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Inhalation of carbon monoxide can make you sick and even kill you. It is a fate that bells thousands of people every year as they cross paths with this colorless, odorless, tasteless and poisonous gas. Its reputation is chillingly conveyed in its reputation as the silent killer. Approximately 500 people die every year in the US and thousands more undergo medical treatment from exposure carbon monoxide especially in the home.

The symptoms that arise from exposure to carbon monoxide depend on the level of exposure suffered by the person. Mild exposures are usually characterized by a headache and the symptoms graduate with the duration and level of exposure to include:

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Stomach pain
  • Confusion
  • Tiredness
  • Shortness of breath and difficulty breathing
  • Stomach pains


Most of the times the symptoms are quite misleading as they can mimic flu or food poisoning with the exception of a high temperature. It is impossible for a human being to detect the presence of carbon monoxide without the aid of special equipment such as a carbon monoxide detector. This is because of its lack of color, odor or taste.

Carbon monoxide or CO is produced during the incomplete combustion of anything especially fuels such as oil, gas, wood and coal. These fuels are used in and around the home which is what brings the dangers of carbon monoxide into the confines of your home. It is produced when you use your fireplace, generator, kerosene heater, wood burning appliances.

Carbon monoxide acts by invading your bloodstream and attaching itself to hemoglobin. This displaces the oxygen and results in your body pumping blood that is lacking in oxygen. The end result is the death of your body tissue and blood cells.


You must ensure that all appliances that burn fuel are installed and used properly. They must also be subject to regular maintenance checks especially when approaching winter. You must ensure that they are well ventilated and avoid the temptation of using outdoor appliances in and around the house or running your vehicle inside the garage attached to the house.

The installation of carbon monoxide detectors is a very noble step that ensures the protection of your whole family. You need to do some research on the different types that are available and get the best which must also be a certified version. They also require proper installation and regular checks as well as battery replacements.


The goal of all bodybuilders is the same, to pack some pure muscle. This is made possible by getting a good supply of proteins in your diet. Although your everyday food will contain some protein, it is impossible to digest enough quantities for the needs of your body and workout regime. This process of acquiring as much nutrients as possible from your food gradually gets inefficient with age. That is why it is encouraged to supplement your diet with protein supplements.

What Are Protein Supplements?

Protein supplements are products that contain proteins which are easily and efficiently absorbed by the body to build muscle. They are mostly found in the form of protein shakes of which the MyoFusion Probiotic series is the better known and widely used. The serving contains 24g of rich protein that is available in a host of flavors to satisfy your taste.


What makes Myofusion probiotic even more unique is the health booster Ganeden BC30 that does magic for your immune system and digestive well being. It also works better by being able to survive the powerful stomach acids that render some formulas uses. The end result is that you will have adequate beneficial bacteria doing the rounds in your digestive system. This is not only beneficial for your workouts but your life as a whole.

Myofusion probiotic:

•Contains an advanced six stage protein blend

•Has essential amino acids to speed recovery

•Contains a patented BC30 that improves your digestion and immune system

•Has rich protein sources content which includes whey protein isolate, whey protein

concentrate, casein milk, brown rice, egg albumin, protein concentrate, and fast acting whey.

Professional bodybuilders, fitness enthusiast and those from other sport disciplines use Myofusion probiotic to get the desired results from their workout efforts. It is important to get your supplies from a reputable supplier. You can buy online as well which cause less expenses and hassles for you.


In October of 2013, a family of four sadly passed away in yet another incident of carbon monoxide poisoning. The death of the family from Merrillville, Indiana, once again brings to the fore the real danger posed by carbon monoxide. It is also proof that despite various campaigns and information dissemination from all quarters, a good number of people still don’t fully appreciate the potential dangers of burning fuels in poorly ventilated spaces.

The four consisted of two parents and their 13 year old son and 11 year old daughter. They had just moved into the place and resorted to using a generator in the attached garage as there was no power in the property. Apparently all the doors and windows were closed and this effectively left them with no chance at all. The husband was a carpenter whereas the wife was an assistant to the dean of education at the Chicago State University. The whole community is still shaken by this needless loss of life. Their daughter had a love for music and writing and it’s sad to know that she won’t be able to realize her dreams. It is perhaps quite important to understand just how carbon monoxide manages to be a killer.

What Makes Carbon Monoxide Dangerous?


  • The first thing that makes carbon monoxide dangerous is that it is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas. This makes it hard to detect without the use of a proper carbon monoxide detector.
  • Carbon monoxide is also less dense than air and this causes it to rise and spread into ‘all the spaces available.
  • Another dangerous quality is the set of poisoning symptoms that mirror those of a common cold. This makes sustained incidents of mild poisoning quite hard to detect until it’s too late in most of the cases.
  • The last but obviously most deadly quality of them all is what carbon monoxide does to your body. Carbon monoxide is attracted to hemoglobin which it combines with to produce carboxyhemoglobin. Carboxyhemoglobin then goes on to occupy the space that is normally reserved for oxygen within the hemoglobin. This results in a failure by your blood to transport oxygen to the rest of the body. Organs that have high oxygen usage are the first to succumb leading to death.

Know more about the ways in which carbon monoxide can be produced in your home or workplace. Discuss the symptoms with your family and most important of all, buy a carbon monoxide detector.

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