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So your best friend lives across the country or if you are in my sad situation, on another continent – (sob) but there are ways to get around this. Here is a list of things everyone who has a best friend far away knows to be true. Keep reading to find out more!

Texts about Messy Nights Happen EVERY Weekend


Speaking About Phone Calls – Your Bill Skyrockets

Total phone calls to London:       $1,250

Total phone calls:                             $1,300

Oh well, those phone calls are really important and worth the ramen you end up eating to make up for it.


And Sending Pictures about Where You Are and Who You’re with is Just Another Part of a Night Out




You know how lethal those jelly shots are from that one night where we finished three trays in about two hours…

Of Hot Dresses…



Because while everyone is entitled to their own opinion about what you’re wearing, how you live your life and who you date, there is only one opinion that really counts. Hers is the opinion. You don’t listen to anyone else because they have absolutely no clue what they are talking about. You know this is true. #StayTrueToTheCode


Planning Holidays Together is the Thing to Do


The further away you live from each other, the more important that precious week off together becomes. You plan everything from how you are going to paint the red (or purple in my case), who you should be hooking up with and who you will be seeing. You also plan who you will be avoiding. Oh, and it goes without saying that you wonder whether the world is ready for this. Deep down inside you know this is not the case.


And you’re Always Proven Right


Time together is so rare that you really do go all out. From bar crawling to teaching men a thing or two about what it means when the two of you are together. These holidays are the kind that go down in history. They also leave you in fits of giggles while you sit back at the office. You know, looking all innocent in your oh-so-pretty and demure dress. Surrounded by twenty men who have no clue. Absolutely none. And they never will. Obviously. Because you are a nice girl. Or that’s what you want them to think.


You don’t get to choose your best friend. It just happens and the connection is there. From meeting her on your first day of university absolutely terrified, the bond is there. Why not stop worrying about your phone bill and having to wait two years to see her. With a win from EuroLotto after you play the lotto online you can definitely afford to see each other more often.




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