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Rolling bearing repair summary: flexible production line long linkage drill binary mechanical gearbox shell was born five axis machine new mainstream market channel turning super large deep groove ball bearing with rotating knife UAI how popular with qinchuan glory and dream of ANSYS10.0 important new features based on the constraint of modular fixture assembly modeling and design the disadvantages of oil film bearing oil into the water and the solution business parthers JG - 250550 laser cutting bed I see CIMT2007 automatic filling packing device ligation tool protection watch spring booming I look at the 10th China international machine tool exhibition of turning the conical surface of the new method of CNC milling machine processing spiral rotor nc programmer: to add a "brain" machine tool nose radius and three-dimensional modeling and Matlab shaded composite high speed micro feeding, the relationship between the surface roughness of CNC automatic cutting tool system since the ladder layer peeling strength repair end mill rolling bearing failure and professional requirements can enterprise parts mass production machinery parts manufacturing precision rolling bearings is strict technical specialization degree most easy bearing varieties should be buying repair economical considering bearing to fix the problem in the following circumstances large factories use a lot of the same type bearing wear failure forms the main rolling surface micro fatigue abrasion especially keep rolling washer repair damaged parts value.

Rolling bearing is mass production machinery parts, and manufacturing precision is strict, technical specialization degree is high, so for most of the easy to get the bearing varieties, should be to buy more economical than repair, only under the following circumstances, to consider the fix the problem of bearing, namely

(1) large factories used by a large number of the same type of bearing, the main failure forms of roller surface wear, fatigue, or micro abrasive wear, especially how to keep the damaged parts or roller, and ring or washer is still has a fixed value;

(2) large and super large bearings, on the brink of failure or parts has failure and there is no major damage, or expensive bearings must try to prolong the lifespan of effectively;

(3) some really ends up hard bearing varieties, no spare parts to repair after failure, especially the import bearings;

(4) bearing have slight damage, such as inventory period have minor scale, as well as the transportation process produces slight micromotion abrasion, repair easy and abandon it's a pity that this kind of situation.

In addition to economy, repair of bearing and its technical, which requires the repairer fully understand the bearing corresponding technical requirements, and bearing and its components on the structure, process, and the characteristics of the material, otherwise it is difficult to guarantee the effect of bearing repair is required.

The economic benefits of a, bearing repair

In general, less bearing varieties, quantity is big, the price of a single bearing high, or bearing structure is simple. Size is large, the cost of the repair is relatively lower, the higher economic benefit.

In addition, to monitor the running status of bearings, in a planned way before bearing failure to repair, can receive get twice the result with half the effort effect. Follow the reasonable technology, the use of efficient repair equipment and tools, and get the help of professional bearing factory, help to improve the economic benefit.

Second, the benefits of cooperation with professional bearing enterprises

Users in the repair of bearing business, such as the professional bearing enterprise cooperation can be achieved, will probably get the following benefits:

(1) clear repair processes all the technical requirements, and how to guarantee the overall quality of the repair bearing,

(2) can take advantage of the professional bearing factory many specialized experience, these experiences can reliably and efficiently and economically meet the process requirements;

(3) can be ordered to professional bearing enterprise job card amount of mold, borrow Yu Xiuli business, may be more economic and save a lot of trouble;

(4) can be ordered to professional bearing enterprises such as cage, roller, rivets and other accessories, can make the repair work easy and convenient and economic


Bearing system

SUNON to satisfy different market needs, copper sets of bearings or ball palin to produce cooling fan. If the consideration of economic solution and the operation of the quiet, copper sleeve bearing is the best choice in most applications. SUNON copper shaft system, includes sintered metal bearing with special lubricating oil, using fluid mechanics effect with high use fixed number of year with minimum noise. The life of the cooling fan often depends on the reliability of the bearing, SUNON copper bearing system has been confirmed with the characteristics of high efficiency and low heating. Tens of millions of SUNON copper sleeve bearing cooling fan are used for SUNON customers and affirmation. With precision ball perlin system made of SUNON the cooling fan, can meet the high temperature environment operation, specific installation position and long-term use fixed number of year, etc.

SUNON small DC cooling fan, blower fan and CPU cooler is equipped with precision ball bearing palin, its thickness is only 2 mm, outside diameter 4 mm. Given the perlin bearing life is the main factor to decide the cooling fan to use fixed number of year, SUNON according to the following three important conditions to evaluate choose ball palin: (1) the lubricating oil, (2) bearing material, (3) palin life. The purpose of the lubricating oil is to reduce friction and wear, prolong the service life and friction heat. Palin theoretically in the ideal life of lubrication conditions can be accurately calculated. Palin when choosing materials must be in rolling contact, high fatigue strength, hardness, wear resistance, dimension stability and mechanical strength. Palin bearing of life definition from start to use until completely lost his ability to scroll during this period. And in the meantime, the length of the noise, wear and lubricating oil (grease) and rolling fatigue to decide. Despite the proper installation and correct use of bearings, after using for a long time, still unable to play its function successfully. SUNON small cooling fan, blower fan and CPU cooler adopts a kind of high quality mini ball perlin system, by using the advanced, accurate perlin bearing system, under the environment temperature 25 ℃, its service life can reach 50000 hours.


This kind of bearing with retainer is not prepared in advance and then assembling, but in bearing joint and separate rolling body evenly mix of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene with grease, after filling the bearing internal space, then heated to form cage. In this kind of cage grease firmly fixed by resin material, for the past due to leakage of grease bearing life is reduced, and the problems of pollution on environment nearby grease, this surely is the ideal bearing products. As NTN company exclusive development of products, according to the oil filling quantity comes in two forms: one is the type of trace oil, it contains is necessary for bearing lubrication grease the minimum; Another is in great measure oil supply type, cage materials (PE mixture with grease) bearing internal space filling full. Both trace oil supply type and quantity of oil supply more type, its characteristic is common: (1) the leakage of the grease rarely for grease is along with the increase in factors such as bearing heating, centrifugal force maintains a precipitate and gradually to the rotation surface supply, therefore, the leakage of the grease. Compared with general grease lubrication method, which can effectively prevent pollution to the environment. (2) the lubrication good performance even violent vibration or large centrifugal force, acting on the bearing grease is difficult to leak, won't make emulsified grease flowing out with water intrusion, so is superior than the general grease lubrication characteristics. (3) bearing way of rotational torque small traces of oil bearing almost no grease of shearing resistance, bearing the rotational torque is small. (4) the seal retainer against foreign invasion object (moisture, dust, etc.) have certain resistance, but in it as a seal or not sufficient, especially for those who are particularly high sealing performance requirements, or to adopt contact rubber seal (such as deep groove ball bearings, bearing units) or other form of sealing structure.


Rolling bearing used in a variety of mechanical equipment, imported bearing conditions required by the increasingly strict, the bearing performance is diverse.

From a large number of structure, size, select the most appropriate import bearings, need a different Angle.

In choosing imported bearing, it is generally believed that as a bearing, the difficulty of installation and removal, imported bearing size and bearing market, such as space allows, the general decided to import bearing structure.

In the use of a variety of mechanical design life and comparative study of various durable imported bearing limit bearing has to be decided at the same time. In choosing imported bearings, bearings are often inclined to think that grease life in aging, the fatigue life of oil, abrasion resistance, low noise, also need to fully research.

In addition, according to different purposes, it is a necessary choice for precision, clearance, and keep the frame structure, meet the requirements of the lubricating grease, special design of the bearing. However, choosing bearing no certain order, rules, priority should be given to import bearing the required conditions, performance, and related matters, especially the practical. As long as as much as possible in order to keep intact the original performance of the bearing.

To maintain, maintenance, in the first place, to prevent accidents, ensure the reliability of operation, increase productivity and economy. Corresponding mechanical operation and maintenance standards, on a regular basis, the best conditions. Including monitoring running state, supplement or replace the lubricant, regular check cleared. As the problem of maintenance operations, has imported bearing rotation, vibration, temperature, lubrication condition, and so on.

Imported bearing cleaning: remove the bearing repair, record the appearance of the imported bearing, for the first time confirmed the amount of residual lubricant, sampling inspection after the use of lubricant, cleaning bearing. As a cleaning agent, general use gasoline, kerosene. Remove the bearing cleaning, washing and fine washing thick, be placed in a container, metal openings at the first, make direct contact with imported bearing not dirt container.

If imported bearing rotating dirt, damage to the bearings rolling surface, it should be noted. In the crude oil washing, brush with the brush to remove grease, viscous material, generally clean, wash into the fine. Fine wash wash oil is in the side of the bearing rotation, while carefully cleaned.

Note: the cleaning of oil must be kept clean

Imported bearing maintenance and judgment: to determine whether remove bearing can be used to check the bearing after cleaning.

Check the raceway, raceway, surface state, cage wear, imported bearing clearance and to increase the dimension precision, has not damage, abnormal. Non separation of small ball bearings, imported bearing inner ring, with one hand support level, rotate the outer ring to confirm smoothly.

Imported bearings taper roller bearing separation type bearing, rolling your body, outer ring raceway surface examined. Large bearings, because they can't rotate with the hand, pay attention to check the raceway of roller and cage, metope, such as the appearance, the higher the importance of imported bearings, to be more careful check for imported bearing drop.


Because of the bad quality of return and claim. There is a close relationship between the reason and parts cleaning. Traditional cleaning process cannot meet the requirements of product quality. Ultrasonic cleaning is a kind of new technology, it can greatly improve the grade of the product, improve production efficiency. The cleaning principle is as follows:

Principle of ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning by ultrasonic wave in today's focus: energy conversion to high frequency concussion and transmitted to the cleaning fluid, in ultrasonic cleaning fluid density and radiation forward, make the liquid produces tens of thousands of tiny bubbles. These small bubbles formed in the spread of ultrasonic longitudinal negative pressure zone of the formation, growth, and in positive pressure area quickly closed, this phenomenon is called "cavitation effect", can produce 1000 atmospheres of bubbles in the closed flash, like a string of small "bang" the impact of the workpiece surface continuously, make a crack in the surface and dirt quickly peeling off, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning the workpiece.

Advantages: ultrasonic cleaning ultrasonic cleaning effect is good, high cleanness, clean speed, need not hand touching cleaner, safe and reliable, to crack, concave and convex surface, deep hole can be cleaned, the surface without damage, save heat energy, cleaner, sites and artificial, etc.

The workpiece surface is superior to the conventional cleaning: special complex, uneven, blind holes of mechanical parts, high precision products such as: watches and clocks, electronic components, circuit boards, etc., the use of ultrasonic cleaning can get ideal effect. At the moment we come into contact with the application of ultrasonic cleaning industry has glasses, watches and clocks, plastic, glass, machinery, electronics, jewelry, medical, hardware, bearings, hydraulic pressure, aviation, ceramics, chemical fiber, electroplating before treatment, etc., involved in all aspects of the modern industrial products, so to speak. Ultrasonic cleaning has shown great superiority. Will gradually replace the traditional cleaning method.


China in bearing grinding machine adopts stepper motor and its control system began from the ninety s, more than a decade, the stepper motor control technology of bearing grinding machine development soon, at present, wuxi, shijiazhuang, chengdu and henan bearing equipment manufacturing factory of the few cities in the mass production of bearing grinding machine of stepper motor control. With large quantities of stepper motor control of the bearing grinding machine to the market, step motor system control problems are more and more surfaced, problems of single axis stepper motor control system is less, but more than two axis stepper motor system, often appear, such as the two systems are not synchronized, dimensions such as poor dispersion unstable failure. Stepping motor system there are many problems.

We worked in the ball bearing inner ring groove grinding machine analysis and study, I tried the domestic several brands of stepper motor, found that the two systems are not synchronized phenomenon is serious. Sync error test from PLC, a control module, stepper motor drive and stepper motor. Ball screw lead 4 mm, harmonic reducer reducer ratio of 1:8 0, step torque Angle is 0.9 °, pulse equivalent of 0.125 microns. Stepper motor repetitive positioning error is more than three times as many machine tool precision inspection standards. According to the pulse equivalent to 0.125 mu m, workbench cumulative repeat positioning error in 20 times has reached 0.003. The data of table 1 shows that not only is the error of the stepper motor, the error of the mechanical system more obvious. We analyzed this machine tool feed mechanism and compensation mechanism, found that the mechanical problems are more serious. First, the ball screw small nominal diameter (Φ 20), precision grade 3 level is low, and feels the crawling phenomenon is relatively serious; Second, feed jump oil cylinder and ball screw design positioning, cannot eliminate assembly location deviation; Third, harmonic gear reducer and ball screw only screw locking no key connection or pin link; Fourth, there is no ball screw bearing and so on.

And then we analyzed the electrical system of the machine tool, found the inverter, transformer and stepper motor controller put nearly circular, PLC output cable, cable shielding, not PeiPan high voltage and low voltage cable, orange, and so on. These problems are factors influencing the stepping motor system is not stable. Because at present our country the anti-interference ability of the step motor system is poorer, the electrical design layout of the unreasonable directly produces contingency and error compensation system, feed system and mechanical system, the systematic error of machine tool is in unstable working condition. Is not to say that as long as the machine tool hydraulic feed compensation system into a stepping motor feed compensation system, the comprehensive performance of machine tool will be improved significantly. Stepper motor to replace the original complex hydraulic feed compensation system, the original hydraulic pressure fluctuations and eliminates the mechanical parts processing of transmission chain error, and feeding process of step motor can is divided into several stages, each stage can choose different pulse frequency control of feed speed, can use the pulse number to control the machine tool working platform, diligence to it than the original hydraulic system of bearing grinder progress a big step.

But, it followed the other related machine parts also need to follow to update design, to satisfy the requirement of the machine tool grinding technology. Both the design of the mechanical structure and electrical system design should not ignore the stepper motor system characteristics of the anti-interference ability is weak. If we were more than the solution of the problem is not properly solved, if the overall machine tool parts, especially the key parts or the original mechanical hydraulic system of machine tool of standard, adopt stepper motor control system of bearing grinder will not fundamentally improved. Of course, the most thorough way is to adopt the most advanced servo motor control system. Adopt servo motor control system of bearing grinder, will jump oil cylinder and harmonic reducer is removed, the ball screw and servo motor structure, makes the minimum error of mechanical system. Although our country still adopt servo motor control system of bearing grinder pulse control, but the servo motor drive ability, comprehensive repositioning precision and anti-jamming ability, than of the stepper motor bearing grinding machine and a huge step forward.

Due to the characteristics of step motor system and many BUG, it's just a mechanical hydraulic control progress to the servo system control in the middle of a transitional product, now rarely see abroad adopt stepper motor control system of the precision grinding machine, our country is in the numerical control machine tools on the application of step motor system time longest countries. With China's bearing industry technological upgrading can speed up, as more and more processing high quality bearing enterprise's development, the stepper motor control of bearing grinding machine will eventually be replaced by servo motor.


Cylindrical roller bearing series introduces cylindrical roller bearing roller bearing sales hotline spot cylindrical roller bearing manufacturer. Cylindrical roller and race for line contact bearing. Load capacity is big, mainly bear radial load. Roller and ring guard friction small, suitable for high speed rotation. According to the ring presence of guard, NU, NJ, NUP, N, NF, such as single bearing, double row bearings and NNU, NN. The bearing inner ring and outer ring is separable structure. No guard of cylindrical roller bearing inner ring or outer ring, internal ring and outer ring can be to relative axial movement, so can be used as free end bearing. The one side of the inner ring and outer ring with double guard, on the other side of the ring has a single guard cylindrical roller bearing, can withstand a certain degree of axial load in one direction. General use of stamping steel cage, cage or copper alloy car system. But there are also part of the use of polyamide forming keep frame.

1. The roller and raceway for the line contact or offline contact, radial bearing capacity big, apply to under heavy load and impact load.

2. The friction coefficient is small, suitable for high speed, the limit speed close to the deep groove ball bearings.

3. The N type and NU type axial movement, can adapt to shaft caused by thermal expansion or installation error and shell the change of relative position, can be used for free end bearing.

4. On the shaft or hole of the processing and the demand is higher, bearing outer axis relative deflection after installation to be kept under strict control, so as not to cause contact stress concentration.

5. The inner ring or outer ring separable, easy to install and disassemble. . Is mainly suitable for high speed and high speed running, and very durable, need not often maintenance. These bearing small friction coefficient, high limit speed, simple structure, low manufacture cost, easy to achieve high precision manufacturing. Size range and variety in form, used in precision instrument, low noise motors, automobiles, motorcycles and general machinery and other industries, is the most widely used type of bearings in machinery industry. Mainly bear radial load, also can withstand a certain amount of axial load.

Deep groove ball bearing is my company's main products, the selection of its larger radial clearance when the axial bearing capacity increases, under pure radial force when the contact Angle is zero. With the axial force, the contact Angle is greater than zero. Usually use stamping ribbon cage, car solid cage, sometimes also used nylon frame. Main application:

Large and medium-sized motor, locomotives, spindle, internal combustion engines, generators, gas turbines, reducer, rolling mill, vibrating screen and lifting transportation machinery roller bearing series introduces cylindrical roller bearing roller bearing sales hotline spot cylindrical roller bearing manufacturer.

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