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Joe Anderson

These days, vehicle wraps are in vogue. However, different wraps done by different installers will give you a great deal of variation in quality and attention to detail. We love our cars as our child, so we will not like unfinished and poor wraps over our car. Knowing the tricks that make up a great car wrap can help you give a fresh change to your car.

Your car wraps can look good for up to five years, but only high quality vinyl laminates must be used. Don’t try to be penny-pincher while purchasing vinyl materials as cheaper materials fade quickly. If you will take your car to an experienced designer, he must have knowledge of three thumb rules for perfect car wrapping including space, angle and car design. It is necessary that installer should ensure that the car is wax free before installing the vinyl material. Installing wraps at too high and low temperature can stretch and shrink the wrap respectively.

Anything but ordinary, you can create a cool and distinctive look for your car by selecting right color, design and wrap material. Properly installed car wraps will give your vehicle a fresh look and also will protect its original paint resulting in a higher resale value.

For sure, learning to install quality vehicle wraps is a difficult and time-consuming task. In order to create a sound vehicle wrap, it’s essential that you keep in mind the above factors to minimize wrapping failure and maximize car wrap longevity.


Joe Anderson

Chandeliers, ever since their inception has amazed people with their mystic aura. Their charm and elegance has been acknowledged by various countries where these lighting fixtures have been displayed.

Some of the best known places where you can discover the largest and most stunning chandeliers of the world include Knokke Casino, which features just one grand chandelier that drives the attention of gamblers with 22,000 pieces of crystals and 2700 lamps. The one in Palais Garnier Opera in France is also a world piece as the chandelier is a unique fixture adorned with marble freezes.

The world is full of chandeliers displayed around various places. However, the largest chandeliers have made certain places and venues highly famous including Walker Art Center, The Vermont State House, Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Kocatepe Mosque, Ankara, Turkey.

With these places featuring the world’s largest and most beautiful chandeliers, you can plan a trip to Turkey, Oman, France, Vermont, or Belgium and it would be worth visiting the unique chandeliers during your stay.

Discover elegance of beautiful chandeliers!

Infographic by Beautiful Things Lighting


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