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The maintenance of the car battery should be an essential task for the proper care of it. A faulty battery will quickly shorten its life. And among one of the tasks for such maintenance is knowing how to clean it.

The importance of this act is that the battery produces sulfated salts that are usually accumulate on its edges. If you do not clean it regularly, this can damage any other element in the vehicle around you, whether it is electric circuits or the same sheet of the car.

If you do not know how to clean it, you have two options: first, take it to the garage or car dealer ; or the second, do it yourself. In case you chose the second option, then Toyocosta presents some tips to properly clean the car battery.

Recommendations for cleaning the car battery



If you see that on the edges of the battery appear some formations of greenish-white appearance (sulfated salts), you must act quickly. And for this there are two types of materials that will help you do it: baking soda or fizzy drink.

Unscrew the terminals from the edges of the battery. Do it carefully and avoid forcing it. He will also try not to cross the terminal wires or touch any metal parts of the car.

Once the cables have been disconnected, you must insert these oxidized terminals in a container with water and bicarbonate. Try to saturate the container with baking soda, and if you do not have it, use a carbonated drink.

Let the mixture act for a few minutes, then remove from the bowl. There you will see how all the rust has been removed.

Clean any debris on the edges of the battery with paper. Never use a garment, since it will be burned and can not be used again.

Finally, place the terminals and apply abundant petroleum jelly to protect the edges.

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