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Global Warming

Lima climate talks reach watered-down global warming agreement

A new global agreement on climate change has been reached after long negotiations in Lima, Peru. The deal would for the first time commit all countries – including developing nations – to cut greenhouse gas emissions. But critics say the agreement amounts to little progress and that it'll do nothing to stop climate disaster. Read story →
Dec 15 2014 06:40 PM 313
Global Warming

Once again extreme weather events draw headlines during international climate talks

It’s becoming increasingly common for extreme weather events to occur during the annual COP negotiations for global deal to combat climate change. They largely take place in developing countries who have done little to contribute to the climate change... Read story →
Dec 13 2014 02:20 PM 179
Global Warming

Lima climate talks begin as countries eye global treaty in 2015

The latest in a long series of UN-sponsored talks is convening in Lima, Peru. The goal is to lay the basis for a climate treaty deal in Paris in Nov. 2015. Read story →
Dec 03 2014 02:06 PM 139

E.ON dumps fossil fuels and nuclear, goes all-in on renewable energy

In response to changing energy market conditions, E.ON has announced that it plans to ditch the company’s nuclear and fossil fuel assets in favour of renewable energy. But critics say that the coal and gas plants will remain and that E.ON is basically just changing names. Read story →
Dec 01 2014 07:04 PM 439
Renewable Energy

Renewable energy overtakes nuclear and becomes Scotland's top power source

New figures released today show that renewables have become Scotland’s main source of electricity – and experts say the potential for more is huge. Read story →
Nov 27 2014 05:18 PM 410
Food & Health

Air pollution in Europe has high economic and human cost

Two new reports by the European Environment Agency (EEA) shows that air pollution in Europe has a high economic and human cost. According to the agency, air pollution has caused premature deaths, damaged buildings, and reduced agricultural yields. It’s estimated that damages from air pollution between 2008 and 2012 could cost society as much as €1053 billion. Read story →
Nov 26 2014 04:45 PM 442

The Keystone XL pipeline is down, but not out

After receiving a total of 59 votes in the Senate - 45 Republican, 14 Democratic - a bill that would approve Keystone XL came one vote shy of its needed support on Nov. 19, putting a stopper on the troubling project for now. The victory settled the ner... Read story →
Nov 20 2014 12:21 PM 370

Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise detained in Spain following oil protest

Spanish authorities have detained the Arctic Sunrise following Greenpeace’s protest against oil drilling off the coast of the Canary Islands – a peaceful demonstration which was violently stopped by the Spanish Navy. Read story →
Nov 19 2014 07:14 PM 553

U.S. Senate rejects Keystone XL approval bill by a narrow margin

The U.S. Senate has rejected a bill that would allow the controversial Keystone XL pipeline to be completed. The bill was rejected by a narrow margin, with 59 yes votes and 41 no votes. The bill would have needed 60 votes to pass. The Keystone XL pipe... Read story →
Nov 19 2014 02:39 PM 439

The U.S. Congress could pass pro Keystone XL bill today

It has become the defining environmental battle in the US. And on Friday the Republicans fresh from the midterm elections victory voted on a bill directing the Obama Administration to direct the controversial Keystone XL pipeline project. It was comfor... Read story →
Nov 18 2014 06:21 PM 568

Greenpeace boats violently rammed by Spanish Navy during peaceful protest, one activist hospitalised

Two Greenpeace activists have been injured after their boat was violently rammed by the Spanish Navy during a peaceful demonstration against oil drilling off the Canary Islands. Read story →
Nov 17 2014 06:23 PM 496

Climate agreement with China kills major rightwing argument against carbon curbs

During President Obama's visit to China, both countries announced a new climate change agreement that effectively takes away one of the right wing's major arguments against action to curb global warming. For the first time, China has agreed to set a l... Read story →
Nov 14 2014 12:12 PM 353
Food & Health

Population controllers kill more women

More women died in India this week, the latest victims of official government population control programs. Read story →
Nov 12 2014 07:03 PM 326
Global Warming

Bill McKibben: The IPCC still underestimates the situation

Bill McKibben writes that the IPCC’s latest assessment report on climate change is stern – but that it still underestimates the situation. “Breaking the power of the fossil fuel industry won’t be easy, especially since it has to happen fast. But, thanks to the IPCC, no one will ever be able to say they weren’t warned,” McKibben writes. Read story →
Nov 08 2014 05:46 PM 363
Global Warming

IPCC: ‘Severe, widespread, and irreversible impacts’

Eighteen key conclusions from the summary report issued this week by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Read story →
Nov 03 2014 08:21 PM 458
Global Warming

IPCC: Near zero emissions needed by 2100 to avoid climate catastrophe

IPCC, the UN’s expert panel on climate change, released the most important assessment of climate change to date this past weekend. The IPCC warns that if we are to avoid catastrophic climate change the world needs to quickly and sharply reduce global carbon emissions. Luckily, the solutions are available and affordable. Read story →
Nov 03 2014 08:03 PM 420
Nature & Wildlife

Rare rhino death as poaching worsens

A 34 year-old rhino named Suni, died from natural causes on Oct. 17, at a nature reserve in Kenya, leaving just six northern white rhinos remaining worldwide. Read story →
Oct 30 2014 01:37 PM 471
Culture & Celebrity

Naomi Klein: "Only mass social movements can save us"

John Riddell reviews ‘This Changes Everything’ — a rich resource of fact and argument that every climate justice activist should read, use and share. Read story →
Oct 20 2014 09:40 PM 673

California to become first U.S. state to ban plastic bags

California may soon follow in the footsteps of its largest city: On Aug. 29, the state Senate voted 22-15 in support of a statewide ban on plastic bags. The bill, SB 270, will phase them out in grocery stores and pharmacies beginning in July 2015, and... Read story →
Sep 11 2014 01:09 PM 427

U.S. wildfires grow while budget to fight them is depleted

The U.S. Forest Service's annual budget for fighting wildfires is rapidly dwindling; in fact, it may run out by the end of the month: the fires, on the other hand, will keep burning. Read story →
Aug 10 2014 12:45 PM 969
Culture & Celebrity

"The Sixth Extinction" or how humanity, perching on tree limb, saws it off

Writer Elizabeth Kolbert passionately describes how human destruction of ecological systems is causing a great mass extinction of biological species, including possibly humanity itself. Read story →
Aug 07 2014 11:54 AM 1325
Nature & Wildlife

Four years later: Gulf still reeling from effects of BP oil spill

Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium released their annual measurement from the Gulf of Mexico's dead zone - in part, the product of the infamous 2010 BP oil spill. Read story →
Aug 05 2014 12:30 PM 956
Global Warming

Europe will face deadly costs for climate inaction

Inaction on climate change will result in costly and deadly consequences for Europe. It's estimated that climate change could cost Europe more than €190 billion, be responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of Europeans, and result in a net welfare loss of 1.8% of the union's current GDP. Read story →
Jul 21 2014 03:15 PM 1305

Will Germany really ban fracking?

The German government says it will soon move to ban fracking in the country until 2021, which would make it the latest nation (after France and Bulgaria) to eliminate the destructive natural gas drilling process. In a press briefing, Economy Minister S... Read story →
Jul 19 2014 06:36 PM 1308

UK government admits: air pollution limits won't be met until after 2030

The UK government admits that it doesn't expect to meet EU's legal limits for nitrogen dioxide air pollution in London, Birmingham and Leeds until after 2030. That means the UK will miss EU’s deadline by over 20 years – potentially resulting in the death of thousands of people. Read story →
Jul 18 2014 11:29 AM 1276

Bee-killing pesticides and toxic chemicals also kills birds, new study shows

There's a lot of buzz around a recent study showing the toxic chemicals we use have a ripple effect farther up the food chain, causing birds to rapidly decline in number. Read story →
Jul 16 2014 12:04 PM 1387
Business & Politics

BBC to stop give equal airtime to climate deniers

Climate change deniers, as well as people who are skeptical against other forms of established science, will from now on be given much less coverage from the BBC. The move comes after the release of an independent progress report (pdf) from the BBC Tru... Read story →
Jul 14 2014 09:01 PM 1063
Renewable Energy

Solar energy powered the 2014 World Cup final

Renewable energy and football – a perfect match? For the first time ever, solar energy powered two of the FIFA World Cup stadiums in Brazil with clean energy. Read story →
Jul 14 2014 02:21 PM 1426
Cars & Transportation

IKEA might soon sell electric bikes (and yes, you’ll have to build it yourself)

Besides their affordable and stylish furniture, IKEA might soon also start selling electric bikes to eco-friendly commuters in their 303 stores around the world. At least that’s what the Swedish company, most known for their flat-packed pieces of furni... Read story →
Jul 07 2014 09:17 AM 2596

The U.S. will create the world's largest marine sanctuary

President Obama used his executive authority on June 17 to create the world's largest marine sanctuary. This has huge implications for the environment, as it bans commercial fishing, mining, and oil exploration in a major portion of the Pacific Ocean.... Read story →
Jun 23 2014 09:47 AM 1458