow towards producers of renewable energy, which in turn makes it more attractive for businesses to set up new renewable based power generation. Combined with carbon taxes and carbon credits, these are all important measures for the market to take when contributing to solving energy and environmental problems.

According to Bjørn Arctander, the Marketing Director of Agva Kraft, fossil power is being replaced by solar and wind energy all over Europe. Our hope is for expansion to take place at such a rapid pace that the highly pollutive coal power sector becomes unprofitable and obsolete’.

Wind and solar energy are naturally dependant on respectively the wind and sun. And what if the wind is not blowing simultaneously as the sky is overcast?

’This is where power storage comes into play’, says Arctander. ’The development of battery systems in industries and households are rapidly being implemented, and we will probably find more and more technical solutions for these as we move forward.  The huge water reservoirs we find in Norway, among other places, are where you will find the largest capacity for storing energy, as they more or less act like natural ’batteries’. Hydropower is extremely flexible as production can quickly be turned on and off as long as there is water in the reservoirs.  Under normal circumstances you can visualize all of Euope, including Norway, being powered by wind and solar power’.

In Norway, solar power is also paying off, especially during the summer as we have plenty of hours of sun’, says Arctander. When this natural resource is no longer is avalable during the winter, northern coutries such as Norway and Sweden, as well as Switzerland can tap into energy stored in their reservoirs. That way we have renewable energy at all times from resources like wind, sun and water.

A system as described above is reliant on efficient power exchanges through powerlines between markets. According to Arctander, ’this could lead to more expensive electricity, but we have to remember that Norway as a huge power generator will benefit from this in the long run’.

Bjørn Arctander in Agva Kraft finishes off by saying, ’After all, we would never consider shutting down the possibility of transporting oil out of the country in order to keep lower gas prices at home, or to drop exporting fish altogether to acheive lower salmon prices on our store shelves.’

Read more about the green energy, how Norway potentially can transform the energy market in Europe and other energy initiatives of Agva Kraft on the Agva blog or the Agva website.


Investment in the renewables market is growing worldwide as the long-term opportunities presented by the sector continue to be fully recognised.

The Global Trends in Renewable Energy Report 2016 produced by Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, reveals that renewable energy set a record for investment and new capacity added in 2015. Investments reached nearly $286 billion and for the first time, more than fifty percent of all power generation capacity added was from renewables.

Many energy companies are themselves starting to shift away from fossil fuels and towards renewable technologies, such as solar, wind and even tidal power. Alongside this, governments across the world are taking steps to encourage, incentivise - and in some instances force - a switch to renewable energy generation, cementing a clear pathway for the ongoing growth of the sector.

The UK renewables market

The UK has consistently ranked among the top countries globally for new investment in renewables, according to EY’s attractiveness index.

While it may have been a slightly slow burn in the beginning, interest continues to prove strong and is on track to increase over the coming decade. This will in part be due to new innovations being made, prices continuing to drop and targets such as those pledged under the Paris climate change agreement, being extended and actioned.

All of these factors are likely to contribute towards making the sector a viable long-term proposition for investors.

So, what type of investment opportunities are there?

Contracts for Difference (CfD)

In the UK, renewable energy investments are available via several different vehicles, such as renewable investment funds and trusts, and corporate bond portfolios that support renewable projects.

One key area of interest is the government’s Contracts for Difference (CFD) initiative. A Contract for Difference (CFD) is a legally binding contract formed between a low carbon electricity generator and the government (through one of its agencies). The aim of the scheme is to incentivise investment in new low-carbon electricity generation in the UK.

All eligible generators can take part in an CFD auction, with the aim of securing a contract for their renewable project. The first of these auctions was concluded in 2015 and saw contracts worth £315m awarded to 27 schemes, with a total capacity of 2.1 gigawatts.

The second auction closed in April 2017, with 11 winning projects totalling more than 3,3GW of renewable energy projects and worth up to £176 million per year. This round focused far more on “less established” technologies, such as offshore wind, wave and tidal energy.

The benefit of CFDs for energy investors

The key benefit of the CFD scheme for investors is the stability of the revenue stream on offer. Generators will secure payment at a pre-agreed level, called a ‘strike price’. Generators are still exposed to the wholesale market, but if wholesale prices drop below the agreed Strike Price, top up payments are added to bring it up to the value of the Strike Price.

As well as creating a stable revenue stream, the Strike Price rises with inflation, so the returns also increase a little each year.


While the results of any investment are never guaranteed, the UK renewables market continues to present an exciting opportunity for energy investors. Great strides forwards are beginning to be made and as the sector moves from being an emerging field to a better established market place, it’s an area worthy of consideration.