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Jessica Greenberg

Ever since electric fireplaces have become popular in the market, these gadgets are now replacing the old and traditional fireplaces. But just like most appliances, if you don't take proper care of your electrical fireplaces, then you may have to contend with a faulty electric fireplace that might cause a lot of problems in the future. In fact, just a month ago, a neighbor lost his house because of faulty wirings durin the fireplace installation. Well, at least nobodty got caught in the flames, but still, losing one's home because of a faulty device is kinda depressing and frustrating at the same time.

At the same time, an electric fireplace also helps Mother Nature. Since you are not using real fire and charcoal, you are not contributing to the disturbingly gigantic greenhouse effect that is weakening the ozone layer.

If you don't want such accidents to happen to your family, then my advice would be to take care of your electric fireplace. If you have no idea how to do so, then you may want to check out this article for your reference:

1. Always remove dust that that is found in the outer part of the fireplace. It should be cleaned and vacuumed regularly to avoid dust accumulation. Don't forget to include the inside areas and the control compartment; this is where dust is most likely to accumulate because some people don't bother cleaning those areas. Because the front panel of the electric fireplace is made of glass, use mild liquid soap and water to clean the glass. Never use abrasive cleaners as it can cause scratches on the surface.

2. Don't forget to check the power outlets. There are times when you might carelessly plug your electric fireplace in a broken plug. This could short circuit your gadget or worse, cause a house fire when the fire is undetected. Also, don't connect the fireplace to a socket that is already connected with a lot of appliances inside the house. It's one short way of burning your house to the ground!

3. As a rule of thumb, always remember to replace the light bulbs regularly. While there are no problems in using the same set of bulbs all the time, it's advisable to change the bulbs in order to retain the natural image of wood burning in a fireplace. If you feel that it's time to replace some of the bulbs, just observe the fireplace. The flame looks uneven when the electric fireplace is on.

4. Keep all flammable objects away from the electric fireplace. Sure, it's powered through electricity, but it can still ignite any flammable object, especially when it starts heating up! Make sure that the fireplace is placed in an area where other electrical objects may cause problems for the appliance. Also, make sure that the fireplace is placed far away from an aquarium; you don't want the fish inside the tank to die because the water got too hot!

In any case, simply follow these simple steps and protect yourself from the harsh, cold weather with an electric fireplace. It's a ozone-layer friendly way of keeping yourself warm while it's snowing outside. You can buy one from Electric Fireplaces Direct, Ebay or Amazon online or at any other appliance center near you.

Jessica Greenberg

Whether it's wood left behind because of a house renovation or your husband or older brother built a new treehouse, leftover lumber is still usable. Instead of just throwing the extra wood away, why don't you try building something with it? With the Earth getting warmer everyday because of the greenhouse effect, it's only natural that we should protect our trees as they're the only ones who can take that much punishment from the sun. To do just that, we have to use lumber wisely.

Asides from lumber, trees are also cut down to make paper and a whole other things. If you want to help protect our trees, then you may want to do something about the extra lumber. However, before you attempt to build either a picnic table or a doll house, make sure that the extra wood is enough for the project. And also, make sure that you are up to the task; if you can't do it, have someone else do the project for you.

Here are some of the things that you can do if you have some extra lumber in your house:

1. Picnic Table - If you have a really big lawn or yard in the house, building a simple picnic table should be easy. Often at times, the picnic table is the first thing in mind when dealing with extra lumber. If you're someone who enjoys having a picnic outside, then this should be a good project for you.

As for the designs, there's the traditional 6 foot picnic table, the octagon picnic table and a bunch of other designs. You can find a lot of these designs in the Internet and most websites have the instructions on how to cut and piece the wood together. However, if you are not too confident with your skills with the hammer and saw, then get someone to build the picnic tables for you.

2. An Extra Chair - If you feel that you need an extra chair, then start building one with all the extra lumber in your home. It wouldn't hurt to be extra prepared, you know. As a matter of fact, I had this one situation where a very hyperactive toddler broke one of the chairs in the house and there's a party going on; fortunately, I had a couple of spare chairs that I built from the leftover lumber.

3. Doll House - My niece loves her little dolls, so I had a good friend build a lovely doll house for her toys. No, it doesn't have to be that articulate or pretty; there are a lot of simple doll house designs that you can check in the Internet. Once again, don't attempt to make one if you're not confident in using sharp tools. The doll house can be as big as a child or small enough for her dolls to fit in.

4. Outdoor Cabinet - Having an outdoor cabinet can be quite an advantage. If you have pesticides, insecticides, sharp or heavy tools that you wish to keep away from children, then building an extra outdoor cabinet might do you good. Make sure to place a lock for the cabinet to keep the children outside and the contents inside.

5. A Bird House - Finally, you can build a simple bird house in your porch. Wild or migrating birds love these buildings as it provides them with a rest stop while traveling. You also get to enjoy watching these feathery creatures eat some of the treats you left on the bird house.

Jessica Greenberg

So you've heard that our planet's fossil fuel capacity is at near zero capacity and that everyone is scrambling to get their hands on any type of renewable energy available. From wind power to solar panels, a lot of people want to know the final solution to the energy crisis. Well, I'm no scientist but I do want an endless supply of electrical power because civilization depends on electricity. A world without electricity is chaos, so we should all do our part to make sure that our planet stays clean and green for our future generations.

It's not just with the energy crisis though. There's pollution everywhere and there are tons of garbage to dispose of completely. I don't know about you guys, but I think now is the best time for all of us to start working together for a way to stop pollution and save energy. This is the reason why our government is into supporting different ways to conserve energy and protect our environment from pollution.

Truth be told, a lot of researchers and scientists have already contributed different ways to help Mother Nature and preserve our planet's ecology. However, there are always a few screwballs who made up ridiculous ways to harness an unlimited amount of energy or perhaps, discover a new source of fossil fuel. Ridiculous as it is, some of these ideas have now been proven to actually work, thanks to modern science and technology. Let's review some of the best yet ridiculous green ideas that might actually work:

Steel and Plastic-made Picnic Tables - There was a time when some scientist actually proposed to change wooden picnic tables into steel or plastic; the reason was that every year, thousands of trees are cut for its wood. Wood is then converted into planks and plywood, so in order to help save the forests, he recommended the use of steel and recycled plastic when building furniture, such as chairs and picnic tables. Well, I guess this would work, if coupled by strict logging laws and tree-planting sessions.

Beer Fuel - For years, people believed that beer is only good as an alcoholid drink. Little did they know that beer can actually be used as a fuel for vehicles. One brilliant scientist from Germany made it all possible after experimenting with the remains of wheat and barley, which are the ingredients needed to make beer. The scientist says that in the future, vehicles will be powered by beer.

Converting Energy from Walking - Apparently, a high school project from a group of students in the Philippines were able to harness energy from a device that was installed on a shoe. Therefore, when the shoe is worn and used for walking, it was able to store enough energy for 2 AA batteries. It's certainly a major discovery, but in the past, people used to scoff at the very idea of energy generation through walking.

These are just some of the top ridiculous green ideas that might work in the near future. While things are starting to get interesting, we will have to wait for a few more years for new technological advances to occur. Who knows? Maybe one day, pollution will become extinct and you can drive a car with the power of organic trash.

About the Author:

Jessica Greenberg is an avid blogger from San Diego, California. When she's not busy writing blogs and stories about the preservation of Mother Nature, she usually spends her time gardening or drinking green tea.

Jessica Greenberg

I know. It really sucks to be distracted, especially if you are at work.

Whenever work comes, your greatest foe would probably be the daily distractions that ruin your work mood. Be it the sound of cars, your kids running around the house, or an annoying friend calling you for gossip, everyone has his or her own share of distractions. When you have a pile of work to do at your home or office, you really need to get focused one hundred percent but there are times that no matter what you do, the small distractions suddenly pull your full attention. By the end of the day, you find out too late that you have accomplished only a little bit of your task.

I'm a writer, so getting distracted is kinda normal for me. However, getting distracted all the time like an elementary grade kid is not cool, so you may have to do something about it. There are effective ways to cut back on distractions, but this is a very broad topic, since most of us have different distractions. My distractions happen to be the soap operas that show during my working hours, so I can't exactly help it but turn the television on while I leave my pile of work undone! A friend of mine has to take care of his 10 year old kid while another buddy can't get her hands off from watching Youtube music videos during her work hours inside the office! So the first effective way of cutting back distractions would be to identify your own distractions.

So now we've talked about what your distractions are, it's time to think of ways how to avoid drastic time loss because of such distractions. A good idea is to get a planner. Most mobile phones and smartphones have planners; my Iphone 4s has a really good planner/organizer which I always update as to what I'll be doing the next day. Make it a habit to write down what you're going to do for the next so that you won't spend time thinking the next day as to what you'll be doing. This will only invite more distractions! Trust me, I've been dealing with distractions for most of my life and it only comes when your focus level is at its lowest!

Another tip I'd like to impart would be to finish all your important tasks and work first thing in the day and then attending to your distractions afterwards. Now this is a little difficult, since it involves a lot of patience and discipline. However, you'll be more efficient in work and it'll save you a lot of time too. It also feels better to attend to your distractions, especially if you've already finished working your tasks!

Lastly, turn off all types of electronic devices that may get your attention. Cellular phones, television sets, gaming consoles, the radio, Mp3 players and all other things that may distract you should be powered down. If you are using the computer and you get yourself distracted by browsing non-work related stuff, create a work profile in your computer where browsers do not work. It may be extreme, but it's actually a good way to instill discipline and to keep your focus set.

About the Author:

Jessica Greenberg is an avid blogger from San Diego, California. An expert in business expansion loans and financial ethics, she loves to help business newbies in setting up their business and how to deal with financial crunches.

Jessica Greenberg

Well, San Diego's Comic Con may be over, but I am still feeling the after-effects.

Considered as one of the biggest comic conventions ever, San Diego's Comic Con is the place where every nerds (and nerds-at-heart) gather. From cosplayers to comic book artists, it is one of the best places to be if you are (and will always be) an avid comic book fan. I was one of the comic book fans who attended the said event and it was a really big success. I also got to see a lot of movie teasers from the upcoming superhero movies from Marvel and DC. I honestly think that it's about time for Superman and Batman to have a movie together, but that is for another story.

And what better way to commemorate this special event than to wear your very own customised tshirt?

I love custom tshirts. Period. Even during my early college days, I'd wear tshirts with Star Wars or Star Trek designs and logos during classes. Back then, they did not have the big comic conventions that we have right now, but there were still conventions where comic book artists showed off new issues of their comics. And still, I wore my custom print tshirts. I was proud of them, to say the least. But just like most clothes, my favorite custom tshirts started to fade away. Still, I wore them but this time, only indoors.

Fortunately, we live in an age where digital tshirt printing is already a possibility.

If you check the Internet, there are hundreds of companies that offer custom tshirt designs. It's a growing trend to wear tshirts with designs related to one's favorite cartoon or comic book character. As for myself, I have a tshirt designer where I got my favorite custom Star Wars designed tshirt for the San Diego Comic Con. I have always loved Star Wars and my room is filled with Star Wars inspired apparel. Now that the convention has ended, I'll be wearing the said tshirt whenever I go out with my friends at a bar or while shopping.

I know that it's still far off, but as for Comic Con 2014, I am thinking of the following designs:

"Keep Calm and Build the Deathstar" Shirt - I have always loved the Deathstar. That massive planet-like space station of doom has always haunted my mind ever since I first saw it in a theater as a kid. Now, I am thinking of adding the Deathstar in the "Keep Calm" phrase. It should be pretty cool, don't you think?

Captain America's Shield - I love the Captain's shield. However, I am thinking of having the Captain's shield in the center of the tshirt but the shield should be battle-scarred. Just like Captain America's shield in the Avengers, where it's full of blast marks and scratches.

Despicable Me's Minions - Well, I think we can all agree to this. The Minion's popularity have skyrocketed, thanks to the recently concluded "Despicable Me 2" movie. I have also loved the Minions since the first movie because I think that they're "...too fluffy I'm gonna die!"

Maybe I'll have a full body Minion grace the back of the shirt at that time. That will absolutely work.

About the Author:

Jessica Greenberg is an avid blogger from San Diego, California. She's a total nerd for Star Wars and other science fiction novels and television series. She spends her free hours watching Episode IV and V again and again.

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