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Who has not felt only once? Sure that many times you have felt that the House you drop over, that no one rather than be with you in your day to day as the true solitude. When that you spend, just make one thing: think of a freelance translator and will be going.

The translator, conceived as sort of lone worker going text in text decoding symbols to build them in another language, just company dictionaries, books and a computer with internet, not only for the search for resources, but if by some chance will happen you communicate with the outside, and especially that ally who becomes the closest thing to a best friend : the coffee maker. Laugh night guards or keepers; the loneliness of the translator is special.
How is the life of a freelance translator?

His life is limited to go home to his private office, where it is likely to also pass the time only. The translator as they send the cannons accurate's office, even when this work in a group must have a place where to safe only. And is that it must not victimize the freelance translator, it sometimes seems that is environmentalism of her own solitude. Thus, the first social contact of the day for a translator, it is likely be share a Word with the parents of the school of their children to pick them to school, if you have time (or family). Or perhaps an argument with a driver on the way to the office, if that does not work from home, typically to a translator freelance.

I am sure many that you'd be able to work from home do not know this type of translators, and to not know what possibly is derived from its isolation. Maybe Facebook or Whats app becomes the only instrument to maintain friendly relations in a virtual way. And it is that they don't even have the possibility, for better or for worse, have a colleague or partner with which to share their experiences or that have some discussion.
Is it so hellish?

This loneliness can be annoying, but sometimes even like, therefore before pointing to that feedback to its coast. On the one hand, many of these translators sure you often dream of having someone to get a drink after work, Miss Office environment, meetings, or even the simple act of dressing up every day...

Wait... what bargain that being freelance translator, isn't it? Imagine: people annoying office that you cannot get rid, not have all day to the head attached to the ear, get up when you want to and plan your as you want, not have to go through traffic jams of an hour to get to work...

I don't know, what do you think you? Of course not everything should be as nice as it seems, it has its pros, but it also has its drawbacks: very bad for who does not loneliness, like lack of teamwork, not knowing with whom to consult your doubts... Although good, all that already depends the person and their preferences.

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