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  • Joseph Ramondeli

    Black Friday Promotes Over-Consumption and Waste

    By Joseph Ramondeli

    Black Friday Promotes Over-Consumption and Waste               Every year Thanksgiving weekend is overshadowed by Black Friday and in recent years Cyber Monday as well. Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time when families can get together, even if it’s just for a day or dinner, to talk and reconnect. However every year more American’s are focused on shopping. Stores are now open by 8:00 pm on Thanksgiving Day resulting in people sitting at the dinner table with their families while browsing on their phones for the best deals that they hope to buy in a few hours.  This is just another example of how our modern, technologically advanced society is constantly becoming more materialistic. Aside from Black Friday overshadowing an American holiday and tradition, it is an annual example of how Americans over-consume and by doing so are very wasteful.  A huge fraction of purchased goods during Black Friday and Cyber Monday are things that people don’t need, they are things they think they need. Advertisements and social trends play a big role in the impact of this event (I refuse to call it a holiday) and in our consumption behavior in general.             Companies are tricking and forcing us to buy un-needed goods through the use of planned obsolescence and perceived obsolescence.  Planned obsolescence is disappointing because it refers to how companies purposely make products to only last a few years and by doing so force consumers to by new products from them every couple of years. The most common example of this is electronic devices. Apple creates a new IPhone every year so that once yours break “accidentally” there’s a brand new, more expensive one to purchase as a replacement. Not to mention that such companies stop making old models, forcing you to buy the newest model. On the other hand, perceived obsolescence is promoted by companies but ultimately results from our own social actions. Companies, through advertisements, constantly throw the promotion of new goods in our face. It’s almost impossible to go anywhere or do anything without seeing an advertisement of some sort. These advertisements tend to increase around the holiday season, hence the origin of Black Friday. The main reason such advertisements work is due to the social pressure we put on each other and ourselves. Everyone wants the next new model or brand and once a friend or family member purchases something then we are pressured and attracted to buying it as well. The biggest example of this is the fashion industry, where new trends come and go each season resulting in constant purchasing of new, unnecessary clothing. These companies are clearly getting the better of us based on the success of such events as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.             So why is over-consumption such a bad thing, why should we care if people waste there money on unnecessary goods? It’s simple: overconsumption leads to waste! One of the downfalls to the technological advancements of today’s world is that we create materials that cannot be found in our natural world. This means that when we throw something out in the garbage it will never decompose. Purchasing many of today’s consumer goods is bad enough because most cannot be recycled and will sit in landfills, but over-consumption takes this once step further in that we buy more than we need! We buy new clothes or new phones before our old ones are worn our or broken. By doing so we are creating more waste because we constantly thrown away products that are still functional and contribute the ever-growing amount of waste humanity has created on this planet. In order to help reduce the waste we create of course we should recycle and reuse as much as possible. However, I believe that the creation of waste should be stopped at its source, and that’s our consumer purchasing. Buying less and using goods to there fullest is a sure way to decrease waste. Resisting social pressure and advertisements is key to getting this accomplished. So next year put the phones away and turn the TV off at the dinner table during Thanksgiving, you don’t need them. Joseph Ramondelli  
  • Mark Piazzalunga

    DESERTEC project, Sahara Sun could power Europe by 2050

    By Mark Piazzalunga

    Sahara desert climate is hot and arid, everybody knows it. So how can this simple and well-known fact become the idea to power a continent like Europe? Let’s start from the principle: renewable energy is the future of energy; we assume that this sentence is true since all facts gets to this point. Second principle: European territory is restricted and allows the construction of a few plants that could use renewable energy. Paradoxically, countries like Africa have renewable sources, particularly solar, in abundance but scarce funds to make the best of these resources. Now find the connection. Is it possible to produce huge amounts of solar energy in Africa and transport them to Europe through energy infrastructures? Apparently yes, according to DESERTEC project developers and supporters. And what is DESERTEC? It’s an initiative of the Club of Rome (a global think tank that has its headquarters in Switzerland) started in 2009. Directly from the official website of the project ( "The DESERTEC concept was developed by a network of politicians, scientists and economists from around the Mediterranean, from which was born the DESERTEC Foundation. Demonstrates a way to provide climate protection, energy security and the development of sustainable energy generation from sites where renewable energy sources are at their most plentiful." In practical terms? Connect renewable energy power plants in Africa to Europe through a network of HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) systems. The Foundation target is to build several renewable power plants of various types (mainly wind, photovoltaic and solar concentration) throughout North Africa. To support the project financially, the Foundation and other 12 companies (including Deutsche Bank, E.ON, RWE and ABB) created an industrial initiative: Dii GmbH. The construction project would continue until 2050 and for that date, the cost is estimated at € 400 billion, which means $ 546,720,000,000, approximately seven times Bill Gates’ fortune. It’s little bit expensive (life on Mars seems cheaper) but the entire network could provide Europe with the 15-20% of electricity that it needs. We must also consider the drastic decrease of pollution, direct effect of the project. This project isn’t just an idea but it seems an accurate and long-term plan. This could be an opportunity to connect two continents and to give them economic opportunities and jobs. There could be some problems like the wars and the instability of some of North Africa countries or how to get all 40 nations to agree to an arrangement for subsidizing the green electricity. There’s also the possibility to build the plants in Europe, just $ 54 billion more, and doing some math it brings to a shocking number: €2 per citizen per year to keep tens of thousands of jobs in Europe -- and to prevent Europe from becoming dependent on foreign countries for its electricity. Well, the project just started and it has the funds to go forward. We can't wait to see the results. Photo from
  • Megan Bonetti

    Conferencing Climate Change: Teamwork or Tug-of-war?

    By Megan Bonetti

    India. Culture, cows and rubbish. As an Aussie living for a short time in India it is such an intriguing country. Indians love their diverse nation yet they use the streets like rubbish dumps. Even my friends here tell me it’s ok to throw my paddle-pop wrapper out the car window. I can’t… so I just hold it tight and wait till I get home. Growing up in Australia, those ‘emu hunts’ in primary school have willed my littering days away. Yet I suspect that even my household trash bin will just be dumped across the road for the cows to eat or worse still, burnt on the street…for the cows to eat. This is India. Love it or hate it. (#tii) As an Australian social worker volunteering with an NGO in Southern India I witness the large divide between the rich and poor of this incredibly colourful nation. I work with many children whose whole families have had to migrate from various parts of India due to the rapid effects of drought on their land and the significant urbanisation of major cities in the last 10 years. It turns out India has seen a boom in it’s industrial and technological trades a little later than it’s western neighbours and they are loving it. But India’s urban boom is threatened with westerners telling them they have to stop producing and polluting. The earth doesn’t like it. Sorry India…We made our big capitalist bucks, but you don’t get that chance. Just when things are getting good and you’re developing astronomically, your main source of energy is being taken away. It turns out fossil fuels are the cheapest form of energy for the developing world, especially as they try in earnest to develop the same standard of living as we have. So as one the most formidable countries in the developing world, India not only has the pressures of navigating a massive population but also has to figure out how to go green on the cheap. It’s interesting that the Turnbull government has reluctantly agreed on a 5% reduction in carbon emissions in the next five years. “Phew! Glad we got through that one boys.” They wipe their sweaty brows while developing countries are drowning, burning and trying to survive on scant resources. These countries are just trying to make a crust, while Eurocentric nations are slowly turning a baguette into organic multigrain sourdough (and throwing the crusts to their hobby cows). If the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris is truly the last attempt for international cooperation, leaders cannot just show and tell their contribution and sit back with folded arms. But how can mere human individuals promote serious teamwork? This brings me back to the children I work with here in India. Every day their parent’s lives are tied to corrupt building associations. They are bonded labourers—gypsies moving from construction to construction. These families have no hope of returning to their now desolate homeland and are not provided social security measures that protect their livelihood. Then there is India’s neighbour, low-lying Bangladesh, experiencing saltwater intrusion that poisons whole water supplies for entire villages. In our own backyard we see Australian farmers shooting all their cattle only to turn the gun on themselves under the shadow of unprecedented drought. This is human impact. Global warming is not just about penguins and polar bears. Climate change is a social justice issue. We live in a globalised world. The industrial revolution brought us here; and climate change is the consequence. No longer do we just neighbour cities, we neighbour nations. The leaders of Australia must be held accountable to all their neighbours including the ones just trying to keep their head above water. It simply won’t do for wealthy nations, such as Australia, to show the world their own country’s carbon reductions and sit back down. This summit can’t work as a set menu; it has to be a potluck dinner, a time for sharing, understanding and safeguarding. For the sake of our beautiful earth and the many diverse cultures of the human race, this time I hope and pray that the leaders of the world provide a resounding voice for the marginalised. This summit and our government must not stop at figures, but uphold the basic democratic and human rights principles that cradle modern society. The United Nations was created so that man-made and worldwide calamities could no longer grasp our world with such authority. Well, it turns out a world war with Mother Nature is knocking on our doorstep. Will we listen and respond? I hope so.   For more information please visit the below links. They offer great insights into climate change realities and are positive and accessible resources for engaging the conversation. The reality of climate change | David Puttnam | TEDxDublin India: Climate Change Impacts Climate Change and the End of Australia The Critical Decade: Climate Change and Health (Australia) GoPro: Climate Change and the Optimistic Future Paris Climate Conference: COP21 Explained Why is the Paris UN climate summit important? Adam asks new PM Malcolm Turnbull on climate change in Question Time Morgan Freeman's Powerful Climate Change Short Film  

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    Why companies invest in promotional products

    Promotional products are free giveaways that companies give their customers in order to make them happy. Most promotional products are printed attractively with the company information and logo so that the people who receive them during giveaways run a mobile advertisement campaign for the business when they carry those items with them. In order to be effective, the promotional product given away must be useful to the recipients and also good looking so that they will feel happy to carry them on the move. There is a range of promotional products options businesses can think of. Now let us discuss how to choose the right promotional products.

    How to choose the right promotional products

    • Go for those items used by people daily and extensively.
    • It is wise to invest in items that are carried by people on the move so that they will involuntarily show them to others.
    • The price of the product is very important. Choose the one that is not heavily priced and can be ordered for bulk production.
    • Check how good the product can accommodate printing on it. You need to print them with your product and brand information to reach out customers.
    • Focus on transporting, moving and storing the promotional products. Those items that can support all these requirements well can make great choices.

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    • We ensure businesses spend the minimum on their product promotional initiatives and get the maximum returns. Therefore our clients always trust us and recommend us to others too.
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    Related: FIFA 17 Career Mode Bargains

    Taking place June 10-12, the event will give you a chance to play FIFA 18 months ahead of launch and will also feature appearance by a number of other upcoming EA-published titles, such as Star Wars Battlefront 2 and the new Need for Speed.

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    If you have decided to install a trendy shower in your bathroom by tearing off that old and outdated bathtub, you are in line with the popular trend since bathtub to shower remodel is one of the most popular and highly sought after upgrades. However, you can’t just rush with the project. You always need to take well informed decisions in order to save on the costs as well as avoiding those expensive mistakes. Planning and planning well is the key to accomplish the project to perfection. Here are some important considerations for homeowners intending to replace their tubs with showers.


    Do you want to relocate your shower?

    If you are contemplating on a simple conversion instead of going for a complete bathroom makeover, then the project is straight forward and would cost less. Study the following considerations.

    If your outdated tub is an alcove, you will gain a space of 30 to 34 inches deep and 5 feet wide when you remove it. His is a good enough space to accommodate a shower. You just need to accomplish some small modifications without doing much with your drain lines and water pipes. This approach is going to save a ton of money in the process.   

    When you have a free-standing tub, you need to plan a bit. Several free standing tubs are found positioned near or under windows. However, you will not like to see your shower enclosure near the windows. This will mean planning your shower in a new place. In this case, you have to plan the shower as close as possible to the existing water supply and drain lines so that you can keep the plumbing costs as low as possible. If you will move the plumbing to a new location, you are going to add up a sizeable spending more to the project.

    Key measurements you need to know

    • The finished ceiling height must be not less than 80 inches.
    • There must be at least 15 inches space between the side of the toilet and the shower wall. In fact, 18 inches is an ideal gain.
    • From the front of the toilet seat, the shower wall must be 21 inches minimum. However, the ideal arrangement will be 30 inches.
    • Ensure that the toilet and the vanity cabinet do not come in the way of the door swing. If you wish to avoid the door swing problems of all types, go for sliding glass doors or shower curtains.

    Tips for tearing out the old tub

    • Removing the old tub is not a simple task. Cast iron tubs will need a significant man power to get it out of the way. You can either choose to sell it or donate it. To remove the tub, ensure the following.
    • Check the condition of the existing pipelines and replace if there is a need.
    • Examine the framing and subfloor to find out if there is any mildew or rot or repairs.
    • Ensure the shower valve is in good condition. The best option is to upgrade it to a single handle pressure balancing valve that can control temperature and volume.
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    Onion is not only one of the most respected vegetables on our table, but also a proven remedy for ailments. Remember the adage "Onions are against seven disease"? It is difficult to imagine a more accessible and effective means for the recovery of the whole organism. The main thing is to use every sort of diversion.

    Any onions can be eaten raw. There are a lot of fluid, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals. However, if you suffer from kidney disease, gastrointestinal tract - remember that raw onions irritate and stimulates the glands and organs of elimination.

    The composition includes sulfur-containing compound. They help withstand a variety of toxic substances, the undesirable effects of free radicals. Recent studies have shown that women, who use onions and leeks, are more protected from diseases of the hip joints, associated with damage to his cartilage.

    Use of both bow antibacterial agent. Onion is rich in biologically active substances - volatile production. Enough to chew arrow green onions to protect themselves from harmful bacteria in the mouth, and at the same time and wake up a little appetite. After all, the bow also promotes the absorption of nutrients by the body and improves digestion. In the uppermost layers of onion skin contains a lot of fiber. It is known that the use of fiber reduces complications from cardiopulmonary - vascular diseases, gastrointestinal diseases and obesity.

    Benefits of onions are in strengthening immunity. It effectively kills pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and even some fungi. It is a source of essential body substances, such as vitamin C, B1, carotene, which strengthens the immune system and protect the respiratory tract from inflammation. The onions contain phosphorus, sodium, cobalt, copper, potassium and calcium. All that is necessary for normal functioning of the heart, brain, blood vessels, nervous system.

    Use the onion for the beauty. Onions will save not only health, but also beauty.

    Try to wipe the spots and freckles fresh onion - in 2 weeks they will become less noticeable. In addition, the use of onions in the food helps to improve the skin cell respiration and reduce the damaging effects of free radicals.

    Benefits of red onion. It will help with heart disease. It promotes excretion of "bad" cholesterol causes heart attacks and strokes. You can freeze fresh onions - it does not deteriorate up to six months.

    About the Author: my name is Robert. I am a freelance writer, I help student with their and provide custom writing. Also If you with I can make a healthy eating plan for you, If interested - contact me!

  4. When searching for high-quality patio mats, search no further than Here they supply remarkably artistic designs to compliment the RV experience. Not only that, but the prices are exceedingly low for the types of patio mats they sell. The quality received is amazing, and they ensure satisfaction with the variety of RV patio mats to choose from. They also have many reversible styles that will suit all creative needs, and are essentially two designs for the price of one! There are classic simplistic mats as well as vintage imaginative mats; all of which are high quality, and many come with a packing bag for convenient storage. There are different sizes as well to accommodate all situations. They will help you find exactly what is needed with prices that are hard to beat for the amazing quality.

    A Style to Fit All Personalities
    Within the range of RV patio mats, there are many different styles from simplistic to stunning. For example, the fourth of July is right around the corner, and they have an excellent mat to compliment a personal RV. The Faulkner reversible independence day RV patio mat will make a great addition to the RV and will compliment the holiday! Obviously, holidays come to an end, but that doesn't mean the selection will. Switch it out for another piece, and they will have variety throughout the year with their beautiful selection of artistic RV patio mats. There is certainly a substantial selection of mats at They not only sell quality products, but the shipping is also very fast, so it is simple purchasing mats to fit any occasion. Going to park outside of a beach? Well, look no further for expressively beautiful wave and palm tree designs that will perk up the mood when entering and exiting the Domicile.


    Visually Stunning RV Mats
    Perhaps the most notable quality of these mats is the variety of layouts in their selection. When looking for vibrant colors and designs then they have the "Camco blue swirl" Reversible mat which will have guests and family mesmerized by its soothing swirl. There are also animal themes for all of the animal and nature lovers out there which will make the stay in the woods feel natural and calming. It will provide a comfortable feeling to the touch and will ensure that the senses are stimulated while enjoying outings. The durable designs that they offer will ensure that the RV mat will have a long life. Alongside this, enjoy the convenience of folding easily for storage. The materials used are also made to be resistant to the various environments one encounters through travel and being outdoors, making cleaning and upkeep easy. They offer a limited warranty on these mats, which is proof that satisfaction is a guarantee. Contact us at today to check out the wide variety of quality RV mats! Finding a design that will come easy and cheap!

  5. Galaxy S9 is a wonderful flagship of this year and the next year, Samsung lovers are waiting for the release of Galaxy S9. Samsung Galaxy S8 has given lots of funny, useful features which has been embraced by most of the people and now, is the turn for Galaxy S9 to show up its power in the market. Samsung Galaxy S8 has built with a proprietary processor Exynos 8895, which is designed using 10-nm process technology.

    In theory, this will provide a low heat. At the same time it has a lot of power, as evidenced by benchmarks:

    All games work great: smooth, fast, stable frame rate. The shell is also smooth as application software. Rare braking can be found only in two cases: when the primary device setup and installation of the active three dozen programs (all smartphones retarding in these conditions), as well as the swipe,  is not "zero" screen where Bixby lives. And if the first user will experience only once, the second condition is likely to be decided in the future when the Bixby will constantly run in the background, as it comes with Google Now.

    If we bring the topic of games and Bixby in Galaxy S9, You would find it interesting that the games’ speed, smoothness, and frame rate will leave behind the S8. But as we know that the competition is very high among phones, it is also possible that other phones like iPhone, Sony, LG might leave behind the S9.

  6. real-estate-516768_1280.jpg

    The process of flipping a home is increasingly common, and it involves fixing up an older, outdated home for the purpose of turning a profit. Flipping can be lucrative, but it can also be wasteful. Some people are looking for green ways to flip homes. These may be ways that limit waste or that make the future owner’s use of the home more environmentally-friendly. If you are thinking about green-flipping a home, these are some excellent project ideas to consider.


    Install Solar Panels

    The source of energy that a home uses can play a major role in how green the building is for future occupants. The sun provides a steady stream of renewable energy to homeowners each day, and solar panels are responsible for capturing and converting this energy. Installing solar panels and a full solar energy system on the building can eliminate the need for homeowners to use fossil fuels for energy. This can have a dramatic impact on how green the home is for years to come.


    Replace Old Windows

    Older windows, typically, are poor insulators, and they can allow an incredible amount of thermal energy transference. This can decrease how energy efficient the home’s HVAC system is. Modern windows may have two or three panes of glass as well as an insulating layer of gases between them. They may also be better sealed than older windows. As a side benefit, updating older windows can also improve the interior and exterior look of the home with beautiful results. There may be tax credits for the installation of energy efficient windows that can help you to save money on this project.


    Add New Insulation

    Another idea to consider when green-flipping a home is to improve the building’s insulation. Old fiberglass insulation can slouch down in walls or even deteriorate or rot. New spray foam insulation has a higher R-value for decreased thermal energy transference. It also will hold its shape and remain in place for long-term protection around the home. Some of the side benefits associated with adding spray foam insulation to the home include noise reduction for improved ambiance inside the home as well as improved air quality in the building.


    Choose Reclaimed or Recycled Materials

    There are many aspects of a flipping project that are designed mostly to improve aesthetics of the home, and using new materials is common in these projects. However, new materials may use natural resources and may increase pollution. A better idea is to use reclaimed or recycled materials as much as possible. You may even be able to reuse some of the materials in the existing home. For example, you could refinish an existing wood floor or expose decorative shiplap that may be buried underneath drywall. In many cases, exposing and refinishing beams in a historic home incorporates the character of the home in beautiful ways. You can also use reclaimed materials from other buildings to further decrease the use of new materials.


    Replace the Appliances

    From the HVAC system and water heater to kitchen appliances and more, appliances can use a substantial amount of energy. This is particularly true when the appliances are older in age. Modern appliances that carry the EnergyStar rating are green, and you can easily improve the look and function of the home when you select the right appliances to use when flipping the home.


    While renovating a home for the purposes of flipping it can generate a substantial amount of waste and pollution, it does not have to. The use of recycled materials can keep waste to a minimum. You can also limit waste by making extensive plans. Taking educational courses like Success Path can help you make better plans to get the job done right.  In addition, there are multiple green projects that you can work on throughout the home that can make the home energy efficient and green. Consider incorporating some or all of these project ideas into your next flip project for incredible results.


    Going green has been a huge trend in recent years as the next generation of tastemakers ramps up the pressure on manufacturers and governments to protect the environment and our health. In fact, going green isn’t so much of a trend as we think about it in terms of fashion – it’s often a total lifestyle revolution that lasts much longer than, say, the lifespan of the latest viral YouTube challenge.


    Truly going green not only takes into account things like food and transportation, but also has means considering other aspects of your life, such as the very home you live in. Some people opt to dive right in, installing everything from the best solar panels to painting their walls only using eco-friendly brands. However, there are so many ways to go green that you can opt for baby-steps if you so choose. For instance, if you’re renovating your house, you can start by selecting certain areas of your house to go green first. Bathrooms are one place that can particularly benefit from becoming eco-friendly, given how much water expenditure is directly related to this area of your home. Here are a few tips to get you started.


    Greener Renovations

    If you want your bathroom to be eco-friendly, you should consider starting from the ground-up. There are plenty of ways to make the actual renovation process itself much more eco-friendly, with next to no additional effort.


    Hire the experts

    You can choose to hire professionals who specialize in ecofriendly renovations. From architects to contractors, there are many people offering to fill this particular market niche. Green professionals will know all the best environmentally-friendly and/or non-toxic brands of paints and other products. They’ll also be able to advise you on how to reduce your energy bills by recommending appropriate product choices and design ideas for your home. You can consult local and national directories to find accredited pros with proven credentials and recognized affiliations in your area.


    Become an expert

    You won’t become an architect overnight, but you’ll be better off in many ways by doing research on going green yourself. Focus on learning about things like government incentives and rebates. Conversations with your hired professionals will be a lot more productive and informative if you know what they’re talking about. You’ll also be able to articulate exactly what you’re looking for without leaving them to do guess-work. Many resources exist online, and you can even attend green trade shows and conferences. Alternatively, simply contacting your utility company for information on how to reduce your energy usage can be quite helpful as well.


    Use clean, green materials

    One of the more obvious steps to take when going green is to choose materials that in themselves are already made in a safe, environmentally-friendly manner. For instance, opt for linoleum over vinyl. This goes for everything from vinyl wallcoverings to shower curtains, because vinyl is the most damaging plastic to the environment.


    On another note, you don’t want to skimp out when it comes to choosing non-toxic products over their toxic counterparts. These products will be certified by one or more environmental and/or governmental bodies, proving that they are all that they claim. Do your research to make sure that labels are not merely fluff, and that there is an actual rigorous certification procedure behind any given claim.


    The reason why non-toxic bathroom materials are important is that volatile organic compounds (VOCs) release poisonous emissions into the air over time. These compounds become particularly concentrated indoors. Unfortunately, they are often found in glues and paints, fabrics, caulks, floorboards, carpets and more. Can you just imagine having a nice steamy shower as you inhale a lungful of VOCs? Going green is definitely the better choice when it comes to creating a non-toxic home environment.


    Waste not…

    There are plenty of people on the hunt for used materials to do their own home renovations at a lower cost. If you’ve just invested in some custom bathroom vanity cabinets made of sustainable forest wood, using non-toxic glues and paint or what have you, don’t just chuck the old ones onto the curb. Local donation centres are always happy to take on used items that can be put to use in someone else’s dream home. Just be sure to call in advance to see what items they will and won’t take, so that you don’t waste time hauling things across town!


    Long-term Ecofriendliness

    Beyond making the renovation process more ecofriendly, the key to having a green home is by maintaining it in a healthy and environmentally-friendly manner long after the contractors have left your place for the last time.


    Reduce water waste

    Install low-flow toilets, which are both functional and often come in beautiful designs. They can save you up to 7 gallons of water a flush. Dual-flush toilets are also a great option, and if you don’t want an entirely new toilet, you can opt for a dual flush converter for less than $25. It’ll take you less than ten minutes to install and can save you up to 55,000 litres of water per year. Given that toilets alone use up just over a quarter of all water in your home, this is something you’ll seriously want to think about when it comes to going green in the long run.


    Similarly, low-flow showerheads will bring the average 5 to 8 gallons of water a minute down to 2.5 gallons, without you losing that water pressure you love. Some even come with built-in water filters, removing things like chlorine, which can have a drying effect on your hair and skin. This is another quick and easy fix that can help reduce your annual water bill.


    Be energy efficient

    Another easy upgrade you can make is to invest in LED light blubs, which can come in cold or warm tones. These will consume 80 percent less energy and can last up to five times longer than other types of bulbs out there. What’s not to love? Shop for them in terms of lumens instead of watts. If you’re partial to incandescent lights, “warm white” and “soft white” are popular colours which give you a very similar warm glow.


    An energy-efficient fan is also a great way to bring down energy costs. Furthermore, a strong but silent fan can reduce the chance of mildew and mold growing in your new bathroom. This should make you jump for joy – not only does it bring down the time you spend scrubbing those grout lines, it reduces the chance of you suffering adverse health effects from breathing in nasty mold.


    Are you convinced yet? Going green is definitely the better option when it comes to bathroom renovations. As you can see, there’s an option for everybody, so even a small budget doesn’t stand in your way of making small changes. Your health and the environment will thank you for doing your part!






  8. Dragon Ball Z: A Japanese Anime Powerhouse
    Dragon Ball Z is an anime television program that comes from Japan written by Takao Koyama. It's been extremely popular in the Far East nation since its introduction all the way back in the late eighties. It's been popular throughout the rest of the planet for a significant stretch of time, as well. North American audiences have been eating Dragon Ball Z up since the nineties. Its popularity doesn't appear to be waning anytime soon, either. Dragon Ball Z is all about a hero called Goku. He protects the planet with the assistance of his closest friends. They defend society from a broad range of "bad guys." These bad guys include strong androids, intergalactic forces and beyond.


    Dragon Ball Z Characters
    Dragon Ball Z has an abundance of famous characters. They're all brimming with personality and flair. Goku, as indicated before, is the hero. There are many other beloved characters that make up the vast Dragon Ball Z world, too, though. These characters include Trunks, Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, Bulma, Future Trunks, Android 18, Android 16, Shenron, Master Roshi and Dr. Briefs. People commonly call Vegeta "Badman." Vegeta is part of an extraterrestrial warrior group. He's a narcissist who thinks a little too much of his power and believes that he can beat Goku as well.

    Dragon Ball Z Badman Shirt Options
    Anime fans can enjoy an abundance of exciting and modern Dragon Ball Z Badman shirt options. People who want to showcase their Vegeta appreciation can easily do so by investing in top-quality printed T-shirts on the Internet. There are quite a few Dragon Ball Z T-shirts that are ideal for Vegeta fans. There are also many Dragon Ball Z T-shirts, however, that cater to passionate Dragon Ball Z lovers in general. People can find T-shirts that revolve around Goku, Future Trunks, Frieza, Shenron and many others. The choices are practically endless. Shoppers can find Dragon Ball Z T-shirts that are suitable for people of both genders, too. Female fans can quickly locate great T-shirts. The same goes for male fans.

    Dragon Ball Z Accessories
    Dragon Ball Z enthusiasts often can't resist the excitement of printed T-shirts. They often can't turn away from the excitement of accessories that relate to the anime program, too. Other options in Dragon Ball Z accessories that are commonly available include seatbelt belts, travel cups, snapback hats, wallets, coffee mugs, tank tops, beanies, crew socks, backpacks, fleece hoodies, and keychains. It's also easy to find impressive and detail-oriented Dragon Ball Z action figures. People can enjoy all types of Dragon Ball Z products. Young students who love the series can wear Dragon Ball Z backpacks to school. Individuals who love the series can wear Dragon Ball Z socks under their shoes daily. The choices in fun are varied. There are many stores on the Internet that sell printed manga T-shirts. That's why it's critical to select online retailers that have terrific track records with customers.

    If you are looking for the perfect Dragon Ball Z Badman shirt, contact us today!

  9. Dake is a prominent manufacturer that's known for top-quality arbor presses. The company is headquartered in Grand Haven, Michigan and is a JSJ division. Dake has served as a powerhouse in the manufacturing realm since 1887. It has a reputation for tools that epitomize excellent craftsmanship. People believe in Dake tools for many reasons. They appreciate that Dake tools are sturdy and resilient. Dake gives customers many options in excellent industrial tools. Examples of product categories that are available at Dake are laboratory presses, drill presses, cold saws, band saws and hydraulic presses. Dake's band saws can be beneficial for all types of woodworking applications. Dake's cold saws, on the other hand, can come in handy for the cutting of materials that are both non-ferrous and ferrous. Ferrous materials, in short, are those that feature iron in any way.


    Shopping for Dake Products on the Internet
    The Internet is home to many reputable stores that sell Dake products of all varieties. People who are searching for Dake arbor press parts online don't have to fret. They can quickly and easily locate Dake arbor press parts on websites that focus on industrial equipment. They should search for arbor press parts on sites that sell products such as chemical injection pumps, dust collector valves, process controllers, temperature controllers, pressure relief valves, industrial mixers and air diaphragm pumps. If an individual is shopping online for circuit breakers, power tools, fuel transfer pumps, globe valves or anything else, he may come across arbor press parts that are of reliable quality.

    Other Popular Brands
    Dake is a wildly popular brand in the industrial equipment universe. It has many loyal and dedicated followers. It is frequently seen alongside other prominent brands. Some of these brands are Mecair, Crosby, LMI, Goyen, Texsteam, and Flojet. People who are searching for arbor press components that offer toughness and quality never have to worry about Dake's products.

    Searching for Great and Effective Arbor Presses
    People who are trying to find exceptional arbor presses on the Internet should take a few things into consideration. They should explore online stores that give customers plenty of options. It can be smart to look for online retailers that sell arbor presses in all sizes. It can be smart to prioritize Internet stores that give customers many convenient choices in arbor press tonnage as well. It's important for people to pay careful attention to arbor presses that have a dependable basis. These bases are designed to offer optimal stability. They're drilled, too. Drilling enables arbor presses to allow both pedestal and bench mounting.

    Arbor Press Categories
    Shoppers should focus on available arbor press categories. Many people need ratchet lever arbor presses. There are also many people who need single lever arbor presses, air arbor presses and even compound leverage arbor presses. People who want to achieve success in the arbor press-purchasing realm should always know exactly what they need in advance. The smartest shoppers typically are the most prepared ones.

    For the best online supplier of Dake Arbor Press parts, contact us today!

  10. Green Homes How Your Roof Can Impact Your Energy Efficiency.JPG

    If you have a green home, you already know that the key to green living is to make the most of your energy consumption. Did you know that having the right roof can make the biggest difference in your home’s energy usage and the size your energy bill? Much of your home’s heat loss in the winter, and source of heat in the summer is the roof. Let’s learn more about how your roof affects your green home.

    Dark Roofs in the Summer

    Did you know that darker roofs can heat up to 50 to 60 degrees hotter than the outside temperature in the summer? If you live in a warm climate, a dark colored asphalt roof can heat up to 175° if the temperature is 95° outside. This makes your cooling system work much harder and also contributes to the heat island effect if you live in a city. A lighter colored roof decreases the solar gain and heat retention of your home. If you want to same on summer cooling costs, then replacing your roof will make a difference.

    Winter Heating Woes

    While a dark roof may not be ideal in the summer, if you live in a climate that has a longer winter than summer, a dark roof will help to reduce heating cost. Dark asphalt roofs absorb more heat than metal or rubber roofs. This not only helps to provide additional heating for the home, it helps snow melt off faster too. This is especially true with a properly insulated attic.

    Proper Insulation

    Having a properly insulated roof with the right color and type of roofing material means that you can run your furnace at a lower setting, which can result in big savings for your green home. Companies like Leon Construction can help you choose the right roof for your home and replace your old roof with new materials that are more sustainable than those used in the past.

    If you want to improve the efficiency of your green home, then your roof is the first place that you should look. A roof that is leaky and old can cost you more in the long run than replacing your roof with one that is more cost and energy efficient. A new roof is an investment that will pay for itself in the long run through lower heating and cooling bills. Not to mention, it will also improve the value of your home.

  11. Solar_panels_on_a_roof.jpg

    Not only can solar panels increase the value of your home, but they might also reduce your electric bills by hundreds of dollars a year. Before having the solar panels installed, you must take a few steps to protect your home and the panels themselves. Here are some tips you can use to make sure that your next solar power project goes off without a hitch.

    Carefully Inspect the Roof

    You must have your roof repairs completed well before your solar array is installed. Issues such as a few missing tiles or cracked drip edges might not seem important, but they could result in much worse damage if they aren’t taken care of immediately. You also need to inspect the inside of your attic for any signs of damage like mold in the insulation, wet spots on the joists, or sagging roof panels.

    Consider Replacing Your Roof

    The solar panel contractors can do everything in their power to protect your home, but they will still be dragging heavy equipment and materials across your roof. If your roof happens to be more than 15 years old, then you might want to consider replacing it entirely before the solar panels are installed. Once the panels are installed, it will be completely impractical to replace the roof for the next five or 10 years.

    Determine the Placement of the Panels

    Solar contractors have many tools at their disposal to determine where the panels should be placed. As a general rule, south-facing roofs tend to receive the best sunlight and generate the most energy. Roofs that face east and west can produce energy, but placing panels in those areas might not be as efficient. Luckily, the cost of solar panels has dropped in the last few years, and many people still install arrays in areas that don’t receive quite as much direct sunlight.

    Remove Obstacles

    Anything that blocks sunlight from hitting the panels will have a major impact on the efficiency of the system. The most common obstacles are chimney stacks and tree branches, but you will also need to consider nearby buildings. Those who have satellite dishes or antennas might need to move those devices to a different position to make room for the panels.

    Schedule a Final Inspection

    Even if you know quite a bit about roofs, you must work with a certified roofing contractor before having the panels installed. These specialists will make sure that your roof is safe and adheres to all local codes and regulations. Depending on the age of your roof, the contractor might also suggest placing additional supports under the panels themselves.


    The final step in this process is to contact a local solar company to discuss your options. This technology is more affordable than ever, and many companies offer unique deals such as rental options and lease-to-own programs

  12. environmental-protection.jpg

    Reducing electricity usage is not only good for the environment, but it is also good for your wallet. You can cut down on power use at home without going through any major lifestyle changes. Believe it or not, it is still possible to enjoy the comforts of a dishwasher and good lighting while paying less for utilities. Try these four tips for saving power and lowering monthly bills.

    Upgrade to Efficient Light Bulbs

    If you still use incandescent light bulbs, make the switch to LED light bulbs. The cost of LED light bulbs has significantly decreased over the past couple of years. LED bulbs emit an extremely minimal amount of heat and convert almost all of their electricity to light. Traditional incandescent bulbs waste most of the electricity, turning it into heat instead of light. LED bulbs will help to keep your home cooler in the summer since they emit less heat.

    Install Electrical Transfer Switches

    To save power and lower your electricity bill, install electrical transfer switches. These devices allow you to connect your home to an alternate source of power. Some companies, like Enercon Engineering Inc.,  know that they could be also used in conjunction with a solar panel array. They could also be used with a wind turbine or another renewable energy source too. You could use an electrical transfer switch with a backup generator too.

    Power-down Electronics

    Anything that is plugged in and has an indicator light or digital clock uses power. Some items will draw power while plugged in even if they do not have any lights. This is often referred to as "ghosting." Be sure to power down or completely unplug devices such as computer monitors, televisions, and DVD players when you are not using them.

    Skip the Drying Cycle

    Skip the hot dry cycle when using the dishwasher. Just opening the door of the dishwasher after the wash cycle is done will allow the dishes to quickly dry, with no power required. Consider reducing the amount of times you use your clothes dryer. Hang shirts and pants on a clothes rack or clothesline. Save the dryer for delicate items and linens that need the hot air for sanitary purposes.

    Each of these tips does not require much time or effort to employ. You could make one change at a time to get used to the idea of saving power and add in more tips as each one becomes a habit. After you do all four of these things, you can keep more of your hard-earned money instead of sending it to utility companies.

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    El ser mujer jamás debe ser sinónimo del sexo débil. Por eso es importante darle su lugar en sectores empresariales, económicos y más. Esto no quiere decir que el hombre sea menos,

    o que solo contrates mujeres si no todo lo contrario. Es hacer un equipo integral con una equidad laboral esto beneficiara en que todos los niveles fluyan más, podrán alcanzar objetivos en conjunto y tener metas más claras.   


    ¿Cómo lograr un empresa con empoderamiento femenino?

    1.    Si un hombre y una mujer tienen el mismo puesto, la remuneración económica debe de ser la misma, ya que hacen tareas y persiguen los objetivos por igual. Esto quiere decir que es para todas las ocupaciones desde el más alto hasta el más bajo.    consejos para las mujeres de negocio


    2. Establecer siempre un ambiente de respeto. Evitar en todo momentos abuso verbal y físico.  Identificar signos de violencia contra las mujeres puede prevenir de altercados mayores.


    3. En una toma de decisión es importante garantizar la participación de una mujer ya sea entre directivos, gerentes o administrativos. Esto para equilibrar e integrar al sexo femenino.


    4. Si tu empresa trabaja con otras empresas, es importante garantizar que todos sus empleados trabajen de manera digna. Difundir las implantaciones que tienes para favorecer la igual de género.


    5. Evitar a toda costa la discriminación en hombres y mujeres, sin importar su orientación sexual, nivel socioeconómico, edad o religión. empoderamiento de mujeres

  13. Construction business in known to have a great effect on many aspects of our life and environment protection is most certainly one of them. For example, the US Green Building Council (USGBC) estimates that almost one third of raw material consumption and approximately the same percentage of greenhouse gas emissions are directly related to this field of industry. When you add the fact that more than 10% of potable water use is also closely connected with construction business, it becomes quite clear why companies from all over the world are looking into the ways to make their business more sustainable and environment friendly.

    Regardless of your specialization, both commercial and residential construction can really benefit from more sustainable processes. It can actually be your unique selling proposition that your customers will recognize and decide to hire you, particularly because the awareness of the importance of going green rises constantly. If your company manages to create such a market advantage, it will be recording much better results, while at the same time being responsible and respectful towards the environment.

    Whether existing public and commercial buildings are renovated and retrofitted or new ones are built, the use of environmentally responsible and energy efficient materials and technologies will create many benefits. Let’s have a look at some of them.


    Increased revenue

    It’s been projected that green and sustainable building revenue will continue to grow at this rate and pass $300 billion by the end of this year. The number of people employed in this industry is also continuing to grow and so is the demand for green building projects. That is an excellent opportunity for your company to increase its revenue if you are able to meet the requirements of the market.

    When you look at sustainable homes and buildings, you may not be able to notice the difference between them and traditional facilities. Still, specialized designs and materials that decrease the negative impact on environment will provide many advantages to those using the spaces constructed in this way.

    In order to be able to achieve this goal, you need to gather a team of motivated and skilled architects, construction engineers, suppliers of materials and equipment as well as experts in construction waste removal. Managing to create such a team will significantly increase your chances of boosting your revenue.

    Bigger budgets

    Truth be told, it’s not cheap to create sustainable homes and buildings, since you need to be ready to splash out more initially. Experience has shown that green construction projects are up to 10 percent more expensive than traditional construction projects. Naturally, the exact costs depend on many factors, such as design, materials, schedule and location, but clients need to be ready to spend more up-front.

    Still, they can full expect their investment to pay off soon through lower electricity and water bills, maintenance fees and increased resale value of the property. Also, some countries offer special tax incentives, which stimulate sustainable construction and, depending on your location, this could be another significant saving.

    Needless to say, such tax credits come with numerous rules and requirements, but every knowledgeable contractor or construction company should know what is necessary. This is also another service you can offer to your clients – advisory and consulting services.  


    Remodelling and retrofitting

    This is another area that has become much more popular recently. People are using the opportunity to have their existing facilities remodelled and retrofitted in a way that will bring about all the benefits of a green building. Companies which focus only on new buildings are missing out on great opportunities to convert and improve facilities with tradition and history into much more environment-friendly places and to make more profit.

    More and more homeowners are remodelling their homes using eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient appliances, smart designs and other features of green living. Again, the initial investment, which can be substantial, is usually very quickly paid off through lower bills, maintenance fee and increased resale value of the property.

    Final remarks

    With more and more companies and construction managers doing everything they can to become certified in sustainable construction, you need to make sure you don’t fall behind, since this is undoubtedly an industry on the rise and its seems that the growth is here to stay for a while.

    Failing to respond to the modern-day demand might see you without job sooner than you think. The increasingly strict rules and regulations that impose requirements related to construction and environment protection are serving as a filter that separates those who are ready and capable to adapt from those who haven’t succeeded or even tried to adapt their business to the new circumstances.


  14. With the amount of products and services to choose from nowadays, the importance of differentiating from your competitors has never been more important. Going green is a great way to stand out and a great way to help your bottom line. Becoming environmentally conscious is actually a lot easier than you might think. Something as simple as replacing your old lightbulbs with LED lightbulbs is an easy and effective way to help the environment and your spending costs. Below is an infographic that includes a checklist of some tips to help save both money and the environment. 

    Infographic created by Earthwise Environmental


  15. If you’re planning on starting a restaurant or already own one, there’s a chance that you’re scratching your head wondering, “Where can I find restaurant equipment near me?” That’s perfectly okay, and there are plenty of sources that you can try to meet your needs and requirements for your business. You could go for new restaurant equipment if you prefer, but you might also try looking for some used equipment to keep your investment costs down.

    restaurant equipment near me

    The fact is that investing in used equipment may be a great idea because of the low costs and the fact that a lot of these items are built to last and haven’t been used much. Quite simply, used equipment is often the better option for many new restaurateurs.

    There’s no reason to spend a lot of money on new restaurant equipment when you don’t need to, though of course if you’re running a specialty restaurant this may be your only option for certain things. It’s true that things like tables and chairs are part of the decor in a restaurant and should go along with the general theme of the place, but you can always get them used because like other equipment they’re made to last.

    While of course, you should keep in mind the look that you’re going for in your restaurant, there’s no reason to not look into second-hand tables and chairs to save a bit of money. After all, the profit margins for the first few months in the restaurant industry can be a little iffy so it’s always good if you can save a bit of money where you can when you’re starting out. If you’re particular, you might not find anything, but then it’s a matter of achieving the right look versus minimizing your losses - so choose wisely.

    Commercial kitchen equipment can be expensive, but it’s made to last. You could always buy new equipment, but it might be better to either lease it or invest in used equipment when you’re starting out. Still, you have a few options here for getting the best deals - it’s always a good idea to sign up for a dealer’s mailing list so that you can get updates and even discounts on the equipment that you require. If you decide to go for used equipment, it’s best to go through a local dealer not only because of their means that you won’t have to pay to ship but also because you can go and inspect the equipment yourself to see if it suits your needs. It’s highly recommended that you ensure that everything is in working order before you start shelling out thousands of dollars on something that potentially won’t work. It’s equally important to ensure that everything has a proper warranty too because the last thing you need is finding yourself stuck with something that stopped working after a week or two of use and no options for replacement or repairs.

    It’s quite important to find an equipment dealer near you, which is a point that you probably already understand if you are a new restaurateur asking “where can I find used restaurant equipment near me?” This will ensure the best support and service possible as well as cut down on other costs like having everything shipped to you, and in the long run, could save you a lot of money if you choose a local dealer over having everything shipped from afar just because the prices are a bit lower. You’ll thank yourself in the long run. For the best kitchen equipment dealer near you, contact us today!

  16. The sustainable building trend is not just good for the planet, but for the economy — green construction is expected to account for 3.3 million jobs in the U.S. alone by 2018, a 143.5 percent increase over 2015. Green construction involves the design, construction and/or operation of buildings in ways that reduce any harmful impact on the environment and/or on human health. Some of these include reducing the carbon footprint of manufacture, preserving air and water quality, minimizing toxic emissions, and increasing energy efficiency in building operations. Sustainable building also can be economically beneficial. Using green materials and practices often benefits local economies, and the focus on energy efficiency frequently results in significant savings for property owners.

    The following infographic was created by Accurate Perforating Company and highlights 10 green building materials to consider for your next green building project.



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    There are over 150 chemicals found homes that are connected to allergies, birth defects, cancer and physiological disorders. Everyday cleaning products contain most of these chemicals. The following presentation offers different recipes for natural cleaning solutions, as well as how to use each cleaner. These all-natural cleaning methods will help reduce the use of toxic chemical in your bathroom. Keep your family chemical free, and try out these natural bathroom cleaners.

    The following PDF was created by Modern Bathroom and displays natural bathroom cleaning methods. 




  17. More than 1 million U.S. homes now sport solar panels on the roof. That number is expected to double in the next two years as the cost of solar continues to decline and solar awareness continues to rise.
    While making the shift to solar is good for the environment, that’s not the only reason to invest in solar technology. Here are just a few of the many benefits homeowners can realize by going solar. 

    5 Reasons So Many Homeowners Are Going Solar

    1.    Solar is a good investment. While the exact ROI for solar varies according to location and other factors, research indicates that in most states it makes financial sense to go solar. Specifically, solar brings a better return than a five-year CD in 86 percent of states. If you live in one of the top 13 states for solar, you’ll actually do better with your solar panels than you would by investing in the S&P 500. 
    2.    Solar is reliable. With any technology comes the potential for failure, but solar bucks the trend by being one of the least likely of your home’s systems to break down. While solar panels are typically warranted for 25 years, 90 percent of them last 30 years or longer. One report showed that many 40-year-old panels are still generating power at 80 percent of their efficiency. In addition, a residential solar system typically has no moving parts, and almost never needs repair. 
    3.    Solar is security. Concerned about power grid security, future energy price hikes, and/or the escalating effects of global climate change on the weather? Installing a solar system with battery backup is an excellent way to ensure that you will always have the power you need at a price you can afford. 
    4.    Solar protects our planet. Sunshine is a clean, renewable energy source that does not contribute to global climate change. While all manufacture has an impact on the environment, solar panels create far more energy in their lifetime than is consumed by making them. In fact, an average 4 KW solar power system offsets nearly 200,000 pounds of carbon dioxide in its first 25 years. It would take planting more than 2,000 trees to equal that amount of carbon offset.  
    5.    Solar is hot — and that’s cool. Who doesn’t like to be the cool kid on the block? Solar is an undeniably hot and trendy technology, so why not add a system to your roof and enjoy witnessing the “panel envy” of your neighbors and friends?   

    How to Go Solar at Home

    According to Google’s Project Sunroof, nearly four out of five U.S. homes have enough unshaded area to install solar photovoltaic (PV) panels. So when you’re ready for a larger investment in your home (similar to what you would pay for a kitchen remodel or home addition), chances are good that solar will pay off for you.  

    That said, PV panels aren’t the only way to go solar in your home. Here are more ideas, at a variety of price points for any budget:
    •    Solar water heater — A typical solar water heating system saves 50-80 percent on monthly water heating costs, even in a cloudy climate.
    •    Solar landscape lighting — Solar outdoor lighting doesn’t just save electricity. It’s also safer and reduces maintenance because you won’t have to run power lines outside. 
    •    Solar chargers — A solar phone charger lets you charge your phone from anywhere, even on a hiking trip or in a boat! 
    •    Solar Christmas lights — Solar LED holiday lights are convenient to set up, and can save you up to $10 for every 300 hours they’re lit.

    These are just a few of the many benefits you can realize by going solar at home. Check out this infographic to discover even more compelling reasons why so many Americans these days are choosing to add solar to their homes. 

    Ryan McNeill is the president of Renewable Energy Corporation, one of the largest residential solar energy companies in the mid-Atlantic region. It is committed to providing homeowners with high-quality, American-made solar panels and solar energy products. 


  18. In today’s economic uncertainty and fluctuating weather Calgary homeowners are increasingly interested in reducing their home’s impact on the environment, which can also help lower energy and utility costs. 

    Built Green Canada, a national organization with a certification program that rates the level at which a home is energy-efficient, measuring factors such as the materials and methods used in construction, ventilation, waste management, water conservation, and indoor air quality. The Calgary Herald has reported that Calgary and area builders enrolled more single-family homes in the Built Green Canada program in 2016 than a year earlier, and again more homes in the Calgary area were enrolled in the program over the first three months of 2017 than the same time last year. 

    Built Green Canada notes that there are a number of roofing materials and methods that improve thermal performance and offer energy benefit including recycled-content roofing systems and those with a minimum 30-year manufacturer warranty on roofing material. To help you make eco-friendly choices when you need roofing and siding replacement our roofing contractors at Century Roofing Limited have pulled together these common roofing related ways to make your home environmentally friendly:
    •    Proper insulation and ventilation of a roof system - reductions in power and fossil fuels used in the heating and cooling processes will help make a more environmentally efficient household.
    •    Daylighting - bring natural daylight into your home will benefit the environment by reducing electricity, and provide healthy natural light to the household. 
    •    Landscaping - keeping vegetation growth from encroaching on a roof area will aid in air circulation and reduce wear and tear on your roof system. Extending the life of the roof system reduces the material usage over time, saves money, and lowers the environmental impact. 
    •    Proper roof maintenance - keeping the gutters, downspouts, and roof area free of debris will help extend the life of a roof system. By utilizing the full life span of a roof system homeowners can delay replacement, which in turn results in cost savings and less material waste. 

    Albertans are increasingly embracing eco-friendly building options as evident in Built Green Canada’s efforts and events such as Edmonton’s Eco-Solar Home Tour, now in its 17th year (June 3-4, 2017), showcasing ways to maximize energy efficiency at home. Century Roofing Limited can help you to fill all those needs. We handle virtually everything having to do with roofing. No project is too big or small for our roofing contractors; see what our Calgary roofers can provide:
    •    Historical renovations;
    •    Custom designs/installations using quality craftsmanship and materials;
    •    Large-scale commercial or varied sized residential roofing projects;
    •    Roofing, eavestroughing, soffit and fascia renovation and repair; and 
    •    Siding maintenance and repair.

    At Century Roofing Limited, we handle virtually everything having to do with roofing and offer a host of eco-friendly options. If you have questions about your homes or business exterior contact us at 403-235-5457 today to plan your next project and get a free estimate. Serving central and southern Alberta and eastern British Columbia.

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    Every generation has its own defining issue, and unfortunately, ours is climate change. Climate change is affecting people and communities all over the world. Apart from being a major threat to humankind, climate change has far-reaching impacts on the entire ecosystem. For over a quarter of a century, activists and concerned citizens have been discussing climate change through public broadcasting. Back in the In the 80's, the main focus was on recognizing and discussing the potential threats. In the past 30 years, we have thoroughly examined the actual impacts and yet failed to effectively address global warming. We’re all aware that Global Warming is happening as a direct consequence of human activities. That’s why activists and concerned citizens like Solly Assa, are struggling to keep the American public informed.

    Over time the conversation has changed, but the problem has remained unsolved. Solly Assa calls everyone to become emotionally, practically, intellectually and politically and involved in this battle to save our planet. The effects of Climate Change are already with us and if we continue down this path, the planet that as we all know it, may be given a 10-year deadline. The actual impact has caused heat waves, droughts, ocean acidification, and floods. Global warming has also exacerbated poverty, hunger, and spread of diseases. The consequences of climate change are very real, and if we don’t take drastic changes, it can even lead to the worst consequence, which is leaving that planet

    As an individual, Mr. Assa has helped by taking action to reduce his personal carbon emissions and encourages more people to do the same. We all need to take responsibility and reduce Carbon Emissions now. Once we start dealing with the problem on an individual level, together we can get the support needed to build a community that can make a difference.  To fully address the threat of global warming, we need to seek action from our leaders who have the power to implement comprehensive solutions. In December 2015, world leaders agreed to limit Global Warming to 2°C, but since then we haven’t seen some life real action. For example, countries like Denmark have committed to 100 percent renewables, while China has increased their renewable energy consumption.

    Because of climate change, humans and wild animals face new challenges for survival. If we don't reduce greenhouse gas emissions drastically, then the results will be catastrophic for the climate. Education and information play important roles as facilitators of climate understanding. Nowadays there is a wide range of documentaries and other informational media that can help us get to the bottom of this issue. But in order to succeed, we all need to be a part of the solution. Together we have the power to limit the effects of climate change. We have all participated in the over-use of our planet, and now the time has come for us to unite and start fighting for our home.

  19. Are you looking for a destination that will give you picture perfect memories? Also known as Nordic Europe, Scandinavia is the cultural and historic region of Northern Europe. From beautiful cultural treasures to awesome, majestic fjords, a holiday in scenic Scandinavia will bring memories to last a lifetime. Stay assured you will have plenty of lovely memories on this tour. From Helsinki to Oslo, Copenhagen to Stockholm, there is a list of captivating places you are waiting for you. Look for Scandinavian tours 2017, compare their tour plans and choose the best to suit your interest.



    Visit the buzzing capital of Denmark or admire the fine architecture of Copenhagen, you won’t fall short of things to do in Scandinavia. Visit cosmopolitan capitals or explore the rural charm, you will fall in love with this place. With so many fascinating sights to see and things to do, you will surely be confused on how to choose a package for a trip to Scandinavia. From mountain slopes to snow, adventure to natural beauty, make sure your trip makes your dream vacation come true.

    Once you reach Scandinavia, you can take a tripacross this region by road, rail or water. You need to choose your tour package accordingly. You can opt for a 7-night cruise or an escorted travel depending on your budget and time. Here are few common vacation packages used by visitors coming to Scandinavia –

    ·         14 Day Trip Across Scandinavia including fjords

    This 14-day trip covers avast area of Scandinavia, especially the fjords. Most of these packages are spread across capital cities of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. The highlight of this trip is the amazing fjords that are rated among the best in the world. This trip also gives you a chance to witness Scandinavia like a local.

    ·         Cultural Tour of Scandinavia

    If you are fascinated by the culture and life of Scandinavia, take a 15-day Scandinavian explorer tour. This tour takes you through the cultural highlights of this region including Oslo, Lillehammer, Bergen and more. With more than six destinations across 3 countries, this is the best way to see the in-depth culture of this region.



    ·         Summer Scandinavia and its fjords –A tour planned only in summer, this allows visitors to view the beauty of Scandinavia. The beauty of this region in summer cannot be compared to anything else. Starting in Copenhagen and ending in Stockholm, most of these tours take you across 11 destinations in the region.

    ·         Independent adventure vacations – For adventure lovers, Scandinavia has endless things to keep their adrenaline pumping. They can plan special independent adventure vacations. Depending on their interest, they can plan a trip to Northern Lights, Akureyior Reykjavik. By opting for pre-built packages for the adventure vacations, it is possible to have a memorable adventure to Scandinavia within a budget.

    Scandinavia is full of scenic wonders, historic cities, pristine waterways and more. Before visiting this region, research on the various places here and then plan a trip according to your interest. Your Scandinavian adventure is just few clicks away. Start planning your dream vacation today.

  20. Soil pollution or contamination of any kind can pose a significant threat to the ecosystem of an area, as well as the people who live there. Often, pollution can go unnoticed for many years, causing silent damage. Fortunately, there are ways to treat contamination, as well as professionals who know how to deal with the problem efficiently and effectively. These companies should be your first port of call if you suspect that soil contamination or pollution is effecting your home or local environment.

    Who Can Treat Soil Pollution?

    Specialist earthworks remediation contractors will be your first contact if this problem is suspected. They have plenty of expertise in this issue, and will be able to assess the land in question, run tests, and carry out a range of treatments to decontaminate the soil and remove any pollution present. A variety of treatment techniques have emerged in recent years, allowing remediation experts to deal with a vast range of hazardous contaminant materials, from heavy metals to pesticides. They should be able to treat your soil quickly and at a reasonable price, so making contact is key to the swift decontamination of your land.

    What Is Soil Pollution?

    Soil contamination and pollution primarily occurs as a result of human activity, such as infestation of pesticides from agriculture, industrial waste emitting toxic chemicals into soil, or biological waste. These can include:

    ·         Industrial waste, including textiles, pesticides, drugs, petroleum, glass, steel, and other materials from industrial factories and oil refineries

    ·         Urban waste, including rubbish and sewage

    ·         Agricultural waste, including fertilizer, pesticides, manure, and debris

    ·         Biological agents coming from animal manure

    ·         Radioactive contaminants, including substances like Nitrogen, Radium, and Uranium (these substances can be particularly toxic and dangerous when released into soil)

    When these contaminants are released into the soil, they disturb the natural balance of chemicals that exists in healthy soil, causing a build-up that exceeds the natural level of a particular substance. This causes pollution that spreads through the soil and is then released into the atmosphere of the area.

    What Are The Effects Of Soil Pollution?

    The effects of soil pollution on a population will depend on the type of contaminant in question, as well as the extent of the exposure. Unfortunately, contamination can have a drastic impact on people, animals, and plants, so the entire ecosystem can be under threat from pollution. Children are particularly vulnerable to soil contamination because of their weaker immune systems, and the closer proximity they tend to have to the ground.

    Because gases coming from the soil can move upward through the earth, moving by wind and spread through the air we inhale, certain contaminants can present a major problem. Pollution in soil that’s used for agricultural purposes is of particular concern, as the contamination can spread into the food being grown at the location, which then causes illness in those who eat it.

     Certain symptoms in a population can indicate the presence of soil pollution. These include nausea, headaches, widespread and unexplained fatigue, rashes, eye problems, kidney and liver problems, and certain types of cancer. These symptoms can be triggered by a broad variety of types of
    soil contaminants, so it’s crucial that the land is tested thoroughly by specialists to avoid pollution taking place and causing widespread damage.


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