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Many owners choose to buy an electric Black Diamond Log Splitter because it is not conducive to manual division of wood for later work. These models are ideal for products that require only a small amount of work, because they are not as powerful as gasoline. But what do you do when your extension starts to encounter problems? Can you solve the problem yourself?

Bent Push Rod

The push rod is the name of the hydraulic cylinder that extends when the pressure is applied by the hydraulic pump. When the insensitive logs are inserted into the separator, the push rod is sometimes bent. To solve this problem, you need to replace the hydraulic arm, and the hydraulic arm will include multiple parts.

Ram Head Breaking

If uneven pressure is applied to the plate, the weld that will engage the wood and push it into the punch head of the ax may break. This problem can be corrected by grinding the original weld from the platen and hiring a qualified welder to re-solder the plate to the mounting seat. However, you must ensure that the welding is firm.

Tripping Breakers

These logarithmic dispensers contain an engine that requires an electrical connection of 15 power supplies. However, when the motor is trying to cut a piece of wood, more power is attracted to the machine, which is usually enough to trip the circuit breaker. To solve this problem, you need to avoid cutting hardwood.

Spluttering Engine

These shunts are used for quite dirty work, which means that their motors are often blocked by dirt and debris. You do not want a dirty area is your fuel tank, as this may block the fuel line, causing the engine to splash rather than run smoothly. Try to drain the fuel tank and clean it thoroughly.

Although the electronic log separator may encounter some other problems in its lifetime, it is important to remember that these issues need to be handled by professionals, or you will be able to further damage the machine. If you can not use the provided troubleshooting tips to correct any of these issues, you will need to do professional maintenance. Log Splitter:

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