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Ljuben Georgiev

Amazon is one of the largest online retailers in the world. With an estimated net worth of nearly $20 billion dollars, this massive portal has changed the ways in which online shopping occurs. It is therefore understandable that the recent announcement of Amazon entering into the Australian marketplace and the intention to use Melbourne as their base for operations has turned quite a few heads. Why is this movement so important and what could it potentially mean for the average Melbourne business? Let's take a closer look at the answers to both of these questions, as the face of the retail industry could be forever transformed.


The Potential Winners

The answer to the first question, primarily depends upon the type of business. For example, it is predicted that online sellers within Melbourne will reap the greatest number of benefits. As they will soon be presented with an entirely new venue to digitally promote their items, their overall ROI should dramatically increase.

This same observation can be made for international sellers who have been looking to tap into the lucrative Australian marketplace. As they can ship their products directly to the consumer, these sellers will likely enjoy a greater amount of business. However, we should keep in mind that this relationship will partially depend upon the strength of the Australian dollar in relation with other major currencies such as the pound and the euro. 

The Possible Losers

The bad news is that traditional retailers might not fare so well. When Amazon does indeed enter into the Australian marketplace, consumers may opt for cheaper goods from international sources as opposed to purchasing similar items from a local business. This is particularly the case in terms of Melbourne-based electronics firms, as Amazon has always had a strong market share within this industry. The only possible trade-off is that those businesses which are able to translate their operations into the e-commerce sector will likely enjoy success over time. Still, these predictions have yet to materialise. 

The Employment Sector

Many are rightfully concerned as to whether the introduction of Amazon will bolster or deflate the job market. Robert Bruce,
Amazon’s director of operations for Australia attempts to alleviate concerns stating “Over time, we will bring thousands of new jobs to Australia and millions of dollars of investment as well as opening up the opportunity for thousands of Australian businesses to sell at home and abroad through Amazon Marketplace.”

Those businesses within Melbourne (and throughout the entire country) which are able to adapt to the online retail community could very well see their businesses expand at a rapid pace.

Thanks to the new warehouse to be located in Dandenong East, local trades such as sales, customer service, HR, Operations Managers and warehouse operatives will all be in high demand.

However, the verdict is still out as to whether traditional retail businesses will be forced to downsize. 

The Real Estate Impact

We should also expect to see some changes within the real estate market. As The
Financial Review highlights, dropping brick-and-mortar sales may impact the number of commercial leases being renewed throughout Melbourne. However, there is a potential bright side as well. Businesses centred around the field of e-commerce could very well experience increased sales. Thus, they might require more office space to store and ship goods to the end user. This will particularly impact the Melbourne metropolitan area thanks to the looming presence of a truly gargantuan Amazon warehouse. 

The entrance of this giant online retailer into the Australian marketplace will certainly shake things up a bit. However, few analysts are surprised at such a move and it only makes sense in a world increasingly defined by digital purchases. The main question is how Melbourne businesses will adapt to this shift and if they will be able to capitalise upon such a profound move into the future. 


Ljuben Georgiev

Hemorrhoids are health problem many experience today, but quite a few are actually willing to discuss it. While there are numerous medications and also surgical interventions, hemorrhoids can easily be cured at home, using 100% natural ingredients. Here are the top green remedies you can try at home:



Applying ice to the hemorrhoids can reduce swelling and respectively pain. You just need to apply the ice to the area for around 10 minutes and you will start to feel relieved in just few days. This is without doubt the easiest way to deal with hemorrhoids at home.


Aloe Vera

With incredible anti-inflammatory properties, the Aloe Vera can help reduce pretty much all hemorrhoid symptoms and even cure them in the long run. It is applicable for both internal and external hemorrhoids.


Lemon Juice

Lemons are packed with vitamins and minerals, so their juice can be applied for numerous health conditions. Besides relieving many hemorrhoid symptoms, the lemon juice also helps strengthen the blood vessels, which is great for prevention.


Almond Oil

While applicable only for external hemorrhoids, the almond oil moisturizes the affected area and helps relieve burning and itching, probably the most annoying symptoms. For optimal efficiency, the procedure must be repeated several times a day.


Olive Oil

Olive oil is powerful antioxidant and also has anti-inflammatory properties. In addition to reducing swelling and inflammation of the hemorrhoids, the olive oil also increases the elasticity of the blood vessels. Just a teaspoon of olive oil per day can do miracles with your digestive system and it works great as a prevention measure.


Whole Grains

Being rich in fiber, the whole grains help get rid of pretty much all symptoms related with hemorrhoids and also stop bleeding. Furthermore, these help clean up the digestive system and improve the functions of the colon. Great whole grains to include in your diet are oats, barley and brown rice.


Apple Vinegar

Thanks to its astringent properties, the apple vinegar is another great home remedy for hemorrhoids. It helps reduce swollen vessels and reliefs irritation for both internal and external hemorrhoids. For optimal results, its recommended to use unpasteurized vinegar.



While most of us remain completely unaware, we often don’t consume the necessary amounts of water. Drinking 8-10 glasses pre day can help improve the functions of the digestive system and also deal with numerous hemorrhoid symptoms.

A great home remedy for hemorrhoids is Hemorrel – made from 100% organic ingredients, it helps deal with hemorrhoids permanently.

Ljuben Georgiev


The plumbing system in your home requires regular maintenance and while it’s a lot easier to call a contractor when an emergency occurs, there are certain things you can do on your own and include in your daily routine. Here are simple tips how to handle home’s plumbing issues on your own:


The bathroom is the place where plumbing issues most likely occur and requires regular maintenance in order to avoid it. Start with the drain – to prevent it from overflowing, you should pour hot water at least once a week. In addition to that apply drain solvent to remove clogs and prevent plumbing damage.

Examine faucets on regular basis, as damage to them is very likely to cause a lot of trouble to the fixtures. If you are unable to repair these yourself, schedule a professional visit.


The garbage disposer and the aerator are the most common reason for plumbing emergencies in the kitchen. First, let’s start with the disposer – before using it, leave cold water to flow through it for at least 30 seconds and also it’s a good idea to use dish detergent to easily remove foul odors. Second the aerator – often low water pressure causes lime buildups and these result in leaks or even additional damage to the home’s plumbing system. It’s also recommended to unscrew it from the faucet and then use a small brush to remove the sediments.


The basement is the place where water heaters are located and also the main valves of the plumbing system can be found. No matter whether you do plumbing work in the basement, kitchen or anywhere else in your home, knowing where the main shutoff valve is pretty much essential. However sometimes, it’s located outside the house, near the street.

Water heaters require annual maintenance and need to be drained, then flushed in order for the sediment buildups to be removed. Sometimes, depending on the model and type of the heater is much easier to call professionals help with that task.

Laundry Room

All hoses, pipes and the entire plumbing system located in the laundry room needs to be inspected on regular basis for signs of wear or leakage. In case any repairs are needed, carefully asses the task, as sometimes washing machine repairs are not that easy to perform by DIY enthusiasts.

In some cases, you may have to even consider replacing the washing machine with a newer model, as often many of the issues are simply caused by the appliance’s age.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains can cause serious damage to the plumbing system and fixing these must be your top priority. Depending on the severity of the clog, a simple drain solvent may do the job. However, if the clog is located near the main sewer line, it may not be that easy to reach out to it. In those cases, professional help is pretty much mandatory. Companies like CW Plumbing Services will save you both time and money with any kind of plumbing emergency you face!

Ljuben Georgiev

Plumbing emergencies can cause serious damage to your property, which besides costing you a lot of money, will most definitely make your everyday life uncomfortable. The best way to deal with plumbing issues is to perform regular maintenance and this is exactly what I am going to share with you in this article. Here are the ultimate tips to follow for dealing with all problems before they actually occur:


Watch out for trouble

The easiest thing to do in order to spot trouble with the plumbing system is to regularly examine it for leaks. Even the smallest leak can cause enormous water damage over time, so every sign of possible plumbing failure means it’s time to act!

Fix issues early

Even though small leaks doesn’t seem like a big deal, they need to be fixed immediately or they will cause damage to other parts of the plumbing systems. For example, leaky faucets actually wear out the sink and also cause the growth of mold! Keeping all issues fixed on time and learn how to stay on top of these problems.

Prepare emergency plan

In case of a plumbing emergency, there are certain steps that you need to follow – the first thing to do is to find the main shut-off valve and turn down the home water supply. In some cases these are hidden or require additional tools in order to be turned-off, so make sure you are prepared with all the tools you need in case of an emergency. Don’t panic, this is pretty much the worst thing you can do in case of an emergency.

Turning off appliances

Besides the main shut-off valve for the home’s water supply, you also need to know how to turn off all electric appliances that use this water. In case any of these fails, shutting down fast can save you from a lot of cleaning and possible even water damage!

The sewer valve

In some cases, the toilets are overflowing due to plumbing problems and knowing where the sewer valve is will definitely save you precious time, especially if you have hired a professional to help you with the emergency.

Handling small issues

You don’t need loads of knowledge and experience to tackle small plumbing issues around the home. You actually need just few tools and you are ready to solve some of the most common plumbing issues that occur in every household. If you want to increase your skillset, there are dozens of how-to books available at the local home improvement store and also online.

Keeping the plumbing safe during the winter

Probably the worst enemy of your home’s plumbing system is the cold weather. If you live in an area where the temperatures fall below zero during the winter on regular basis, keeping the plumbing safe during the winter is pretty much essential.

What to do when the pipes freeze?

In case the pipes freeze, first don’t panic and second follow the emergency routine you have supposedly created so far. Turn off the water supply to the clogged area and remember to never use an open flame when warming a frozen pipe. Once the water flow is restored, carefully examine the pipe for leaks or cracks. In cases when there are any signs of damage, you should call professional plumbers like Plumber Services Dublin.

Ljuben Georgiev

Thinking green isn’t something only certain industries should consider, but it’s pretty much a matter every business owner needs to deal with. Furthermore, multiple studies suggest that green initiatives not only lower the carbon footprint and allow companies to save extra money, but also can dramatically increase productivity within your organization.

Contradictory to the widespread opinion, every step counts towards going green and if you don’t know from where to start just follow my 5 really simple ideas for greener, far more productive office:


#1 Consider Alternative Power Sources

Wind and especially solar energy doesn’t require huge upfront investments – you can probably install solar panels at just fraction of your yearly electricity expenses and become completely independent in terms of electrical power. Furthermore, many states throughout the world offer extra incentives to businesses switching to alternative power sources and also the ability to sell the extra power to the utility company to bring extra income for your business.

Unfortunately, there are many cases when solar power is not applicable due to the office setup or building ownership.


#2 Go Digital

Even if you are a small business, chances are you print dozens, even hundreds of documents on daily basis. Do you really need to do that? There are specialised software solutions for pretty much anything – from meeting room management software (such as Pronestor Room and Yarooms) to project management & collaboration tools (such as ToDoIst and Zoho Projects).

Going digital will not only result in saving huge quantities of paper and other supplies, but also money and most importantly will skyrocket your employee’s productivity. With pretty much every aspect of business management going online, getting on the digital bandwagon is mandatory these days!


#3 Eliminate Phantom Power & Screen Savers

Phantom power and screensavers are responsible for large percentage of your utility bills. Believe it or not, electronic devices consume power, even if they are turned off and when these small costs pile up, you can quickly see how much money are going down the drain on yearly basis.

The solution is simple – just configure all monitors to turn off after certain period of time and make sure all electronic devices are plugged out in the end of the work day. Depending on the size of your office and number of employees, the result could be huge savings!


#4 Switch to LED Bulbs and Use Natural Light

Studies suggest that approximately 40% of all electricity expenses in office buildings occur due to artificial lighting. Switching to LED light bulbs (they consume at least 80% less energy than traditional incandescent light bulbs and have more than 100 times longer lifespan) will cut down the power consumption by more than half and if you do manage to effectively use natural light, this percentage can quickly go down even more!


#5 Try to Buy Second-Hand

Almost all office devices – from the printer to the coffee machine can be purchased second-hand. In order to produce each one of these devices companies use large quantities of natural resources, so buying used items really makes a difference. It allows you to leverage one of the main principals of green thinking and also allows you to make huge savings, since often you will be able to save at least 50% of the regular price.

Ljuben Georgiev

Floor sanding is something that is not generally considered a good DIY project because of the fact that it is not very easy. This, however, does not mean that it is impossible. Many times, amateurs who have never seen floor sanders in their lives do a pretty good job with the right preparation. The following tips won’t make you an expert, but they will surely help you avoid various disastrous scenarios.


Here is what you should know:

Prepare the room

Preparation is always key before doing anything and with floor sanding it is one of the most crucial steps. Preparing a room for sanding can be quite easy. This mainly depends on the condition of the floor surface and the items in the room that you have to remove. The best thing to do is to get rid of everything that touches the floor surface. This, of course, means furniture and carpets.

Sometimes, moving a large wardrobe for example, can be quite difficult or impossible. In these cases you will have to be careful when sanding around it. It is also recommended to seal it using tape and thick plastic sheets. Other things you might want to seal include windows, doors and power outlets. If the door to the room opens into the room you will have to remove it, because it will be an obstacle when you want to sand under it.

Rent the machines

That’s right – you will need more than one machine. One of these will be the big sander that you will use to sand most of the floor surface. The other one is a small handheld edger that you will use to get close to the baseboards. You can also get a carbide scraper in order to get the finish off the corners of the floor.

Pick a grit

You will need different types of sandpaper grit in order to remove the old finish of your floor. Ideally, you would start with rough grits and move to finer ones. It is difficult to know which grit would be needed to properly sand your floor, because every floor is different. You will have to try for yourself until you find what you need.

Change the belts

Using the same belt for a long time will make it dull. Using dull sandpaper obviously won’t work and you will not be able to achieve the results that you want. It is important to change the belts of your floor sander according to the recommendations that you will get for the specific sandpaper that you buy at the shop. This is important because it is very difficult to tell when the sandpaper is dull and when it’s actually doing its job.

In conclusion, floor sanding is an interesting DIY job, but a very difficult one. If you are willing to go through the process of finding the right floor sanders, renting them, getting them to your home (beware of the weight), preparing a room and spending a lot of time doing the actual hardwood floor sanding, then you should go for it. Otherwise, it is best to put your trust in a professional which might even be cheaper and will definitely be less time consuming.

Ljuben Georgiev

Going green can sometimes be very expensive but with the sprouting up of environmentally friendly companies there are far more option than ever in the past. There are plenty of ways that going green can help save money so why wouldn’t someone do it? Most people do not realize that going green can save them money in the long run. It can be one of the best investments that they make.


Energy efficient lightbulbs cut down on power usage as it used 1/10 to 1/25 of the energy that a regular lightbulb uses. If this wasn’t reason enough, these lightbulbs can last up to 10 times longer. Not only would a home be able to save on electricity but also on replacement lightbulbs.

Buying a hybrid car can be expensive in the front of the purchase but it will quickly start saving you money. With gas prices that fluctuate so much it will be good to know that these fluctuations will impact you less than ever. If you commute a long way each day or are stuck in gridlock traffic, a hybrid can save you dollars per day as it switches to its battery when going slow or stopped. The parking benefits in certain cities that are known to be environmentally friendly are immense. There are hybrid or smart car only spots throughout many cities in prime parking locations.

Buying solar panels can be expensive but now there are government grants that contribute to the cost of these panels. Although they might still be a bit expensive, the savings will be happening each time the sun is up. Many things can be run through solar power so don’t just think of the electric but also the water heater among other appliances.

Companies go green like Groupon which offers coupons from other green friendly companies like Travelocity which lets you book rooms at green friendly hotels. This is not only the right thing to do by going green but it is also great PR move.

As you can see saving money and going green don’t have to be conflicting ideologies anymore. Going green is the right thing to do for your bank account and the environment.

Ljuben Georgiev

Being a business owner involves a lot of decisions on daily basis and with the seemingly growing number of cases related with ID theft, you just can’t afford to dispose of any business documents by simply throwing them in the bin. If you are like most of the people, when reading this statement, you probably think – this is never going to happen to me and/or there isn’t that much information included in the papers. The truth is criminals can steal the identity of your company or even more sensitive data from pretty much any piece of paper related with your business. Thus finding the right company for paper shredding is pretty much essential. Here are the top tips to follow and keep your records protected:


Local Laws Regarding Document Disposal Differ

Local laws regarding document disposal differ from state to state and before you ever consider buying shredder or hiring contractor, you need to check these first. Most of the time, it will be much better to hire a professional document shredding company, as they will certainly follow all legal procedures in the area where your business is situated. The easiest and smartest way to inform yourself is to first seek information from state representatives or your lawyer regarding regulations in the area and then get in touch with at least several professionals and simply ask them related questions to determine whether they are qualified.

Picking up the Right Shredder

The cheapest and most common way to handle document shredding in companies of any size is buying a shredder. While there are really affordable options available on the market, the focus must be the shredder’s efficiency rather than its price. Most of the document shredders out there will slice the document into horizontal straps, which can actually be reconstructed to the original document relatively easy. The most secure type of shredders available on the market are the cross-cut ones, as they use a technology that slices the paper in two directions make it almost impossible to reconstruct the original document.

Benefits of Hiring Shredding Company

The most obvious solution to document disposal is in-house, but the truth is this will most likely damage the productivity of your entire company. Depending on organization size, document disposal can become quite significant part of the schedule of many employees, so overall efficiency can be dramatically decreased. This is the main reason why the most cost-effective solution to document disposal is hiring professional company such as All Star Shredding .

Top Benefits from Paper Shredding

In the modern digital world, loads of information can be collected in a single file, stored in a folder on a computer. Paper shredding allows disposing of all documents that are no longer required for our business operation and believe me this can free up loads of space for new activities or production. Not to mention the reduced fire hazards, which often result in lower insurance premiums – something every business owner will definitely enjoy!  

Ljuben Georgiev

We all really look forward to our holidays, the time dedicated to spend entirely for making ourselves happy. However, when we look back, we often don’t see too many rewards from our holiday adventures, instead in some cases we even feel worse than before we ever got to our vacation spot. While there are many reasons for that happen, such as the often overcrowded tourists spots, where actually the last thing you can do is just relax.


So is there a way to get a more rewarding holiday experience? One of UK’s leading creative holiday agencies, Neil’s Yard Holidays seems to know the answer! Here are the top, most rewarding holiday experiences in the United Kingdom:

Orange Tree Relaxation Centre

The Orange Tree Relaxation Centre offers breath-taking views over the North York Moors National Park and its just 12 miles away from the small town of Pickering. I bet the range of services offered at the location will be quite overwhelming for even the savviest tourists.

Cranleigh House

If you are looking for the ultimate location for a life changing experience, the Cranleigh House has it all in store. Located on the North Devon Coast, the Cranleigh House where you can enjoy practicing yoga, meditation or simply enjoying a walk in vast wilderness of the area.

Mellulah Holistic Retreats

The beautiful rural Dorset is favourite spot for British tourists and there is a place for those seeking truly rewarding experience, it’s called Mellulah Holistic Retreats. You will not only experience the effects of everyday mediation, but also will have the unique opportunity to visit sacred places in the region, renowned for their spiritual powers. When you add tasty local food to the picture, I really can’t think of a more rewarding holiday experience.

Vital Detox Retreats

Just few miles away from Glastonbury lays the Vital Detox Retreats – a unique location, where you have access to everything you need to regenerate your strength. From juicing to massage and beauty treatments the Vital Detox Retreats will make your week long stay a memory that will last for your entire life!

Platinum Healing

The range of holistic treatments available at Platinum Healing can hardly be matched by any location in the United Kingdom – from hypnotherapy to regression therapy and reiki. Furthermore, you also receive post retreat support to guide you whenever needed. Located in Arundel, West Success and just five minutes from the beach, the Platinum Healing will contribute to truly positive change in your everyday life for certain!


The AdventureYogi is located near Bicester, Oxfordshire and is surrounded by spectacular views over the countryside. In the authentic villa, you will get a chance to just relax in recently renovated room or choose among dozens of incredibly amusing activities. Want exquisite experience in the English countryside, the AdventureYogi will deliver the outstanding experience you desire!

These are just few of the many rewarding holiday UK opportunities at the Neil’s Yard Holidays, so don’t hesitate to check the offers at the website. Discover the best way to relax in the UK! 

Ljuben Georgiev

With utility bills on the rise, we are all looking for the most feasible ways to maximize the energy efficiency of our homes. Multiple studies performed by some of the most authoritative experts in the US, show that the roof is the easiest and often the most cost-effective way to cut down on electricity bills. Here are the top ways for greener roof and home:


Choose Reflective Roofing Materials (The Cool Roof)

The materials traditionally used for roofing tend to absorb the solar energy rather than deflect it, which often leads to higher energy expenses. When the roof temperature is high, more heat gets into your house and your air-conditioning appliances consume a lot more energy to reduce it. However, over the past few years a new type of materials emerged, which have solar reflective properties and help reduce the temperature of the roof with up to 30 percent. Furthermore, the modern cool roofing solutions are also very effective at releasing the accumulated solar heat and this is commonly known as high emittance property.

Probably the simplest and most effective way to cool down your roof is with special coating, which is applied on top of the existing structure. In cases when you build new residence or remodel an existing roof, you should consider using lighter colored versions of asphalt and shingles. A great source of information about how to make virtually any type of roof cool is made available by the US Department of Evergy.

Insulate the Roof & Attic

To insulate your roof and attic in order to maximize energy efficiency around the house is really a no-brainer. However, when it comes to choosing the most suitable insulation for your specific needs, things get a bit more complicated – there are so many types out there that even experienced professionals can get confused. My personal advice is to use the R-value of the insulation to determine its heat transfer resistant properties – the higher these are the better ability the insulation will have to keep the heat inside your home, so that you don’t spend a fortune on utility bills.


Whether you are remodeling the existing roof of your house or you are building a new one, choosing the most sustainable materials will almost immediately result in energy savings. Most of the time with up to 30 percent!

Choosing sustainable roofing materials requires seeking professional advice, from experienced roofer, like Apex Roofing in Texas. I don’t say you can’t get the job done yourself, but it will be much difficult as there are so many factors to consider, such as climate in the area, the type of the house and off course your budget. Once all these considerations are in place, you are ready to proceed with your roofing project and pick up the materials you will use.

With these top ways to maximize the energy efficiency of your roof, you can quickly cut down on electricity bills by as much as 50 percent! If you do basic calculations for your utility savings, you will quickly realize how cost-effective roofing actually is. 

Ljuben Georgiev

Probably since air purifiers were introduced to US homes, people have always been on the look for the most organic way to provide clean air for the entire family. Probably the most organic way to achieve this is with the help of plants – many have the ability to remove bad odors, dangerous air particles and also naturally lower the levels of carbon dioxide around the house. Here are my top 10 plants for 100% organic air purification:


Bamboo Palm

Air humidity is pretty big problem in many large cities around the world and recent studies performed by NASA suggest that the Bamboo plant does incredibly effective job when it comes to improving it and also remove formaldehyde, which is incredibly dangerous for our health.

Spider Plant

The Spider Plant is great for growing outdoors and it easily adapts to different weather conditions, making it really easy for growing. Its also very efficient when it comes to removing multiple toxins, such as carbon monoxide and it’s also declared to be one of the most effective plants to remove formaldehyde.


What better way to make your home a lot livelier than to grow few rosemary plants to release their pleasant scent, while purifying the air. This evergreen plan will do wonders with your home’s air quality and can also be used for cooking or tea.


How about some aromatherapy at your home? If you grow few lavender plants, you will experience the full benefits of the plant and also repel these pesky summer insects that ruin your sleep. The lavender scent helps with relaxation of the entire body!

Coffee Plant

If you have a bit more patience, you can grow a beautiful coffee plant to help you purify the air around your home and also the unique opportunity to grow your own coffee beans (this takes about 4 years).


The flowers of Jasmine are open only for few hours, when the temperatures are lower, but its scent is incredibly relaxing. This will greatly compliment your dining experience.


Mint is highly recommended for use in homes, where some family members suffer from long diseases. It has really pleasant aroma and it’s very easy for indoor growing!


Basil can reduce carbon dioxide in the house and also can be used for various cooking, as well as healing purposes. It’s suitable for growing in all climates.

Snake Plant

For all those, who feat that they will not be able to look properly for their plants, the Snake Plant is the best option. It’s incredibly effective when it comes to removing formaldehyde and nitrogen oxides.

Gerbera Daisy

Studies over the qualities of Gerbera Daisy flowers suggest that these plants are great for removing bezine particles from air! Furthermore they also provide a lot more oxygen during the night, compared with other plants. 

While I can guarantee that these herbs are perfect for indoor use, I still prefer the more effective air purifiers for home use. I got mine from Clean Air Plus ( and it’s incredibly reliable! 

Ljuben Georgiev

Nowadays, the cost of living in many cities around the world is the highest ever seen in centuries and often, families are the ones to experience all negative consequences of this fact. The most common burdens for the family budget are the utility bills, most specifically the electricity and the shopping expenses. If you manage to lower these, you can easily use the savings to arrange unforgettable vacation for the entire family or buy the stuff you need, but couldn’t previously afford. So how to achieve that? Simple – check out these amazing tips and lower your electricity and shopping expenses from today!


Saving from Electricity 101


The demand for electricity is constantly growing around the world and from everything so far it seems that we are not prepared to provide this commodity to the rapidly growing population of people on earth. The results are poor service quality and almost constantly increasing electricity bills. However, with simple tips and tricks around your house, you can dramatically decrease the energy consumption of your home and cut down these expenses:


  • Clean the coils of the fridge – dirt on the fridge coils causes the item to consume much more energy, so cleaning these on monthly basis will definitely pay off in the long run.

  • Fill-up the freezer – keeping just a few items in the freezer increases its energy consumption, so the more stuff you stack in there, the lower your electricity bill will be! Still, make sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions first.

  • Remove unused devices from the grid – many people, probably including yourself, leave the devices plugged to the grid, even if they don’t use them. While the energy consumption is not that high, the overall results could be pretty disturbing.

  • Employ LEDs – The LEDs has been becoming increasingly popular over the past few years and even though, they are slightly more expensive than standard incandescent ones, they consume up to 75% less energy, while at the same time last up to 10 times longer!

  • Plant shade trees – believe it or not, governmental studies suggest that trees properly planted around a house could reduce the air-conditioning needs with up to 50 percent!


Cutting Down on Shopping Expenses


The average family also spends incredibly large portion of its budget for various shopping expenses. Here are some of the top tips to reduce these, without making any sacrifices:


  • Discounts and coupons – this method for generating solid savings from shopping expenses Is pretty much essential. Start with the local grocery store – what are the weekly/daily discounts available there? Since nowadays most of the items could be acquired only, it’s not a bad idea to search for local Groupon deals or alternatives that can help you save some money!

  • Resist impulse purchases – probably the most common reason why shopping drains your family’s budget are the impulse purchases. The best way to avoid them is to simply ask yourself – Do I really need to buy this item now? Chances are the most common answer to that question will be “No”.

  • Try to qualify for bulk discounts – many of the goods you need in your house on everyday basis could be purchased in bulk quantities and you can save a lot of money! I’ll leave it up to you to identify these in your household.



Ljuben Georgiev

Almost all of us know friends and family members who suffer from allergies. In fact, recent reports indicate that more than 40 million Americans suffer from an allergy. Typical allergy triggers include cat and dog dander, dust mites, pollen, and mold spores. How does a person remove these allergens from the air? According to the EPA, American Lung Association and Mayo Clinic, the only effective means of removing dust and allergen particles from the air is with stand-alone HEPA filtration devices. Fortunately, many allergy suffers have discovered HEPA and use it to help lessen their symptoms. And for those who have not discovered HEPA, it should be at the top of their shopping list.

About Indoor Air Pollution

Sadly, most people reside in areas that are heavily contaminated with allergens and other pollutants. These contaminates swirl invisibly in the air, while family members breathe them into their lungs, where they become transported throughout the body. Recently, the Environmental Protection Agency reported that indoor air can be from 2 to 5 times worse than the outdoor air, and that indoor air quality has progressively gotten worse, while the outdoor air in many U.S. cities has improved. One of reasons why indoor air is becoming so bad is because most new homes built over the last decade are airtight, which is used to describe homes with minimal air leakage. While heavily insulated buildings are less expensive to heat and cool, they also have little to no fresh air being introduced into the home. Therefore, pollutants become so highly concentrated with nowhere to go.

Reducing Pollutants and Allergens

Unfortunately, many allergy sufferers spend a majority of their time indoors breathing the bad air. However, there is a solution to removing their airborne allergens. HEPA filtration is the only means for eliminating fine dust particles and allergy triggers from the air. HEPA removes over 99.97% of all contaminants, including pet dander, mold spores, pollen, and dust. These particles become captured when the air passes through the HEPA air filter. Clean, fresh air is then diffused back into your room's air. Because of its superior ability to remove fine particulates, HEPA air filter systems are used in the most demanding of environments, including hospital cleanrooms, data storage facilities, isolation rooms, and pharmaceutical production facilities.

Breathe Clean Air with a HEPA Filtration

If you or your loved ones suffer from the miseries of allergies, they can greatly benefit with the use of a HEPA filter. While there are many dealers of air purification units on the internet, only one specializes in medical grade HEPA air filters – Clean Air Plus. They are a highly reputable, quality conscientious company who only offers the finest, most effective air filtration products on the market. Also, the abundance of health-related articles featured on their blog are highly informative and will help you understand how HEPA works, and why it is so well regarded by allergy sufferers and medical professionals alike.

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Keeping our homes clean on a regular basis can mean the difference in being healthy vs. being sick. Many homeowners realize this, however because so many people lead busy lives, rarely do they take the time needed to maintain a clean home. A recent study by the National Center for Healthy Housing found that a sizeable majority of those surveyed did not realize that living in a dirty environment can actually contribute to the development of certain illnesses, such as allergies, asthma or even cancer.


The problem for many property owners is that they just do not know exactly what it takes to foster a clean, healthy home environment. Thankfully, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently published a set of guidelines for attaining a healthy home. Here are the 7 steps that they suggested in their report:

1. Maintain a Dry and Mold-Free Home.

• Clean and preserve gutters and downspouts on a routine basis. This helps to avoid any water buildup, while preventing mold growth.

• Repair all water damage in walls and ceilings immediately. If you notice water gathering at the foundation, be sure to dry it immediately.

• Routinely check all appliances and plumbing components for water leakages. Repair and dry them as quickly as possible.

• Regularly inspect floor drains.

2. Maintain a Clean House.

• Dust with a slightly moist cloth frequently.

• After dusting, use a HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner from a reputable company, such as Miele or Riccar.

• Emphasize using non-toxic cleaners, such as baking soda, borax, lemon juice, and vinegar.

• Do not use artificial fragrances. These release toxic chemicals and VOCs into the air, where they can cause health problems.

• Regularly clean the oven, air-conditioning system, hot water heater, and heater according to manufacturer recommendations.

• Routinely clean the refrigerator exhaust fan and drip pan.

• Frequently clean the lint screen and clothes dryer vent.

• Use floor mats at the inside and outside of all access points to the house.

• Do not permit anyone to wear shoes inside the house.

3. Guarantee Optimal Indoor Air Quality.

• Invest in a HEPA air cleaner from a reputable brand, such as Austin Air or Amaircare.

• Remove all possible sources of contaminants.

• Do not allow smoking in the home or near open doors and windows.

4. Maintain Proper Ventilation.

• Guarantee that all appliances have proper ventilation (especially gas stoves).

• All bathrooms with showers should have an exhaust fan to help reduce humidity levels. Every time you shower, make sure to turn on the fan.

• Along with proper air filtration, open windows and doors when the air outdoors is clean. Ventilation helps disperse any contaminants, while introducing fresh air into the home.

5. Control Vermin.

• Consistently examine the home for signs of cockroaches, mice, snakes, and other bugs and rodents.

• Fill all foundation cracks and openings with caulk, foam, and cement.

• Avoid pesticides. If need be, hire an expert that employs integrated pest management (IPM). Also, try to use non-toxic pesticides if and when possible.

6. Foster a Safe Environment.

• Set the water heater temperature level to 120 degrees.

• Install non-slip mats and grab bars at baths and showers.

• Set up non-slip pads under movable rugs.

• Use nightlights wherever it is dark.

• Quickly replace damaged electrical cords and outlets.

• Frequently examine smoke and carbon monoxide gas detectors.

• Test for radon. Radon kills over 21,000 people in the U.S. alone each year.

• Check the house for peeling paint. Strip and repaint immediately using non-toxic/low VOC paint.

7. Keep the Home Maintained on a Regular Basis

• Have the home professionally inspected every year.

• Repair all foundation cracks and holes quickly.

• Replace broken windows promptly.

• Keep the roof in optimal condition.

• Change HEPA filters per the cleaner instructions

• Replace heater filters every quarter.

• Pump the sewage-disposal tank at least every 5 years.

Enhancing Your Indoor Air Quality.

As property owners, we want to believe that making sure ideal air quality is easy. The reality is that so many building and furnishing products on the market are actually some of the worst air contamination offenders. There is no doubt that this kind of contamination can impact health, particularly in children, the elderly and pets. The reason why certain HEPA air cleaner brands are so popular, such as Austin Air, is that they efficiently remove hazardous airborne contaminants and provide a clean, safe breathing environment. In fact, parents who are concerned with their family's health and well-being should give careful consideration to using a HEPA air cleaner in the home. In addition to following the recommended healthy home guidelines, consider investing in a HEPA air cleaner today and guarantee optimal air quality for years to come.


A Healthy Home for Everyone: The Guide for Families and Individuals

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Since its invention more than a century ago, the light bulb has undergone tremendous developments and now people can choose from wide variety of much more energy efficient products. Each different light and bulb type offers different benefits, so the choice can become quite overwhelming. Fortunately, with the following five really simple tips, you will save yourself a lot of hassle:


Tip #1 – Check the Bulb’s Fitting

If you think that light bulbs come with just a few fittings, you can’t be far from the truth – there are dozens of fittings available, so the best thing to do is to simply bring the old bulb. If that is not possible, double check whether the fitting will match.

Tip #2 - Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) vs. Halogens vs. LED Lights

Energy efficient light bulbs come in three main types – compact fluorescent lamps, halogens and LED lights. Halogen lights are the most energy consuming option among all three and they also have the shortest lifespan. LED lights and CFL have rather similar energy saving capabilities, but the light produced by LED lights is much better. The best choice of all three are the LED lights, which can be expensive to buy at first, but they last for up to 25 years and also consume 90% less energy than traditional light bulbs, so the investment really pays off.

Tip #3 – How to Get the Right Brightness and Colour

Previously the brightness and colour of the light produced by an electrical bulb was determined by its power, measured in watts. However, today all types of energy efficient light bulbs consume less energy, while at the same time providing brighter light. The brightness of a light bulb is measured in lumens. To help make the choice easier, consider that light bulbs with brightness of between 1500 and 3000 lumens is suitable for living room for example, while around 400 lumens is suitable for bed-sized lamps.

Another important factor to consider when selecting energy efficient light bulbs is the colour of light, which is measured on the Kelvin scale. Although, it’s commonly used to measure temperature, when it comes to energy efficient light bulbs it’s often referred to as colour temperature. To help get better understanding - the light produced by traditional light bulbs is around 2700K on the Kelvin scale, while candlelight is between 1500K and 1600K.

Tip #4 – Choose the Right Shape

The reason why energy efficient light bulbs come in such wide variety of shapes is that each one of them offers different angle and spread of the light. Bulbs in the shape of a globe spread light over 360 degrees, making them perfect for the living room. The choice of light bulb’s shape depends entirely on your needs and preferences. In some cases it is wise to consider how the bulb will look when switched off.

Tip #5 – Always Buy the Best Quality

Now with all details already taken into consideration, it’s time to decide what brand or quality grade of energy efficient light bulbs you will purchase. No matter whether you decide to go for CFL, halogen or LED lights – always choose the best you can afford. Energy efficient light bulbs give you great savings in the long run, so the better quality you buy, the more you will be able to use them.

What’s Next?

Once you purchase your new energy efficient light bulbs, you will need to have them installed at your house. For safety purposes, it’s highly recommended to hire professional contractor, especially if there are some adjustments that needs to be done to the electrical wiring installation. You can have this done with just few clicks online at websites like and Angie’s List.

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