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A Major Threat

In order to (semi-) combat the growing number of cyberattacks worldwide, for 2016, the U.S. has upped its cyber security budget to $14 billion. Sure does sound like a whole lot. But when you consider that cyberattacks hit the global economy by something in the scale of $400 billion annually, the amount is relatively small fry.

Cybercrime is a ‘blind’ crime – it relies on anonymity for it to thrive. Once the authorities find out about the latest crime, the FBI are deployed to hunt the culprits down, and it’s already too late.

Hackers continually up their game and quickly move on to new targets. The world grows more online dependent, but that means a greater vulnerability to the cyber reprobates.

For what remains of 2015 and moving swiftly onwards to 2016, we must think beyond major epidemics and terrorist groups, as big a threat as they are. Arguably, the biggest battles to be fought will be those against the faceless cybercriminals.

But, the world has a major handicap here, since, when an assault is waged on cybercrime, we’re often not aware who it is that we’re fighting against.


The Internet of Things

Along with wireless technology comes the ability to access a mass gamut of information from almost anywhere you would care to do so. That’s fantastic for the vast majority, but the downside is that anyone can access this information, and that includes the bad guys.

The Internet of Things characterizes the Pandora’s Box of devices that are internet-connected. Everything and anything from domestic appliances, smart TVs, cars, home security devices, smartphones, and even medical equipment of a life-saving nature.

There are just so many digitalized devices that are now wireless, and this means that cybercriminals have an ever-increasing array of tools to choose from, from which they can wholeheartedly thrive on manipulating.


You – Yes, You!

It’s your money or your data. That’s what hackers go after you for. They’ll steal personal information from your online payment accounts, your bank, or your mobile apps. All of which are a relatively easy target for those who are savvy to the task.

They can even spy on you through your webcam, and they’ll happily blackmail you for money, or simply bully you, purely for their own devious sense of entertainment.

Sure, you’re never going to be hit as hard as the ‘bigs’ of the world – governments and big businesses – but you could still end up emotionally devastated.


Concerned about your businesses’ online health? Worried about the ever-growing risk of a cyberattack? Read the Monument Capital Group article on Huffington Post for information about cybersecurity today.


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