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What isinvolvedin best practice when cooking with an air fryer?


Shake it

Open your air fryer up and give the food a shake during the cooking process. Smaller foods such as French fries tend to compress, so, for the best results, give them a good shake every 5-10 minutes.



Allow the air to circulate by providing foods lots of space in the air fryer. In turn, this will help cater to the crispy fresh end-result that you seek.



To ensure that your foods don’t stick to the air fryer’s basket during the cooking process, either give them a light spray with a cooking spray or add a touch of oil before turning on the appliance.


Keep it dry

Before cooking, for example, if foods have been marinated, pat the food dry. This helps to avoid any splattering and excess smoke. Further, when cooking foods that have a high fat content such as chicken wings, empty the fat from the base of the cooking unit throughout the cooking process.


Other cooking methods

Your air fryer doesn’t only air fry – you can use it to perform a variety of healthy cooking methods – roasting, grilling, and baking, too.


Benefits of air frying with an Air Fryer

There are numerous benefits of using an air fryer over and above a deep-fat fryer. Here are two of the main ones.

1.       The appliance is easy to clean

Deep fryers are notoriously troublesome to clean, but not so with respect to the air fryer. There’s really only one element that needs a regular clean – the frying basket could use a little scrub after use. Apply some washing liquid, hot water, and a sponge that is non-abrasive.

To ensure that the cleaning is even more minimalistic, use aluminum foil or baking parchment to line the frying basket. Just be sure to leave plenty enough room for air circulation. If you prefer, however, you can cook without the inner lining and brush the basket with a light coating of olive oil instead.

2.       Multiple cooking facilities all in one appliance

With an air fryer, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to which cooking process you opt for. You can air fry your foods, you can grill your foods, you can roast your foods, or you can gratinate.

What it comes down to is understanding the specific temperature requirements and the timings with your recipes of preference. And most air fryer’s, when purchased, will come with a small booklet filled with healthy recipes from which you can choose to begin with your own culinary adventures. Those recipes each have specified recommended temperature settings and timings.

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