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  • Mark Piazzalunga

    DESERTEC project, Sahara Sun could power Europe by 2050

    By Mark Piazzalunga

    Sahara desert climate is hot and arid, everybody knows it. So how can this simple and well-known fact become the idea to power a continent like Europe? Let’s start from the principle: renewable energy is the future of energy; we assume that this sentence is true since all facts gets to this point. Second principle: European territory is restricted and allows the construction of a few plants that could use renewable energy. Paradoxically, countries like Africa have renewable sources, particularly solar, in abundance but scarce funds to make the best of these resources. Now find the connection. Is it possible to produce huge amounts of solar energy in Africa and transport them to Europe through energy infrastructures? Apparently yes, according to DESERTEC project developers and supporters. And what is DESERTEC? It’s an initiative of the Club of Rome (a global think tank that has its headquarters in Switzerland) started in 2009. Directly from the official website of the project ( "The DESERTEC concept was developed by a network of politicians, scientists and economists from around the Mediterranean, from which was born the DESERTEC Foundation. Demonstrates a way to provide climate protection, energy security and the development of sustainable energy generation from sites where renewable energy sources are at their most plentiful." In practical terms? Connect renewable energy power plants in Africa to Europe through a network of HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) systems. The Foundation target is to build several renewable power plants of various types (mainly wind, photovoltaic and solar concentration) throughout North Africa. To support the project financially, the Foundation and other 12 companies (including Deutsche Bank, E.ON, RWE and ABB) created an industrial initiative: Dii GmbH. The construction project would continue until 2050 and for that date, the cost is estimated at € 400 billion, which means $ 546,720,000,000, approximately seven times Bill Gates’ fortune. It’s little bit expensive (life on Mars seems cheaper) but the entire network could provide Europe with the 15-20% of electricity that it needs. We must also consider the drastic decrease of pollution, direct effect of the project. This project isn’t just an idea but it seems an accurate and long-term plan. This could be an opportunity to connect two continents and to give them economic opportunities and jobs. There could be some problems like the wars and the instability of some of North Africa countries or how to get all 40 nations to agree to an arrangement for subsidizing the green electricity. There’s also the possibility to build the plants in Europe, just $ 54 billion more, and doing some math it brings to a shocking number: €2 per citizen per year to keep tens of thousands of jobs in Europe -- and to prevent Europe from becoming dependent on foreign countries for its electricity. Well, the project just started and it has the funds to go forward. We can't wait to see the results. Photo from
  • Megan Bonetti

    Conferencing Climate Change: Teamwork or Tug-of-war?

    By Megan Bonetti

    India. Culture, cows and rubbish. As an Aussie living for a short time in India it is such an intriguing country. Indians love their diverse nation yet they use the streets like rubbish dumps. Even my friends here tell me it’s ok to throw my paddle-pop wrapper out the car window. I can’t… so I just hold it tight and wait till I get home. Growing up in Australia, those ‘emu hunts’ in primary school have willed my littering days away. Yet I suspect that even my household trash bin will just be dumped across the road for the cows to eat or worse still, burnt on the street…for the cows to eat. This is India. Love it or hate it. (#tii) As an Australian social worker volunteering with an NGO in Southern India I witness the large divide between the rich and poor of this incredibly colourful nation. I work with many children whose whole families have had to migrate from various parts of India due to the rapid effects of drought on their land and the significant urbanisation of major cities in the last 10 years. It turns out India has seen a boom in it’s industrial and technological trades a little later than it’s western neighbours and they are loving it. But India’s urban boom is threatened with westerners telling them they have to stop producing and polluting. The earth doesn’t like it. Sorry India…We made our big capitalist bucks, but you don’t get that chance. Just when things are getting good and you’re developing astronomically, your main source of energy is being taken away. It turns out fossil fuels are the cheapest form of energy for the developing world, especially as they try in earnest to develop the same standard of living as we have. So as one the most formidable countries in the developing world, India not only has the pressures of navigating a massive population but also has to figure out how to go green on the cheap. It’s interesting that the Turnbull government has reluctantly agreed on a 5% reduction in carbon emissions in the next five years. “Phew! Glad we got through that one boys.” They wipe their sweaty brows while developing countries are drowning, burning and trying to survive on scant resources. These countries are just trying to make a crust, while Eurocentric nations are slowly turning a baguette into organic multigrain sourdough (and throwing the crusts to their hobby cows). If the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris is truly the last attempt for international cooperation, leaders cannot just show and tell their contribution and sit back with folded arms. But how can mere human individuals promote serious teamwork? This brings me back to the children I work with here in India. Every day their parent’s lives are tied to corrupt building associations. They are bonded labourers—gypsies moving from construction to construction. These families have no hope of returning to their now desolate homeland and are not provided social security measures that protect their livelihood. Then there is India’s neighbour, low-lying Bangladesh, experiencing saltwater intrusion that poisons whole water supplies for entire villages. In our own backyard we see Australian farmers shooting all their cattle only to turn the gun on themselves under the shadow of unprecedented drought. This is human impact. Global warming is not just about penguins and polar bears. Climate change is a social justice issue. We live in a globalised world. The industrial revolution brought us here; and climate change is the consequence. No longer do we just neighbour cities, we neighbour nations. The leaders of Australia must be held accountable to all their neighbours including the ones just trying to keep their head above water. It simply won’t do for wealthy nations, such as Australia, to show the world their own country’s carbon reductions and sit back down. This summit can’t work as a set menu; it has to be a potluck dinner, a time for sharing, understanding and safeguarding. For the sake of our beautiful earth and the many diverse cultures of the human race, this time I hope and pray that the leaders of the world provide a resounding voice for the marginalised. This summit and our government must not stop at figures, but uphold the basic democratic and human rights principles that cradle modern society. The United Nations was created so that man-made and worldwide calamities could no longer grasp our world with such authority. Well, it turns out a world war with Mother Nature is knocking on our doorstep. Will we listen and respond? I hope so.   For more information please visit the below links. They offer great insights into climate change realities and are positive and accessible resources for engaging the conversation. The reality of climate change | David Puttnam | TEDxDublin India: Climate Change Impacts Climate Change and the End of Australia The Critical Decade: Climate Change and Health (Australia) GoPro: Climate Change and the Optimistic Future Paris Climate Conference: COP21 Explained Why is the Paris UN climate summit important? Adam asks new PM Malcolm Turnbull on climate change in Question Time Morgan Freeman's Powerful Climate Change Short Film  
  • Joseph Ramondeli

    Black Friday Promotes Over-Consumption and Waste

    By Joseph Ramondeli

    Black Friday Promotes Over-Consumption and Waste               Every year Thanksgiving weekend is overshadowed by Black Friday and in recent years Cyber Monday as well. Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time when families can get together, even if it’s just for a day or dinner, to talk and reconnect. However every year more American’s are focused on shopping. Stores are now open by 8:00 pm on Thanksgiving Day resulting in people sitting at the dinner table with their families while browsing on their phones for the best deals that they hope to buy in a few hours.  This is just another example of how our modern, technologically advanced society is constantly becoming more materialistic. Aside from Black Friday overshadowing an American holiday and tradition, it is an annual example of how Americans over-consume and by doing so are very wasteful.  A huge fraction of purchased goods during Black Friday and Cyber Monday are things that people don’t need, they are things they think they need. Advertisements and social trends play a big role in the impact of this event (I refuse to call it a holiday) and in our consumption behavior in general.             Companies are tricking and forcing us to buy un-needed goods through the use of planned obsolescence and perceived obsolescence.  Planned obsolescence is disappointing because it refers to how companies purposely make products to only last a few years and by doing so force consumers to by new products from them every couple of years. The most common example of this is electronic devices. Apple creates a new IPhone every year so that once yours break “accidentally” there’s a brand new, more expensive one to purchase as a replacement. Not to mention that such companies stop making old models, forcing you to buy the newest model. On the other hand, perceived obsolescence is promoted by companies but ultimately results from our own social actions. Companies, through advertisements, constantly throw the promotion of new goods in our face. It’s almost impossible to go anywhere or do anything without seeing an advertisement of some sort. These advertisements tend to increase around the holiday season, hence the origin of Black Friday. The main reason such advertisements work is due to the social pressure we put on each other and ourselves. Everyone wants the next new model or brand and once a friend or family member purchases something then we are pressured and attracted to buying it as well. The biggest example of this is the fashion industry, where new trends come and go each season resulting in constant purchasing of new, unnecessary clothing. These companies are clearly getting the better of us based on the success of such events as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.             So why is over-consumption such a bad thing, why should we care if people waste there money on unnecessary goods? It’s simple: overconsumption leads to waste! One of the downfalls to the technological advancements of today’s world is that we create materials that cannot be found in our natural world. This means that when we throw something out in the garbage it will never decompose. Purchasing many of today’s consumer goods is bad enough because most cannot be recycled and will sit in landfills, but over-consumption takes this once step further in that we buy more than we need! We buy new clothes or new phones before our old ones are worn our or broken. By doing so we are creating more waste because we constantly thrown away products that are still functional and contribute the ever-growing amount of waste humanity has created on this planet. In order to help reduce the waste we create of course we should recycle and reuse as much as possible. However, I believe that the creation of waste should be stopped at its source, and that’s our consumer purchasing. Buying less and using goods to there fullest is a sure way to decrease waste. Resisting social pressure and advertisements is key to getting this accomplished. So next year put the phones away and turn the TV off at the dinner table during Thanksgiving, you don’t need them. Joseph Ramondelli  

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  1. Protein is the most essential and basic component involved with the building and repairing of cells in the body and is therefore the most crucial substance the human body needs. While protein is naturally available in most foods we consume, often they cannot meet the levels your body needs under some special circumstances. This is the reason why supplements like Protein2o are becoming popular. The reasons when you will need more protein include when you are growing rapidly during some phases of your life like teenage, when you start a body building or fitness program, when you are scaling up your workouts regime, when you are turning a vegan and when you are recovering from an illness. Here are a few points you must know on the right use of protein supplements.


    How to decide when you need protein
    Whatever might be the reason for you to move to a protein supplement, the right way to get them is by adding protein powder to your diet? It is important that you decide when you need a protein supplement in your life. Here is the right approach to tackle this query. Some sure signs that will let you decide you will need protein supplement include the following. You are unusually fatigued or feeling weak during workouts or physical activities or your recovery from an injury is very slow.

    How much protein you need
    When you find out that your body needs a protein supplement, the next question is how much protein you must take. Actually speaking, you cannot overdo your protein supplement intake. If does not need that much protein to achieve your different goals. In majority cases, about 15% of the food that we take is protein and for building a pound of your muscle, your body will need 10 to 14 grams of additional protein per day. While some of the protein drinks give you as much as 80 grams of protein per serving, you will not that much protein. The excess protein you consume will be broken down by the body into energy. In fact, too much of protein can strain your kidney and liver.

    Deciding the right amount of protein you will need
    In an average, an adult needs 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of the body weight per day. Individuals participating in recreational athletics will need 1.1 to 1.4 grams of protein for every kilogram of their body weight per day. While competitive athletes will need 1.2 to 1.4 grams of protein, those engaged in ultra-endurance sports will require about 2.0 grams of protein for per kilo of their body weight. Those athletes engaged in building their muscle mass will need 1.5 to 2.0 grams of protein per kilogram per day. An adult weighing 75 kilograms looking forward to build muscle mass will need about 150 grams of protein per day. Therefore while resorting to protein drinks, you must always ensure you do not take less or more of protein in an average so that you achieve your goals in the right way.

  2. Saving the Green How to Lower Your Utility Bills While Being Environmentally Conscious.jpg

    Many homeowners pay a small fortune in utility bills each month. This can be financially burdensome, and it also may be a sign that your home or lifestyle is not as green as it could be. With a closer look at some of the top green tips you can follow around the house, you may be able to make your space more environmentally-friendly and save a significant amount of money in the process.

    Use Low-Flow Water Features

    The scarcity of fresh water is a top concern for many environmentally-conscious people. Low-flow water features, such as toilets, faucets and showerheads, can be installed in your home to help you conserve water. These are specially-designed features that use less water without requiring you to adjust your water usage behavior. For example, a low-flow toilet may use half the water or less with each flush that an older model may use.

    Harvest Rain Water

    Another great idea to consider is to use gutters, such as those from Unique Home Solutions, and a rain barrel to harvest rain water. This water can be stored and used for landscaping water. It can also be purified on-site and used inside your home. For example, you may use it to wash your clothes or for toilet purposes. You may notice a dramatic decrease in your water bill each month, and you can enjoy the benefit of knowing that you are not taking water away from the public water supply through your usage.

    Adjust Your Thermostat

    Maintaining an ideal climate inside the home can be an energy drain, and this is particularly true during peak summer and winter months when your HVAC system may function most frequently. Adjust your thermostat so that your home’s interior is cooler in the winter and warmer in the summer. Use blankets, clothing, ceiling fans and more to control your comfort level without relying so heavily on your HVAC system.

    Upgrade Your Windows

    Another excellent step to take is to upgrade your windows. If you live in an older home, your windows may not be well-sealed, and they also may not be good insulators. Modern windows may be more energy efficient, and they can help you to maintain a comfortable climate inside the home without relying on regular use of your HVAC unit.

    These are only a few of the green tips you can follow to save money on energy bills regularly. Now is a great time to begin implementing these and other ideas you may have to improve your home.

  3. One of the most common issues vaper’s face is that their e liquid flavors no longer taste as good as they once used to. Is it possible to improve the taste and potency of an e liquid? It is to some extent, but you are also reliant on the quality of e liquid you are using. You can’t expect to buy e liquids with fluctuating quality from a subpar brand and then expect them to match the consistency of premium gourmet flavors.


    Having said this, there are ways to make your e liquid flavors stronger and more appetizing. There are a number of potential issues that could be causing the problem. Identify and fix those issues and you will most likely improve the taste.

    Problems With Your E Liquid Flavors
    Let’s start by talking about your e liquid flavors. Make sure that you are using liquids from a reliable source, one with a reputation for providing consistent products. Another factor to consider is how freshly prepared your e liquid is. At The Vape Mall, we prepare fresh orders at the time they are placed and deliver the same day. What this means is that you get e liquid that hasn’t been steeped long enough. Your best bet would be to let your new e liquid flavors steep for a day or two before using them. This allows the flavor to settle, which will improve the taste.

    The PG/VG ratio could also be affecting the flavor. As you probably know, most e liquids nowadays are a blend of PG and VG. The PG part dictates how strong a flavor is. Increasing the PG content might give you what you want. An 80/20 PG/VG ratio is bound to give your taste buds something to enjoy. At the Vape Mall you can select your own PG/VG ratio for every order.

    Faulty Vaping Equipment
    If everything seems fine with your e liquid flavors, if you are sure that the consistency of the product is not the problem, it is time to turn your attention to your vaping equipment. Faulty or improper equipment can adversely affect the vaping experience. Only a few tweaks here and there could easily improve the flavor drastically.

    Most tanks available in the market come with silica wicks. This is not a problem in itself, but some longtime vapers tend to use organic cotton instead. Cotton wicks burn better and deliver more flavors. Also replacing your plastic tanks with glass ones may do the job. Plastic tends to react with e liquids and alter their flavor.  

    If that doesn’t work, try switching to a dual coil tank. In such setups, since there are two coils, more liquid is in contact with them. This produces more vapors and more flavors.

    E Liquid Flavors at The Vape Mall
    The Vape Mall is an expert in providing inexpensive e liquid flavors that deliver above and beyond your expectations. Our flavors do not vary, and you can expect consistent quality at all times. We allow you to customize your order by choosing your preferred PG/VG ratio and nicotine strength so that you can get your desired flavor from our e liquids. Take a look at our offerings and order with confidence that we have your back.

  4. Philadelphia is a shining star of the East Coast, and, being such a central destination for travelers of all types, it is a logical choice of city to host any major event.  The “City of Brotherly Love” is home to some of the most recognizable foods, venues, and historical landmarks in the United States.  With so many businesses and so much to offer, finding a catering company in Philadelphia can pose a unique challenge; with the right mindset and approach, however, you can ensure that your event will proceed without a hitch and stand out in the minds of all your attendees.


    The first step to securing a fantastic catering company in Philadelphia is to familiarize yourself with the geography and traffic patterns of the city.  Depending on the needs of your event, the distance and traffic patterns between the catering companies to your event could severely impact the ability to organize and manage the meals and refreshments.  Make sure that you go into your event planning with a solid understanding of the layout of the city; with Philadelphia being one of the oldest cities in the country, road space is tight and traffic is complicated.

    Following a similar theme, another thing to consider in the planning of your catering is whether the date of your event coincides with any major holidays or sporting events in the city.  The city is home to all kinds of major events, and those events could affect the availability of any Philadelphia catering companies you might be considering.  Both holidays and sporting events in Philadelphia are historically massive in attendance, so be sure to keep that in mind as a part of your event planning.

    If Philadelphia as a city has a special relevance to your event, it might be a good idea to choose a type of food that is unique to Philly.  For example, a wedding between two Philadelphia natives with a laid back atmosphere might benefit from a reception serving unique “Philly Cheesesteaks.”  Philadelphia has so many unique foods and styles to offer that, should your event require it, you will have no problem finding something to fit your needs.

    Finally, take some time to explore the city.  In addition to enjoying the wonderful sights that Philadelphia has to offer, you can visit many Philadelphia catering companies yourself.  Visiting a company directly gives you the opportunity to meet the leadership and employees, and, as an added bonus, allows you to sample the food yourself.  Personal experience with a caterer is likely to give you unique insight to help you decide which company’s presentation, style, and taste fits your event best.  Every company has its own personality that shows through in the food it serves, and sometimes even among the most well-renowned catering companies there may be candidates that just do not fit your event’s style.  Visiting in person helps remove that risk.
    If you want to see fantastic catering first-hand, call us now at 267-308-5108 for the Waterfront Gourmet difference!

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    Bio-Oil could be a professional skin care remedy formulated to help improve the physical look of scars, stretch marks and uneven pores and skin tone. It's certainly one of a typical formulation, which has the breakthrough element PurCellin Oil is moreover quite profitable for ageing and dehydrated skin.
    Here is everything you need to know before using Bio Oil. So let's read the Bio Oil Review.

    Just a single Remedy - Many Tends to make use of
    Bio-Oil is really a professional skin care remedy, formulated to help improve the physical look of Scars, Stretch Marks and Uneven pores and skin tone. It truly is truly also encouraged to scale back ageing influences and enhance the dehydrated skin.

    It consists of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Calendula oil, Lavender oil, Rosemary oil, Chamomile oil along with the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil.

    Need to help increase the look of

    Stretch Marks
    uneven skin Tone
    Also advisable for
    Pores and skin
    Dehydrated Skin
    For the duration of pregnancy, apply Bio-Oil proper in the second trimester to regions which may be prone to stretch marks.
    How can Bio-Oil operate?
    brings with each other all-natural plant oils - Chamomile, Calendula, Rosemary, Lavender, Vitamins A and E to offer you lovely healthful seeking skin. Additionally, it consists of the exclusive PurCellin OilTM that guarantees Bio-Oil gets simply absorbed into the skin.

    Will Bio-Oil
     remove Stretch Marks?
    Bio-Oil is formulated to assist the look of stretch marks due to becoming pregnant, teenage development sports and fast weight obtain.

    Is it secure to utilise Bio-Oil for the duration of pregnancy?
    Yes, Bio-Oil is risk-free to perform with all through pregnancy.

    Do Bio-Oil assistance scars?
    assists increase the look of scars, new or old scars, regardless of whether from accidents and surgical procedures or cuts and scratches.

    Can Bio-Oil be utilised around the face?
    Definitely! Bio-Oil is non-comedogenic which signifies it doesn't lead to acne or spots. Bio-Oil retains the skin hydrated and has anti-aging properties too. We typically have females employing it for acne scars.

    Bio Oil results

    Considering that just before and soon after shots may be graphic, we haven’t supplied them right here. Even so, a Google search delivers up wonderful just before and soon after shots, for example, this scar reduction, this abdomen stretch mark enhancement and this leg stretch mark reduction. More than on Instagram, you can find equally powerful pictures (please observe: these photographs won't be ours, we've verified them as far as attainable).

    Opening a bottle of Bio Oil,
    the quite first thing you observe could be the lovely scent. With countless vital oils within the mix, that is hardly spectacular! The over-riding fragrance is rosemary, but it is a soft and genuinely attractive aroma. The oil itself is coloured a comfy rose-pink and it is packaged in a recyclable plastic bottle. Neglect standard oils, if you apply Bio Oil around the skin it feels soft and silky and absorbs quickly (the crucial to its appeal and effectiveness). Also, somewhat goes a protracted way. A single particular drop is adequate to cover the palms or face, just a couple drops are adequate to cover the stomach.


  6. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a complicated science requiring a honed skillset. Many up-and-coming entrepreneurs seeking to tap into the massive profits available online encounter SEO and find it to be a true entry barrier.  In addition to frequent changes to SEO algorithms, which determine the relevancy of web pages, the tags and keywords used to increase search engine rankings can vary wildly from expectations.  Thousands of tools exist which can help manage your storefront’s SEO, however almost all of them require a lot of pre-existing understanding of SEO.  Fortunately, there are experts who devote their careers to managing eCommerce SEO. To find a team who can help your company, you want to pay attention to a few key indicators that show that the group knows what they are doing.


    First off, see what eCommerce platforms the SEO service has had experience with. Make sure that the SEO service handles your specific platform (be it Shopify, BigCommerce, or Volusion), but recognize that the ability to work in multiple platforms is a good sign that the service has a team with diversified knowledge. A team with experience in multiple platforms is likely to have a more natural and up-to-date understanding of the SEO landscape. Additionally, if the service has experts that work with both older and newer platforms, it shows their team is prepared for the future, while also having experience with systems that have been around for a while.

    Next, make sure that you get with an eCommerce SEO service that will do the needed research. Certain services only offer the management of your content and not the research to back up the suggestions they make.  One of the most important factors of SEO is that it is a dynamic landscape that needs to be maintained.  A good service will research the keywords, titles, and content that will get your storefront higher search rankings, as well as analyzing what works uniquely for your business. Customized approaches for your storefront, and finding a service that will produce unique, quality content is incredibly important. Be mindful of your storefront descriptions, blurbs, or blogs because nothing hurts a customer’s first impression and long-term trust more than unprofessionalism.

    Choosing between eCommerce SEO services is much easier than trying to personally undertake SEO as a whole when you are already tasked with the responsibilities of being an entrepreneur. Writing for SEO is a science and calls on a totally different skillset than those required to manage an eCommerce business.  Good eCommerce SEO services will have skilled writers ready to generate professional, attractive, and unique content for your site.  Do not force yourself to try and learn what constitutes professional, SEO-friendly writing while trying to grow your business, instead let a service with professional writers do that for you.

    Finally, and arguably most importantly, your business needs a service that can handle social media.  Social media is the key to finding and maintaining customer relationships these days, and because it is such a rapidly changing space, having devoted talent on the job is invaluable.  Social media can truly make or break an eCommerce company’s internet presence, and it is easily the best way to boost your relevance and ability to be found online.  Social media is direct and one-to-one: customers don’t have to jump through hoops, they can just message you themselves.  Never underestimate how valuable social media presence can be!

    With all these in mind, you are on your way to finding an SEO service that is perfect for you and your business. Want to get started with proven experts? Get a FREE quote from our experts by calling us at 1-888-982-8269.

  7. With bamboo seeming to be increasing in popularity and frequency of occurrence in some of our everyday products, we decided it was time to understand what sustainability really means for this crop. As the world’s largest owner and operator of commercial bamboo plantations outside of China, we turned to EcoPlanet Bamboo – a company that has set many global benchmarks for the application of forestry and sustainability certification standards to a bamboo context, for guidance.


    EcoPlanet Bamboo walked us through their frameworks and what meeting rigid sustainability standards means for their bamboo plantation operations in Nicaragua, South Africa and Ghana and just why it was of extreme importance for them to develop a company culture that also sets a global model for bamboo sustainability.


    When the first operations in Nicaragua were started, EcoPlanet Bamboo knew it was important to set the stage for what sustainability really means for commercial bamboo farming. Such frameworks have to date not been a focus or necessity in China – although this has started to change over the past few years with an increased focus on Forest Stewardship Council certification – where most large bamboo forests are made up of thousands of smallholders, and where the bamboo is predominantly sold into markets for low-level processing where certification standards such as fair trade may play a greater role than the management of the forest resource.


    Therefore for EcoPlanet Bamboo, it was critical to develop an integrated management system from the beginning that could ensure the company’s bamboo farms and bamboo plantations were developed under the best possible management. With bamboo’s ecological status as a grass, but the fact that the material it produces is more similar to the wood that comes from trees, management systems for bamboo projects needs to combine best practices from both agriculture and forestry. EcoPlanet Bamboo’s CEO Troy Wiseman told us that “bamboo requires management just like any other plant under commercial development. For EcoPlanet Bamboo it was important that these management systems also included sustainability factors from the outset”.


    Integrated management systems combine a range of different aspects, from reduced reliance on chemicals and a greater emphasis on the integration of factors to recreate a biodiverse and healthy ecosystem, an increased reliance on training and skills development in order to promote secure and sustainable jobs and therefore facilitate local and regional development.


    “EcoPlanet Bamboo aimed to create a system that encompasses the triple bottom line - maximizing commercial returns while still maintaining ecosystem integrity and maximizing both our environmental and social returns. Bamboo is increasing in popularity and as it does the resource will become increasingly scarce. It was therefore important for us, as individuals and as a company, to develop systems that could allow for the sustainable production of the raw resources, while meeting the growing global demand for wood and fiber”.


    The bamboo plantations in Nicaragua and South Africa have both been certified by the Rainforest Alliance under the Forest Stewardship Council Forest Management certification, and the Nicaraguan plantations have also received certification for their contribution to fighting global climate change.


    As we continue to seek out green and sustainable solutions, we’ll be keeping an eye out for the products that come from these bamboo plantations, knowing that they have come from a truly sustainable and well-managed source.


    For more information on EcoPlanet Bamboo we loved these bamboo videos:

  8. Sunny D Why Solar Power is a Greener and Cleaner Way to Power Your Home.JPG


    Generating energy to power our homes and businesses, especially in the United States, is an expensive task, both economically and environmentally. The best way to produce that power is the topic of many research studies that seek to keep the process of energy production as efficient as possible. Solar power is quickly becoming a more reliable, affordable, and cleaner way to power your home.

    The Old Way of Generating Power
    Most energy produced in the US today is produced by coal- or natural gas-powered plants. These are fossil fuels, which emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere when burned. This is the number one cause of climate change.

    Producing energy produced by fossil fuels is a dying industry. Jobs in this industry are historically some of the most dangerous jobs you can have. Each year it employs fewer and fewer people.

    The Greener Cleaner Way to Power Your Home
    Solar energy is at the beginning of a revolution. Just as coal powered the Industrial Revolution of the 18th and 19th Centuries, solar along with other renewable sources will power the 21st Century. The price of making and installing solar panels drops 20% every time the world capacity for solar power doubles. This means that each year, more and more people can afford to install solar panels on their homes and end up selling energy back to the grid. Companies like
    Renogy are making solar power accessible and portable for more and more people all the time.

    The true cost to the environment of using solar power is more than you might think. Sure, when the panels are installed and energy is being produced, there is no carbon by-product. Creating the panels, transporting them, and installing them does generate carbon. Solar panels are made of silicone which has a high melting temperature. The power used to create the panels themselves immediately puts the solar panel into a "carbon debt".

    Presently, when a new solar panel is produced, it pays off its carbon debt in two years, then continues to produce completely clean energy for decades to come. The current manufacturer's warranty on solar panels is 25 years. After that time, the panels may produce energy less efficiently.

    Powering your home with solar energy is a responsible choice for the planet. It can also mean real savings on your utility bills. If you are thinking about making a difference, you should think again about solar.

  9. 4 Reasons Why the Government is Encouraging the Middle Class to Go Solar.jpeg

    Solar energy has gained incredible momentum in the last few years. More homeowners and businesses than ever before are using solar energy to lower their electric bills and contribute to environmentally friendly practices. There are many advantages to going solar for middle-class homeowners, and the government has an interest in developing a stronger solar economy.

    Massive Decreases in Solar Prices

    When residential solar panels were first introduced to the market, they were, like most new technologies, prohibitively expensive. It could cost over $70.00 per watt to install a solar system. Only very wealthy homeowners could afford such a system, and only a small segment of the most environmentally conscious would be likely to invest. Today, the price of a solar system hovers closer to 60 cents per watt. This massive price decrease makes residential solar affordable to a broader range of consumers, especially homeowners in the middle class.

    While many government incentives and subsidies exist to lower the cost of solar further, the government is obviously hoping to phase out these expenses. Subsidies are designed to stimulate a new industry. The more people who install panels and stimulate the production of solar energy, the cheaper it will become and the less reliant people will be on government assistance.

    Solar is Good for the Economy

    States that make solar energy attractive have reaped significant economic benefits. These include the creation of new jobs and small businesses as well as new manufacturing and production. The growth of solar as a widespread industry is excellent from a government standpoint because it provides more tax revenue, a healthier job market and local economy and possibly less reliance on government assistance.

    Solar energy also represents an important shift away from imports. Renewable energy is one commodity that is always domestically produced. This allows money spent on energy to remain in the local economy or at least in America. This decreases reliance on foreign sources of energy, especially oil.

    Less Strain on Municipalities

    Residential solar creates the possibility that each home is like a miniature power plant. The vast majority of residential solar systems, such as those with Blue Sky Solar Energy, are tied into the energy grid. This benefits the homeowner because they have a reliable source of energy and don’t have to worry about expensive backup or off-grid battery systems.

    This also benefits everyone connected to the energy grid. More solar means lower demands on the centralized power infrastructure, meaning less operating costs for primary utilities and a more stable power grid in general. Power companies commonly over produce so they can meet peak energy demands. This expense is then wasted during off-peak times. A large-scale development of residential solar would lower the peak demand on the power company and reduce that waste and expense.

    Clean Energy Policies

    Many states are adopting stricter clean air and water policies and goals. Investment in clean energy is often a critical part of reaching these environmental goals. Solar power may reduce the need for dirtier sources of electricity.

    Increased adoption of solar energy may also have an environmental ripple effect for homeowners who adopt it. A strong tie-in is the link between home solar and electric vehicles. When a homeowner is producing their own electricity at home, they may be more likely to purchase an electric vehicle to go along with it.

    There are many widespread benefits to solar systems for homes and businesses. The government has a vested public interest in increasing the adopting of this technology. Homeowners can still act to take advantage of price decreases and incentives being offered.

  10. triangle-1710880_1280.png

    Making your business more environmentally friendly has the potential to help lower operating costs over the long term, while also ensuring that you and your employees are doing your part in order to protect the planet for future generations. However, going green can also benefit your business in another major way by allowing you to attract new environmentally-conscious customers.


    Unfortunately, many of the most common green business practices take place behind the scenes—meaning there is no way that your customers will know about all that you're doing. For this reason, you may want to consider using the four following methods, which will help your business appear as green as it actually is.



    Using biodegradable green cleaning products is a simple way to reduce your company's environmental impact, as soaps and other cleaning products are a major source of water pollution and contaminants. In this sense, you should really attempt to use green products wherever possible. However, one area where this is especially true is in any restrooms your customers may use. Installing low-flow toilets and water-saving faucets is a good start, but you'll also want to make sure that you provide biodegradable hand soap and only use post-consumer recycled toilet paper to show customers proof that you take environmental responsibility seriously.



    Exterior landscaping can be a huge waste of water. Luckily, it isn't all that difficult to make your exterior landscaping more environmentally friendly. One option is to landscape using only native plants. As well, you may want to consider installing a system that allows you to take advantage of rainwater in order to irrigate your landscaping. Not only are your customers sure to notice, but installing this type of system may also allow you to qualify for special rebates and tax credits.


    Vertical Garden

    Although it may not do much to improve your business' sustainability, installing a vertical garden in your lobby or office will go a long way towards improving the overall appearance of your location. Not only that, but all those plants will continuously produce oxygen, which will help to improve indoor air quality and make your business a more pleasant place to be. These can be tricky to install, though, so consult with a company like Advance Plant Services if you need help.



    Solar panels are a sure sign that a business is attempting to be more environmentally conscious. Unfortunately, a full solar-power system is still beyond the financial reach of most companies. Nonetheless, even just installing a few solar panels and a solar-power backup generator can easily make your company appear greener, while also ensuring that you'll be protected in case of a power outage.


    In this day and age, going green is one of the best things a company can do—both in terms of its bottom line and for attracting new customers. Still, it is important that your customers actually know about your new green practices, which is why it’s a good idea to try to incorporate as many of the above ideas into your business as possible.

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    Let us talk about some of the creative and easy tips of home interior design which will be useful for you when you plan to decorate and design your home. You can design you home manually or you can hire services from reputable interior design companies. If you will hire a professional, they can design your home in a professional manner that you can’t manually.


    When discuss about designing and decorating your home, you can’t get away with any normal color. You have to be very selective and confirm you use an appropriate scheme and color that perform an important role in enriching the vibe of your place. As colors have a distinctive effect on human psyche and perception, it's very important that the color or the color’s set you select is fit with your choice. If you are unable to decide, you should take help from local interior designers.


    It is one more important factor without that the idea of home interior design remains unfinished. Floors perform a crucial role when it comes to elevating décor of your home. You can make a fantastic ambience by making a correctly balanced use of wood paneling and carpet. It will give an altogether untouched look for your place. Once more, clever utilization of ceramic tiles, and laminate flooring or vinyl, usage of sandstone will make brighter the bathrooms, kitchen, and toilets of your home. To get the best result, interior design consultation is always available for your help. Anytime, you can use their services.

    Wall Decorations

    Wall decoration is one more important factor that assists in making a splendid and unique getup of your place. Clever utilization of colors in wall, or inventive wallpapers, paintings or pictures will really give an outstanding touch to the home apart from making a splendid environment in your home’s interiors. If you know how to use internet, you can go online and search interior design styles. You can shortlist some styles and consult with professional. After discussion you can final one that will improve the beauty of your home.

    Kitchen Renovation

    It is one more busiest and important area in your home. You should take somewhat extra care while designing your kitchen with some inventive interior design. You can choose ultra-modern or sleek designs of kitchen countertops and cabinet. A careful selection of interior design definitely improves the beauty of a home. So choose it wisely.

    Read More: Room Makeover 


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    Due to the several benefits and perks, increasingly more people state that they choose to do online shopping instead of traditional shopping nowadays. It’s vital to know the mind of the online buyers. Though buying things online rarely astonish anybody currently, there are still several people who choose offline shopping and think that nothing beats conventional shopping. Even though online shopping definitely has its side effects, but we think that these are by far balanced by its advantages. There are limitless varieties of products available at online stores and it is not possible to explain all the products at this post. So, here we are going to inform you about some rare products that you can buy from any of the reputed online store.


    As a landlord, one of the most exciting projects you can undertake is the backyard or patio you build. Despite where you reside, there is always time throughout the year to enjoy the wonderful outdoors. Based on where you reside, the outdoor season remains for long time, whereas in other destinations the season is shorter. Apart from this, a gazebo nz top is the most pleasant patio décor addition you can select. This small purchase becomes an addition of your house. You can relax on your external furniture under your shady gazebo and enjoy the beautiful weather without sitting straight in the sunlight. Creating a stunning outdoor space is an exciting house project to undertake. The final result is a comfy garden for you to enjoy with family and friends. You can discover different types of gazebos by the type of materials. For instance, a metal-gazebo might be perfect to aid fight all sorts of weather. However if you reside in a place where the weather is more consistent then a wooden-gazebo is also a good choice.

    Dog crate

    Spending your money in dog crates is a great idea for every dog owner. This is because at some point of time you will relocate or travel or find the requirement to go to some other place just for a change. You cannot take your god with you just like that without a crate as that would be very awkward for your dog, plus other passengers who are travelling with you. Basically, dogs are frightened at the time of travelling as there are loads of new people nearby them and that’s why they feel uncomfortable. So it would be better to invest your money in dog crates nz to avoid all these troubles.

    Chicken Coop

    There are plenty of websites that provide loads of options of chicken coop nz from small family starter chicken-coop to big outdoor metal chicken-coop which can easily be placed on a farm. As a consumer you simply wish to keep your coops not just sound and safe, however also dry and warm so if you have these fluffy friends, it’s always good to pick a chicken house or chicken coop for them. Wooden Chicken coops are available with safe fencing to maintain your chooks’ exercising ground completely covered, where this enables utmost freshening with superior air flow in summer


  14. Rick and Morty are so much more than a brilliant cartoon crafted for the Cartoon Network by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. It's a satire of the existential philosophical dilemma; a meditation on the hero's journey; a look at the time in which we find ourselves; and an analysis of the meaning of family, legacy, and work. It's also been a snazzy new T-shirt!

    Buy Rick and Morty T-Shirt

    Alpha & Omega
    Rick and Morty, which burst into being in 2014, is based on a parody of the classic film Back to the Future. The premise is the relationship between a brilliantly mad scientist, Rick, and his insecure, principled, and slightly nerdy grandson, Morty, as they merge and verge between intergalactic adventures and a dysfunctional home life.

    If anti-heroes had heroes, then this family would be it. The plots, while being discontinuous, have their internal logic. The universe, known and unknown, is violent, illogical, and given to mayhem. Much like our galaxy.

    Show your support for intelligent, wild, unhinged beings from all dimensions. Buy Rick and Morty T-Shirt and wear it with pride.

    The (UN) Usual Suspects
    Rick Sanchez is a profane brainiac, scientist, grandfather, and perhaps the most kick-ass senior citizen in the galaxy. Sure he swears, drinks, farts and threatens the health, well-being, and sanity of his family, but they'll get over it... or they won't. He's moved in with his daughter, Beth, a veterinarian, who gets her intelligence from him and her decency and beauty somewhere else. She's married to a non-entity named Jerry, and besides hapless son Morty, there's older, sexy, self-involved sister summer.

    Morty is every kid. All he wants is peace and a modicum of dignity and a kiss from that hot, red-haired girl. Is that too much to ask? Instead, he's often given the task of trying to save Rick from his intergalactic misadventures.

    Summer just wants to talk on her cellphone, date, and prove that cool girls can get into trouble just like anyone else. You go, girl!

    Beth is a role model for everyone who is juggling roles, sandwiched between generations, and trying to create a home out of a different series of ego-driven desires, madness, mayhem, dissension, and experiments that have gone terribly awry. While trying to save a marriage that began with an unpremeditated pregnancy and is struggling under the weight of a father who wants to put the world under a laser and zap it. Who among us can't relate to Beth? Plus she's living every girl's' dream and is a veterinarian. You know how hard it is to get into vet school? Let's put it this way: the AMA is filled with would-be vets who work on humans as their second or is it third, choice.

    Jerry just wants peace. Jerry is doomed not to get what he wants. Happily, he's probably too dim to know that. Buy Rick and Morty T-shirt with Your Favorite T-Shirt and show your support for the intergalactic home team. Contact us today to find out more!

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    The choice of materials
    Growlers come in a variety of materials. The ultimate purpose of the growler koozies is to provide a colorful look to the growlers. In addition, they also add more color to the growlers and facilitate a good grip under your fingers when you lift and move the growlers. With the cushion effect provided by the koozies under your fingers, you are less likely to drop the growlers down. When it comes to the material of growlers, you have a plethora of choice. The material used for the growlers should be flexible so that the koozies can be easily slipped on to the growlers. The flexibility of the koozies should also be able to support slipping them on to growlers of slightly different circumferences. Once they are on the growlers they must stick to them with a fine grip so that they do not slip down. To achieve all these purposes, they need to be made in the material that will suit these objectives. Therefore the best choice of material for a koozie is neoprene. However, you have a few other choices too. Therefore you can customize growler koozies as per your taste and budget.

    Printing options
    Koozies can be easily printed in different ways. In the first place, neoprene made growlers can be made in different colors. If you have an idea to print them with the information about your company and products, then the best approach is to decide on the suitable color of the koozies. Go for some good colors that will let the printed matter come out so attractive against the fitting background they provide. The color choice should also take into account the color of your log, the color of the contents you like to print on them. Once you do that, you can discuss with the supplier to customize the color of the growlers you will order. It is very easy to print on the growlers since their flexible material like neoprene can support good quality print. This is one reason why you will find them the best option as promotional materials for giving away during product promotion campaigns.

    Highly loved products
    People love growler koozies so much. They are very useful to people. You find growler koozies in most restaurants, bars, public places, households and others. People love to adorn their growlers in those attractive koozies for achieving great looks and also fine grip under their fingers. Some people deem koozies as collectibles and so collect a lot of them. Since people carry growler koozies with them on the move, they can keep promoting your company and product information easily across masses. Therefore you are going to make your product promotion campaign a successful one when you depend on growler koozies.

  16. Whether you are a builder, a developer, or a homeowner and want to construct something that can potentially affect the environment, you will have to hire an environmental consultant. If you don’t know what can affect the environment, then let us quickly give you all the ins and outs. Constructing man-made ponds, building near wildlife habitats, tinkering with water sources, building on questionable soil, etc. can all affect the environment in numerous ways.

    That is why your local government has made the laws that are there to protect the environment from exploits. The only way to be certain that you are running the whole operation according to environmental regulations is to get an assessment from an environmental consultant.


    So, what are the traits of a professional environmental consultant? To answer that question, we have created this list of tips to find the right environmental consulting company for your job, so let’s just jump into it.

    Know your project

    Before you even start looking for a consulting company, make sure you are completely familiar with the project you are working on and what the final product will look like. An environmental consultant will make sure that everything is done according to the laws and regulations of your state, but it will be your job to set the goals and prepare for everything.

    For example, some environmental regulations will make you step out of your budget, so it will be your job to compensate for that. That is why knowing your limitations and knowing your project plays a crucial role.

    Evaluate the consulting company

    As with every business, there are some bad apples, some companies that don’t do their work properly. If environmental consulting is a completely new thing for you, it will be hard to tell apart the good ones from the bad ones. However, we have some advice for you.

    First, look at their previous experience. You can learn a lot about a company just by looking at whom they have worked with before. Second, look at their previous projects. Some companies don’t have enough experience with large-scale projects. Lastly, contact their old clients to see if everything checks out. It is one thing to read praise on their website, but if previous clients don’t tell the same story, it is usually a sign of trouble. To give you an example of an outstanding environmental consulting company, we recommend visiting the EnviroX Consulting website. They tick all boxes that we have previously mentioned and offer transparency from the get-go.


    Create a contract

    Once you find a suitable consulting company, the next step is to create and negotiate a contract. Go through everything thoroughly, from start to finish. Describe in detail what their work will consist of. Ask for warranties, in case some task isn’t completed. Also, negotiate the price. Expenses pile up easily, so knowing the estimated cost will help you plan your budget. Lastly, set the beginning and end date. With jobs like these, it is important to create a deadline, otherwise, you risk blowing up your budget and messing up the whole operation.

    Make sure that all the boxes are checked

    We have one last advice for you, and that is to check the work after it is done. Sometimes people overlook details and then there are companies that just look for ways to cut corners. To make sure that everything from the contract is completed, carefully go through it and inspect the finished project. Unfortunately, that is the only way.

    And that is all that you need to know when hiring an environmental consulting company. As you can see, it is not rocket science, but you will have to be thorough with your research, so you don’t end up hiring an inexperienced company.

  17. There are a handful of approaches to marriages. The most popular ones include arranged marriages and love marriages. Arranged marriages refer to the traditional kind of weddings where the parents search for the suitable bride or groom for their son or daughter and getting them married through their active participation in the process right from taking to the parents of the prospective partner and moving things in the right direction till marriage. On the other hand, love marriages refer to the process wherein the candidates seeking marriage explore the world around them, enter into love with someone they like and move the relationship to marriage. There are pros and cons to both these types of marriages. This is where best matrimonial sites in USA come into picture to facilitate happy marriages.


    Taj Mahal Match Making


    The pros and cons of arranged marriages
    Arranged marriages have been around there since very long in history across different cultures. In this method, the parents hunt around through different ways to find the suitable life partner to their son or daughter. Once they find a handful of suitable matches, they contact the parents of the select brides or grooms and initiate the talk about the marriage. After several rounds of discussions and talks, they get to understand each other families and then fix the marriage of their son or daughter with the best candidate they found. Usually in most arranged marriages, there is the role of a marriage broker who has a stock of candidate profiles and facilitates different matches for a fee. The samples that you can work with in this method are very limited. Often you do not get reliable information about the candidate you choose and so after the marriage, you get to worry over the choice if it fails.

    The pros and cons of love marriages
    In case of love marriages, the men or women seeking to get married search around them to locate the right marriage partner and start a love relationship with them. In course of time, they get to understand each other and verify whether they can be compatible with each other following their marriage. If they feel things will work out well, they choose to get married. The cons with regard to love marriage are that you really cannot work with a large number of options. When you fall in love, the attraction is often surficial and you cannot explore the person’s real nature to ascertain his or her suitability to marriage. In many cases, love marriages fail since it is not built on solid understanding.

    The role of matrimonial sites
    Matrimonial sites have taken the institution of marriage to immense heights. It is the most organized approach you can think of to marriages. As a registered member, you get to work with a large pool of candidate profiles and choose the right bride or groom based on the criteria you might have in your mind. So, you get to save the hassles, time and resources in the process being able to get the right kind of assistance in moving your marriage towards success. Therefore in today’s world matrimonial sites are becoming the most popular avenues to happy marriages.

  18. HVAC_Ventilation_Exhaust.jpg

    Many homeowners dread opening up their energy bills during the warmest and coolest months of the year. Throughout the country, HVAC systems account for about 48 percent of all residential energy consumption. If you would like to reduce your energy bills, then here is a closer look at some ways you can make your HVAC system as eco-friendly as possible.

    Upgrade to a Programmable Thermostat

    Very few people realize just how much of an impact that a thermostat has on an HVAC system. Not only are many older thermostats inaccurate, but there is no way to turn the system off once you are out of the home. A programmable thermostat will allow you to turn the system on just before you get home instead of letting it run all day.

    Clean the Outdoor Coils

    Most HVAC systems have an outdoor condenser unit that draws in air. Along the outside of these units are coils that cool the air down before it is blown into the ducts. Cleaning the coils once every few weeks is another simple way to improve the efficiency of the system without spending any money. Homeowners should also trim foliage back at least a few feet so that debris doesn’t get caught in the coils or fans.

    Regularly Change Your Filters

    HVAC filters remove dust, dander, and other outdoor toxins from the air before your family breathes them in. Depending on where you live and how often you use the HVAC system, you might need to change the filters as often as once every few weeks. Clogged air filters create an immense amount of pressure in the ducts, and your system must work much harder to keep pushing air through the vents. Even high-quality filters need to be changed once every 80 or 90 days. If you need help with this step, contact a company like Doctor Fix-It.

    Add More Insulation

    Quite a bit of energy will be wasted trying to keep your home at a comfortable temperature if it isn’t properly insulated. The insulation in your crawlspaces and attic should be inspected at least a few times a year to make sure that it isn’t flattened or torn. You also need to check the caulking around your doors and windows for any signs of damage. Adding a little bit of extra insulation and caulking could end up saving your hundreds every year.

    Don’t Block the Vents

    Many families make the mistake of closing vents or blocking them with furniture, and that can be very bad for an HVAC system. Much like a clogged filter, a closed vent will create more pressure within the ducts and force the system to work much harder. Even if a room is unoccupied, the vents should still be kept completely open. Anything that increases pressure in your ducts is bad for your heater and air conditioner.

    No matter how well you care for your HVAC system, there will come a point when it needs to be replaced entirely. On average, modern heaters and furnaces should be replaced once every 12 or 15 years. Homeowners who wait too long to replace their HVAC systems are almost always going to be stuck dealing with huge bills and expensive repairs down the road.

  19. Traveling around the world is perhaps the best experience anyone can have. It can really scrap out the perpetual motion of problems and act as an oasis. When it comes to traveling, selecting a perfect destination is quite a hectic work. The destination is one thing that has to be selected precisely.


    How to make your trip better?

    By availing the facility of Airport Pick-up & Drop Off, you can go for a carefree travel. All your baggage and luggage will be the responsibility of your transferring company. So go for exploring the world can be very adventurous at the same time very enjoyable. There are many popular destinations around the world which can be the paradise for a person. When there are many travel options on offer, one will be inspired to select the perfect destination. There even are many Popular and not so popular destinations to discover. Discovering the most hidden places and not so popular places around the world is also one thing that appeals the people around the world. Being a travel lover, if you are in search of the travel locations to visit, then it is also important that you know about all the facts and information as well as the culture of that place. Don’t forget to hire a reliable Car Service Drop-Off for your vacations. Because they can make your journey comfortable. Car Service Pick-Up & Drop-Off


    Discovering travel destinations


    Discovering new travel destinations can be an amazing experience and it will be memorable when you will visit dubai through Safe Driver Dubai service. Even Destinations you didn't know existed can be more adventurous. There are many travel locations all over the world which are popular and many which are not yet explored. Exploring a land of euphoria, with an amalgam of fascinating colors and culture is another thing that appeals the travel lovers. So, being a travel freak, you should choose your destination wisely and not only that, it also requires some research about the destination, its culture, etc. This is what matters while organizing a trip. If you are in Dubai, you can get benefits from Chauffeur Drive Service UAE. You can book their service in advance to stay away from unnecessary headache.


    Facts and information pertaining to travel destination


    When it comes to traveling dubai, it is very important to be aware of different cultures, places Safe Driver service and facts related to them. Without knowing all this, one might not have the best traveling experience. There are certain requirements that are necessary while planning a trip. When it comes to having the best destinations to be in, there are many locations in Russia, US, dubai, UK and all over the world. But wherever the destination may be, what matters is to know about the culture, respect foreign culture, and be aware of their language, etc. There are also several interesting facts about the tourist places that you should know, if you are not aware, it is suggested to hire Sober Driver service. They are highly professional and can guide you all through the city. Apart from this, some important traveling facts, Car Registration Renewal UAE and related information should be given more priority to have a successful outing anywhere in the world.

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    For people who have become more conscious of what goes into what they eat, the good news is that an escalating amount of food manufacturers are proposing organic options, making organic food one of the fastest-growing sectors of food production in the United States. The bad news is that all of those options can be uncertain, especially when factoring in food made without GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Some people could be trying to eat an all-organic diet, and others may simply be trying to dodge GMOs. Although foods may be labeled as USDA-certified organic or Non-GMO, consumers may not understand the difference. In some cases, there is an overlap between the USDA Organic and Non-GMO labels, but there are some key differences consumers should be aware of when trying to make the distinction between organic foods and foods made without GMOs.

    Normally, foods with the USDA Organic label have been manufactured without the use of GMOs as well as other standards that certify that the food has been produced with at least 95 percent organic ingredients. Foods that have been labeled as Non-GMO, on the other hand, only need to meet the criteria that they contain less than 1 percent of GMO content. Foods certified as Non-GMO may have been exposed to fertilizers or chemical pesticides, animals may have been subjected to hormones or antibiotics, and livestock may not have been fed using 100 percent organic feed. In short, all USDA Organic certified foods are Non-GMO, but not all Non-GMO certified foods are organic.

    The inflated variety and selection accessible at the grocery store today may be more confusing, but anyone who is concerned about what goes into their favorite organic chocolate brands will need to know the difference between the labeling and what the labels mean. The following chart helps delineate the differences between USDA Organic and Non-GMO labels, so review it the next time you check the labels on your favorite snacks.

    Check out the useful infographic that spray drying company, PacMoore has created below:



  20. There are many days that are important for a girl, but out of them the main is always her marriage day. This can be a day she connects the holy knot of love with her life partner and vows to be by his area in sickness and health. This is no slight day in her life and most women wait around a big time of their life to hold back for this particular day and experience the best marriage day they could ever envision. Certainly for this many different things must be retained in mind apart from just the right better half. These things are running from tip -top and proper arrangements for the functions and the things the person could possibly do in order to understand the value of the afternoon she is heading to be a part of. The bride is very much concerned with how the girl with looking on that day and how her groom searching for. Therefore the dressing part is also given a lot of importance. Separately from this another thing that is also not ignored is the looks of the surroundings or the look of the church where the function or the religious wedding ceremony should certainly take place.


    Consequently steps are taken to perfect everything. This may not be therefore coming as a bg surpise that folks will try to record this perfect day regardless they can so later in life during any time they please the can just have a look at these and bring a smile prove face or the looks of the people who were there that day. There are times when one can say that individual experienced a good time on the wedding day but the pictures taken were not that great. Therefore this brings us to another very important thing that must be looked after on that day. That is certainly hiring a great Photographer from Wedding ceremony Photography Melbourne. This can be the person who is in charge of taking all the nice pictures and making them into an album to be presented to the few. This is the day when almost all of the people wants to be sure that the person that is being employed from Wedding Photography Melbourne is highly professional. They will even want to validate that the photographer is certainly much enthusiastic about offering the best possible in order to the get together that has hired him. This photographer should be trained and has to have perfect instruments to the actual photography.


    As a result once again you must know that there is practically no end to the things that can be done by a person. Right now there is no end of people's expectations. When it comes to pre-wedding take then it should be best. To make your pre-wedding shoot perfect, you must hire expert from Pre Wedding Photographer Melbourne. You will feel delight to know that these professionals are really very expert in their work and can capture lovely occasions in your life. So, may hire any inexperienced person, just give attention to your once in life event by hiring professional.

  21. Every once in a while there comes the time to freshen up your garden and it is important to remove your green waste the responsible way. A common problem that arises is what to do with all that garden leftovers. If you are looking for Eco-friendly ways to get rid of your yard waste you are in luck because what follows is a comprehensive guide on how to dispose of your green waste without harming the environment. Read on and enjoy.


    Turn your waste into an eco-friendly fertilizer

    Much of your yard waste can be turned into compost that may be reused later as a fertilizer in your garden. Grass, veggie scraps and flower cuttings are ideal matter for this purpose. You will need a DIY composting bin or specially designed composting station. Do get in touch with your local government administration, as the office may provide composting bins for free to encourage sustainable gardening practices. It is important to take proper care of your composting bin – keep it moist and secure and add layers of different materials regularly. Unprotected composting bins may attract insects and rodents. Take a look at composting know-how to learn more.


    Use the worms


    Beware fellow gardeners as vermicomposting is on the rise! More and more home-grown and professional gardeners are drawn to using worms as green waste disposal system which can turn garden and organic home waste into the ultimate soil enricher. Designated worm species, such as red wigglers and white worms will gradually consume your waste and turn it into nutrients-rich worm castings that can be used as a top or side dressing for the plants or worked into the soil without burning the roots. You can get worm boxes from your local gardening store or make them yourself. If you opt for the latter, do remember to line the box with fabric and drill little holes for drainage.


    Arrange waste pick-up

    Many countries have implemented regular yard waste pick-up – you simply need to bag your waste and leave it on your parkway. Unfortunately, there is a significant drawback to this method, as you are allowed to dispose of limited amount of garden leftovers. When you are planning a major clean-up or you are about to finish an extensive yard project it is a good idea to hire professional waste removal company to tackle your garden waste problem. Companies such as 1300 Rubbish will take care of as much of green waste as you need. The undeniable advantage of waste pick-up is the fact that you won't have to lift a finger, as the heavy lifting will be done by the professionals.


    Take it to the nearest waste collection center


    If you do not want to arrange for organized waste pick-up you can always take your garden trash to the nearest collection service yourself. This method might be time-consuming, but it gives you the comfort of knowing that your waste has been disposed of legally and safely. You can also find tailor-made facilities designed specifically to handle large quantities of green waste. Collection centers and dumps may charge you a small fee per weight or load and you will be expected to unload your deposit in the right section of the tip.


    Garden waste can build up pretty quickly, therefore it is essential to implement efficient and sustainable strategy for green waste removal. You no longer need gas-guzzling chippers or heavy machinery to get rid of excessive waste, as with the help of our 4 tips you will be able to handle your green waste like an expert!

  22. 1) Optimize your website search engine

    Search engines have always been the main way to get free traffic. That's why you need to do homework and optimize your site so your target keyword is fine.

    Search engine optimization is still the most effective way to get free traffic, and you really need to spend some time and effort to optimize your site. Search engine optimization is not difficult, if you want to simply understand it, please check our SEO tutorial. If you are too busy, you can start with 15 minutes of SEO articles.


    2) Use social bookmarking sites.

    Social bookmarking sites (especially one of the most popular sites) are another powerful way to get traffic free. If you want to know how to do it, check out how to get traffic articles from social bookmarking sites. We've explained how do you want to get free traffic from Digg, Delicious and other sites?


    3) Create a free product or service.

    When you provide useful things, content drives most traffic. You can create many types of useful content that depend to a large extent on the niche of your site. You can have a lot of suggestions or short tips on the article, but one of the most powerful ways to get traffic is to create a free product or service. When this product or service is welcome and people start visiting your site, they may also visit the rest of the site.


    4) Get links to other niche sites on your niche.

    Another way to get free traffic is from your niche's other sites. Links to other niche sites on your niche also apply to SEO, especially if you are trying to get a link without the famous nofollow property. But even if the links are not nofollow (that is, they are useless for SEO), they still help to get traffic to your site. If you place a link in a visible location on a site with a lot of traffic, you can get thousands of matches from this link. If you need a list of your niche sites, you can get backlinks from here, check out the Backlink Builder tool. However, if you exchange links, please be careful because linking to bad neighbors may cause great harm to you.


    5) Use offline ways.

    Offline upgrades are often forgotten, but can also get free traffic. Yes, the computer is everywhere, many people spend more time online online, but still not completely on the network to move. Offline publicity is also very powerful if you know how to use it, which can also bring you a lot of visitors. Some traditional off-line ways to advertise your website, including printing your website's business cards and souvenirs, or pasting them on corporate vehicles. You can also use your logo to start selling T-shirts and other items, making your brand more popular.

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