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It happens to be a really nice day and you’re walking around your yard or the local park, minding your own business when suddenly: Squish. You’ve just stepped on a dog poop mine. There are few things in life more annoying than the sensation of stepping on excrement, enough to ruin any day.

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We really love our pets as much as many others, from the larger breeds to the smaller ones, but let’s face it – pet owners are not really as responsible as they need to be in most cases. Being a responsible pet owner means you will need to pick up after your dog when they are done with their business, since after all it will help protect human and animal health. There are some pretty important reasons on the environmental side if you are looking for a way to do a proper waste removal.

  • If the dog excrement is left on the ground, bacteria, viruses and microbes will eventually end up in the ground water if you don’t do something about it. Heavy rainstorms as well as spring runoff will easily carry dog waste into rivers and streams and into larger bodies of water without any treatment at all. Waste clearance is a necessary step to get rid of it, so make it happen.

  • The pet waste you avoid picking up can also cause illness in people and other animals. Dog excrement contains a whole bunch of bacteria and if your pet has been untreated for health issues, it could also possess tapeworms, roundworms, coccidian, giardia, adenovirus and parvovirus among other things.

  • Other dogs may also become infected, just like local wildlife if your dog has health problems. The same goes for excrement left from homeless dogs and even wildlife. As it is with most ailments, children will be more at risk than adults, which quickly becomes a problem if they tend to spend a lot of time on the ground, touching their mouth and eyes with dirty hands.

  • You can enjoy a good time outside if you make use of the bag programs in your local parks. Some dog parks already have dispensers for dog waste that help owners clean up in their own biodegradable pet waste bag. When it comes to waste clearance you will need to be aware that this type of program is there to give you a chance to eliminate the chance of forgetting picking up after your pet.

  • You can also work on putting the pet waste into a compost pile if you don’t grow food but just use the compost for your decorative yard plants. It won’t take too much effort to make use of it, so do your best to place it into your compost pile if you have the need for it. You can also get rid of all manner of organic manner if you don’t have the time or space to use compost. A professional waste clearance company will allow you to take care of it without too much bother during taking care of this type of waste.

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