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Jhon Parker

Ours has accumulated over the years. It’s all beginning to fall apart, so I’ve been keeping a watch on garden furniture trends when visiting gardens and shows.

There seem to be four key directions – modern, classic, vintage and upcycled. Here’s what they mean for your garden. There are some affiliate links in this post, which means you can click through to buy. If you do, I may get a small fee.

Modern garden furniture

If you like contemporary style, you need chunky, large pieces in neutral colours, such as black, brown, beige or white. Then add a strong splash of vibrant colour. Look for giant sun loungers and huge teak tables that seat 10 or more. This style works particularly well in small city gardens. Interior designers often say that you need one or two large items in a small space to make it seem more opulent.


You may have finished your spring cleaning around the house and found yourself with various trinkets and mason jars that are no longer in use. In turn, you may be at crossroads with what to do with your garden and how to give it a fresh look. Well, consider going vintage! 

Repurposing Old Items

If you find yourself with a few of old metal buckets around your household, you can use them as a planter instead of finding yourself a new plant pot! It does not take long to fill it up with soil, and you can place it with various flowers around your garden giving it an instant vintage look.

What is great about repurposing old pots and items is that you can also use unconventional items such as an old colander. This is useful since they have holes at the bottom for the water to drain. You can hang these around your garden to give it a more vintage feel.

Vintage Birdcage

Birdcages are a staple of vintage gardens. Not only they give an antique feel, they can also create a botanical feel to your garden too. You can make use of them by adding string lights for that instant glow in the garden. Otherwise, you can turn this item into a nest planter by planting various flowers such as pansies and periwinkles which spreads rather than growing tall.  

Rattan furniture

For materials that give a distressed look, you should consider rattan furniture! As rattan material is durable and natural, it can create an instant shabby chic look. You can also incorporate mismatched vintage teacups and crockery on the table to complete the vintage look for your garden.

Mason jars

Due to its flexibility, mason jars have blossomed in popularity to the point it is a key staple in vintage ideas. You can add string lights in these jars and place them around the garden to highlight certain areas. Otherwise, you can place them on your rattan table with a tealight inside, which makes a lovely addition when you have your dinner in the garden. Just in time for summer!

Floral prints

Last but not least, floral prints! It is an adored addition when it comes to vintage ideas. Opt for soft prints with has neutral tones to not take away the attention from the other vintage decor in your garden. This way, it can produce a dreamy mood that is needed for a vintage styled garden. You can use these prints as a table cover on your rattan furniture too! For more information Please have a Click on Garden Furniture Shop .

How, though, to make the most of our outdoor space when the weather can turn in the blink of any eye? We’ve put together four modern outdoor furniture ideas that will help you find the design perfect for your space, whatever the weather.

1. Think Versatile

Yes, there are a lot of unknowns with British weather. But that doesn’t mean we can’t create a stylish outdoor “room” of our own where we can enjoy the intermittent sunshine. It just means we have to be slightly smarter in our choices.

For starters, consider investing in a design that is just as at home inside as it is out.

We have a number of beautiful chairs that can be used around a modern dining table as well as the garden table meaning that the chairs don’t go to waste for half of the year. This is especially handy if you don’t have the luxury of ample storage space to hide away your outdoor furniture during the wet and windy winter months.

2. Think Functional

A key function of outdoor furniture is to ensure it can withstand the elements. Therefore, material choice is an important consideration when it comes to choosing the right design for your garden.

Before you opt for traditional wicker or wood pieces, you might want to consider a different material: plastic. Enough to make many design aficionados shudder, plastic tends to get a bad rep but when executed properly, plastic can be just as chic as its natural counterparts.

It can be easily moulded into many different shapes giving designers the ability to create truly breath-taking pieces that other materials don’t allow for.

3. Think Colourful


Your outdoor space is a great opportunity to add a bit of colour to your home, especially if you’re not quite brave enough to use it inside. Use the colours found in your garden as your starting point and build from there.

Designed by Jasper Morrison, the All Plastic Chair is reminiscent of classic wooden chairs but made from resilient plastic. Available in a range of colours, the chair combines chair combines great stability with excellent comfort.

Another colourful option is the Hot Mesh chair by Blu Dot. Inspired by classic wooden steam-bent bistro chairs, the use of steel tube and mesh gives a modern rendition of the interlocking rails and woven seat of the original with this yellow design available in a range of bright colours.

4. Think Iconic

It’s hard not to be driven by trends, but it’s better to invest in something that you love which can evolve rather than be thrown out after a season.

New to Heal’s is the Eos range from Case which does just that. Designed by Matthew Hilton, the aim was to produce a simple, clean and functional product that was hard-wearing and well-priced.


Jhon Parker

Magento Ecommerce



Are you looking to set up your first ecommerce store or upgrade an existing website? You have certainly come to the right place! Fluid Digital specialise in the design and development of Magento ecommerce manchester websites for businesses from all sectors.

Magento is a powerful and feature-rich ecommerce system and Gooey’s platform of choice.

We have been developing online shops with Magento for many years and our experienced developers build both bespoke Magento themes and Magento extensions, and we can also integrate Magento with stock management and accounting software.

Magento has many great features. The real benefits of using to sell online include:

  • It gives you greater control of your eCommerce website
  • It’s a flexible platform that can grow with your business
  • Magento is highly customisable through its range of extensions
  • It’s easy to get a responsive site so you can get orders from any device
  • Quick and easy PayPal integration

We can assist right from the start, from the design phase where will design an attractive and functional website for your needs, through to the development where our Manchester Magento web developers who will develop a powerful site with many functions.The Magento e-commerce sites that we can develop come with many features including unlimited products and categories, search options and built in SEO features that will help to get your Magento site to the top of search results for your chosen terms. The system is powerful and is easy enough to use so that the website can be maintained easily after launch. Whether you are planning to launch your first eCommerce website, migrate over to Magento or update your existing Magento website, we can help. We've built a reputation for bringing creativity, ecommerce expertise and technical excellence to Magento ecommerce development and design.

Jhon Parker

Garden Furniture

If you want to buy a new garden furniture set that will fit perfectly with the style of your property and garden, take a look at our rattan garden furniture now. If you currently have set and you would like to replace it with something more attractive, any one of our rattan sets would be ideal.

Rattan, the bark and interior reed of the climbing palm, is sold as wicker, cane, and reed as well as rattan. This can be a little confusing because wicker is a catch-all phrase for other types of woven materials, like willow, too. At the beginning of the spring season, there's a lot of rattan to choose from for patio and deck applications, but prices are typically high. After the season, you can pick up bargains for a short time, but when the weather starts to turn, selections dwindle until next season.


Grade A Teak Garden & Outdoor Leisure Furniture

Always great quality and value for teak garden furniture, outdoor tables and chairs, benches and patio sets. These contemporary and traditional designs look great in any outdoor, lawn or patio space. Our range of high quality A grade teak furniture includes, benches, garden tables and chairs, as well as patio sets and bistro sets, perfect for outdoor dining. Recline in comfort on our sun loungers, reclining and steamer chairs,that look great on any lawn or poolside. We manufacture, tree seats, Adirondack chairs, garden parasols, outdoor patio bench cushions, Versailles planters, garden storage benches, cushion boxes, lazy susans, and decking.For more information , Please have a Click on Pacific Compagnie .



Rattan is an excellent type of garden furniture- it is eco-friendly, lightweight and really easy to maintain.

We’ve put together this in-depth guide so you can learn everything you need to know when buying garden furniture including:

  • Rattan vs Wicker: Differences
  • Cleaning and maintenance tips
  • Buying advice
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